Burewala City

It is located in the Vehari District of Punjab province in Pakistan. It is serving as the headquarters of Burewala Tehsil. According to population, it is Pakistan’s 34th-largest city. There are several educational institutes here that are providing high-quality education.

Burewala History

Burewala History

It is located on Delhi Multan Road. River Sutlej passes through Burewala adjacent to the towns Sahuka Jamlera, and Kachi Pakki. The tomb of Haji Sher Dewan is located in Dewan Sahib. Before being inhabited by the Rajput Dhuddi tribe this area was like a forest.

With the development of agriculture, people began settling in villages and reduced the jungle area to convert them into fields.  This region was designated as village number. 118/EB because it was part of the “Eastern Canal Division.” Old canal remains can still be seen in the northern part of this Tehsil; it is now known as Sukh.


Burewala’s name’s precise origin is not known, though there are several theories. According to one theory, the city has been named Burewala after a Sikh named ‘Burha.’  This village is also referred to as ‘Old Bura’ or ‘Purana Boora.’

The residents of this village built a well with an eight-feet diameter and gave it the name ‘Chah Boorhay wala’ in honor of their ancestors. The P.I. Link canal now includes this well. And then a new city was given the name Burewala due to the well. In 1976 the city was granted the status of sub-division. The subdivision includes Gaggo Mandi, Sahuka, Jamlera, Chak No. 118/E. B and Shaikh Fazal.

Burewala Weather

The summers are hot here and the temperature reaches above 40 degrees. Winters are cold.

Burewala Population

As of 2017, the population was 231,797.

Burewala Postal Code

The postal code of the city is 61010

Weather in Burewala

Fame of Burewala

The city is renowned for inventing the ‘Chandgari’ a three-wheeled motorbike rickshaw. Burewala Textile Mills (BTM), which is now recognized as Lawrencepur Limited, was the top textile industry in Asia and was run by the Dawood Group of Industries. Plazas and shopping bazaars are also present here. A few agricultural and industrial cities include Chishtian, Hsilpur, Chichawatni, Arifwala, and Vehari border Burewala.

Educational Institutes in Burewala

It has some renowned educational institutes to facilitate the residents with high-quality educational opportunities. There are the following educational institutes here:

  1. Barani Institute of Science (Burewala Campus)
  2. University of Agriculture (Burewala Campus)
  3. Star Institute Lahore ((Burewala Campus)
  4. Government Boys Degree College postgraduate
  5. National College of Commerce and Computer Sciences
  6. Knowledge Inn Preparatory School
  7. Government Degree College for Women
  8. The Superior College

Hospitals in Burewala

  1. The Lyallpur Medical Services Trust Hospital
  2. City Care Hospital
  3. Din Medical Complex Hospital
  4. Dental icon and Implant Center
  5. Al-Wahid Physiotherapy Center
  6. Al-Kausar Hospital
  7. Dhillon Surgical Complex Hospital
  8. Burewala Hospital and Medical Center

Burewala Postal Code

Famous Food Points

There are many food points here that are providing the residents with delicious foods. Some of the top food points include:

  1. Fri Chicks
  2. Aroma Café
  3. Krispy Cottage
  4. Baoo Fish
  5. Café Rooftop
  6. Al-Habib Super Mall
  7. Big Broast
  8. Habib Food Restaurant

Notable People from Burewala

  • Rajesh Khanna-Indian Actor
  • Major Tufail Muhammad-Military Officer
  • Muhammad Irfan-Tallest Cricketer in the world
  • Hazrat Baba Haji Sher Dewan-Preacher of religion Islam
  • Waqar Younis-Pakistan Cricketer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Burewala famous for?

It is famous for inventing the ‘Chandgari’ a three-wheeled motorbike rickshaw. Moreover, Burewala Textile Mills (BTM), which is now recognized as Lawrencepur Limited, was the top textile industry in Asia and was run by the Dawood Group of Industries.

How many Union Councils are there in Burewala?

There are 32 Union Councils here.

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