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Pakistan’s Faisalabad most famous cinema Taj Mahal Multiplex is a first digital 3D cinema with three screens Taj Mahal 1, Taj Mahal 2, Taj Mahal 3.

Cinema plays an important role in providing entertainment to society. It is easily accessible to the people. The role of such places increases harmony,

Cinema plays an important role in cultural transmission and strengthening the values of a society. The price of the cinema ticket depends on the quality

Pakistani cinema has reached the tipping point. With a record 11 local films (10 feature films and one animated film) in 2015, at least three of which were mass

When it comes to Karachi city, then it has everything that one demands for the entertainment, whether it’s amazing restaurants, Worth going shopping M

Lahore has always remained the source of amusement for everyone as it is enriched with every relaxing and amusing item that one can demand for fun. As f

Cinemas in Faisalabad have played an important role in the development of the Pakistan Film Industry. It was one of the bridges that connected people to