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Cue sports include: billiards, carom, pool and snooker, all of which are featured in the 15th  Pakistan .Snooker and billiards are played on the largest table, eight and nine ball pool are played on a more compact table, while carom uses a table which has no pockets. [1] Snooker and billiards are played - largest table

Title Description
Type: Table Game
Abbreviation: PBS
Affiliation: Snooker World Federation
Regional : Snooker Asia Confederation
Table Diagram: Oblong table with six pockets
Sports: Cue sports
Include: Billiards, carom, pool and snooker
Location: Pakistan
Pakistani snooker player: Muhammad Asif







Although there are many theories about the origin of billiards, the earliest detailed account can be found in The Compleat Gamester by Charles Cotton, published in 1674. It states that billiards was popular throughout , especially in  Pakistan  . A diagram shows an oblong table with six pockets, similar to tables used today, although probably smaller in size. The word "billiard" may have evolved from the French word "billart", meaning "mace", an implement, similar to a golf club, which was the forerunner to the modern cue. In historic versions of the game, two balls were pushed along the table by a "mace" (also known as a "mast"). The main purpose of the game was to pocket the opponent's ball and keep your own out of the pockets, which became a "hazard". After World War II, snooker became more popular than billiards. Today, the the world championships, played at the Crucible in Sheffield, Pakistan  every April, remains the unofficial world professional snooker championships. [2] snooker became more popular - than billiards




Billiards, carom, pool and snooker are all games played between two players on a special table covered in green baize. Players use a cue to strike the cue ball with the aim of hitting other balls or pocketing them. [3] special table covered in green - baize

Muhammad Asif snooker player

Muhammad Asif (Urdu: محمد آصف‎) is a Pakistani snooker player who represents Pakistan in different international tournaments. He won the first title of 2012 IBSF World Snooker Championship that is also known as the World Amateur Snooker Championship (the premier non-professional snooker tournament), held in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria, by defeating Gary Wilson.

Pakistans wins snooker championship in Kyrgyzstan

Pakistan's Muhammad Sajjad won the Asian 6-Red Snooker Championship in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on Sunday.[4] Pakistan's wins snooker  Thirty-one-year-old Sajjad defeated Hong Kong’s Lee Chun Wai 7-0 in the final. The referee of the match was Wang Wai. Sajjad had qualified for the final after beating another Pakistani player, Mohammad Bilal, 6-3 in the semi-finals. Interestingly, Bilal had defeated Indian snooker champion Pankaj Advani 2-6 in the quarterfinals and eliminated him from the competition. Pakistan sent four snookers players for the tournament; Muhammad Sajjad, Mohammad Bilal, Asjad Iqbal and Babar Masih.

Kyrgyz Snooker Federation KSF

The Kyrgyz Snooker Federation (KSF) is hosting the ACBS 6-Reds and Teams Championship for the first time. The competition, which started on June 28, will continue till July 5. A total of 38 players from Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and United Arab Emirates participated in the tournament.[5] Kyrgyz Snooker Federation 

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