National Testing Service
National Testing Service

NTS, being Pakistan’s first, and self-sustained testing organization conducts tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships, recruitment and promotion purposes. It is governed by a Board of Directors of NTS.

Basic Information
Products:NAT, General Subject Tests and General Assessment Test
Services:Testing National Aptitude,Measurement of knowledge base and skill level ,Services for Test Preparation ,Administrative Services, Admission Test Services for Institutions, Services for Online Testing, Establishing Performance Ranking ,Services for Score Reporting, Services to Facilitate Unemployed
Fax #: (92-51) 9258480
Peshawar:091- 9218233
Postal address:National Testing Service (NTS) House # 402, Street # 34, I-8/2, Islamabad.

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About NTS

This foundation is highly reputed organization which conducts entrance tests, recruitment tests and scholarship tests in all over Pakistan and is based on merit totally and now in all over government and private sectors candidates have to pass from this test and afterwards move further it has become the crucial step for entering to a field. This organization is surrounded by necessary rules and regulations and its main objective is to start a trustworthy, reliable and highly perfect system of performance assessment for candidates of several educational department. This remarkable foundation forms a linkage among professional and educational sectors.


About NTS
National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) was established in July 2002 in response to an expressed need for a testing service in the National Education Policy (1998-2010) and the Information Technology (IT) Policy of Government of Pakistan (GoP).

NTS Management

  • Brigadier (R) Dr. Tayyab Akram: Chief Executive Officer 
  • Air Com (R) Dr. Sherzada Khan:Chief Operating Officer 
  • Air Com (R) Irfan ul Haq :Company Secretary

What NTS is

Having completed Fourteen (14) successful years, NTS is now playing a pivotal role in promoting merit and quality education at college and university level. Following its core values, NTS always strives for excellence and ensures quality, efficiency, reliability, accuracy and most significantly credibility of entire system in a transparent manner under strict security arrangements. NTS tests and assessments are now pre-requisite of many prime public and private sector engineering, medical, colleges, universities and institutions for admission and NTS also conducts assessment tests for recruitment in public & private organizations. [1] About NTS


“An internationally recognized testing and assessment organization facilitating in producing educated and market competitive human resource.”


“To build and promote standards in educational and professional testing and assessment”


  • To conduct efficient, transparent and international standards tests in order to assess the competency of candidates for admission, scholarship and recruitment purposes;
  • To undertake research on educational, professional and testing systems to identify the prevailing academic and operational gaps in the systems;
  • To build capacities of the educational and professional individuals and institutions by professional certification through testing and assessment; and
  • To produce and disseminate information and research on education and professional development standards.

Core Values

Following its core value, NTS always strives for excellence in all its endeavors to improve systems and procedures and issues that attribute to the traditional testing services. For the purpose NTS believes in the following values.

  • Respect: Believe in mutual respect – affirm dignity, potential and contribution of associates participants, partners and staff.
  • Integrity: Act consistently with NTS™’s mission, being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our individual and collective actions.
  • Credibility: Resolve to maintain and improve credibility among th stakeholders about its work.
  • Commitment: Work together effectively to serve the larger society.
  • Excellence: Constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance, to achieve greater impact.

NTS Standards

  • Transparency
  • Merit
  • Fairness
  • Reliability


  • International Standards Testing
  • Quality Management
  • Zero Tolerance: NTS follows a ZERO tolerance policy in administering tests and assessments – thereby facilitates standardized selection and authentic measurement of test takers knowledge and skills

Types of tests

National testing service Pakistan is one of the leading and the best foundation which is found all over the world .Its founded on 2002 its headquarter is located in Islamabad. It conducts two types of tests mainly one is National Aptitude Test (NAT) and the other one is Graduate Assessment Test (GAT). This service resembles with Educational Testing Service which is related to United State. [2] types

  • NAT test is offered to those students who want to get admission in colleges and universities 
  • GAT test is aimed to those candidates who want to get admission in post graduate education. It also give opportunities to those students who wants to study abroad. This organization conduct various sort of tests and research for educational use and also is conducts tests for qualifying interviews for employment in different sectors and departments. 
  • It also arranges several entry tests which are related with medical and engineering colleges.

NTS offers various types of tests and conduct all kinds of tests in all over our country and all the tests are based on merit and fair justice there is no any kind of injustice with candidates. These tests are prepared by the experts of related fields and all the experts prepare the test papers according to their amenities and qualification.

National Aptitude Test NAT

NAT test is concerned with the admissions in NTS universities. Candidates have to pass a single test and become eligible for joining their respective universities. NAT assess the analytical abilities and performance assessment of the applicants with respect to their command in English language skill . NAT Schedule has been announced in this year and can be found here.

Graduate Assessment TestGAT

GAT test is concerned with the test of M.PHIL AND PH.D admissions as well as HEC scholarship scheme also. The test result will be considered valid for 2 years for admission as well as HEC scholarship scheme. It also provide opportunity to candidates to improve this test again. The aspirants having minimum education of 16 to 18 years are eligible to appear in this exam of GAT subjects. 

Graduate Employment Test GET

NTS also assists the employment test for graduated students for searching jobs in different sectors private as well as government sectors. It is a partnership with the agreement with EDUCATIONAL TESTING SERVICE OF UNITED STATES. The main aim of GEE is to appraise the skills of English – organizational communication abilities and also assess the knowledge understanding and base of a person in particular subject.


All the government and non-government tests which are conducted by the NTS are fair and reliable there is none of the false reports and details are found each and every candidate marks and results fairly. This organization provide all results online within a blink of an eye and extremely accurately on its website you can check NTS Results immediately without any other source and immediately they respond to our queries and in detail the all information regarding result of all individuals is listed on their official website.

What NTS do

NTS designs and administers Tests/Assessments to various Institutions and Organizations. These tests include:

  • Admissions
  • Scholarships
  • Recruitment
  • Promotions
  • Assessment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

What NTS Offers

Primarily NTS offers two categories of tests and assessments:

  • National Tests, and
  • International Tests

National Tests

NTS has developed following national tests on the pattern of international tests for catering local needs.

  • National Aptitude Test (NAT – I & II) – for undergraduate program
  • Graduate Assessment Test-General (GAT – General)
  • Graduate Assessment Test-Subject (GAT – Subject)
  • Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAW-GAT)
  • National Teachers Database Program (NTDP)
  • Medical Representatives Certification Program (MRCP)
  • Customized Tests
  • E-marking

International Tests

Being ETS Preferred Associate (EPA) of ETS-USA, NTS offers and administer international English language proficiency and behavioral tests including:

  • TOEFL Primary (+8 years),
  • TOEFL Junior (+11 years),
  • TOEIC – L&R
  • TOEIC – S&W
  • TOEIC Bridge
  • Work FORCE Assessment for Job Fit
  • TFI

The TFI test evaluates the French-language listening and reading proficiency levels of people whose native language is not French. Test results show how well people can communicate in French in business and academic environments.

Continuous Professional Development CPD

  • ELTeach: Being In Country Partner (ICP) of Cengage Learning-USA/National Geographic Learning, NTS also offers ELTeach, an online teachers’ training, assessment, and certificate program — English-for-Teaching and Professional Knowledge for ELT —to improve quality and consistency of English language teaching.
  • Effective Test Item Construction and Paper Marking Techniques for teachers.

Whom NTS serves

  • K–12 Community
  • Educator Licensure Assessments
  • Higher Education Community
  • English Learners and Teachers
  • Employers

International Networking and Collaboration

  • Member of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA)-USA.
  • ETS Preferred Associate (EPA) of ETS-USA in Pakistan
  • Member Association of Test Publishers (ATP), Washington-USA.
  • Institutional member ASCD-USA
  • Member Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN)
  • Linkages with the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization) of Thailand (ONESQA)
  • An ISO 9001-2008 certified organization.

How to Apply

Following are the steps wise process to apply for any project using NTS Online Registration.

  • Login to NTS online Registration Portal How to login (image)
  • Apply for your desired Test in the list of projects announced in NTS online Registration Portal. How to apply (image)
  • Select your desired Post. How to select post (image)
  • Select your desired test city. (Primary test city and secondary test city) How to select test city (image)
  • Fill any other required information forthe post (if any).
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions by checking the check box at the bottom of web page. Terms and conditions (image)
  • Click on Apply button to Apply for the desired post. Submit for the desired post (image)
  • Download bank deposit slip from NTS online Registration Portal (Bank deposit slip is available on NTS online Registration Portal only) How to download depositslip (image)
  • Deposit Bank deposit fee through bank deposit slip in the online branches of MCB, Meezan Bank, HBL or ABL.
  • Enter bank deposit information into NTS online Registration Portal to further proceed your application. How to enter deposit information (image)
  • Send the deposit slip to NTS Headquarter: (Islamabad Office), Plot # 96, Street # 4, H-8/1, Islamabad.


  • Incomplete or improperly filled registration details will not be processed.
  • Please stay interactive with our website for eligible candidates list, test venue and all related information:
  • Provisional eligible candidates list will be displayed on our website on first come first served basis of the registration Form (within one week of the receipt of registration form). Queries regarding provisional data will be accepted within 4 days only.
  • Final eligible candidate list will be uploaded 2 days after last date of provisional list. Roll number and test center will be allotted in final eligible candidate list.
  • The roll number slips will be dispatched by NTS about 10 days prior to the test date.
  • NTS will dispatch the result cards within 7 days after the test date.

Test Day Instructions

Following are the instructions you must follow while attempting the NTS test.


  • Reporting time at test centre as specified on roll number slip.
  • No candidate will be admitted in the test centre after specified time.
  • Candidates will have to produce their roll number slips at the entry point of the test centre.
  • Without the roll number slip no candidate will be entertained for the test.

Composition of Test

How to fill answer sheets

  • Question booklets will be in five different shuffles..
  • Each question booklet will be sealed and opened by the candidates at the start of test.
  • Do not break the seal till the test starts.
  • No candidate will be allowed to leave the seat during the test except for an un-avoidable reason e.g. toilet usage, that to in the escort of an invigilator.
  • All papers will be collected at the end of test and no candidate will be allowed to move from the seat till the final count after the collection of the paper.
  • Do not bring calculators, mobile phones and wrist watches with calculator in the test center.
  • About Shading / Filling The Circles
  • Shading / filling of two answers against single question is wrong. It will be marked ZERO.
  • Over writing and cutting near answer circle or anywhere on answer sheet will distract the readability and may be marked ZERO in the specific answer circle.
  • Only use Blue or Black Ball pen to shade / fill the circles.
  • Do not bring any other stationary item including rough / extra sheets as two blank sheets for rough work are placed inside the question booklet.
  • Use of any other material that is not provided by NTS will be illegal and subject to disciplinary action.
  • Do not write anything on question booklet except your NAME, ROLL NUMBER. and SIGN on the front title of question booklet before attempting the questions.
  • The questions booklet will be taken back after the test is over, so do not attempt to tear or remove any page from question booklet. No one is allowed to keep any part of it.
  • Do not ask the invigilation staff about the content of questions. They are not allowed to explain or correct any question in the paper. The checking system has the capability to determine the erroneous questions and adjust accordingly.
  • Every candidate is required to sign the attendance sheet, brought to her / him by the invigilators. The roll number slips will also be collected by the same staff after the attendance is completed.
  • You are bound to NTS discipline rules till you leave the test center premises.
  • Any disturbance in any way caused by you will disqualify you from the test and NTS reserves the rights to carry out legal action against such attempt.
  • The chief supervisor has complete authority to cancel any paper at any stage if the activities of the candidate are found against the discipline.

How to Fill the Answer Sheet

One page printed answer sheet is provided to answer the questions. Use only ball pen (black / blue) to shade / fill the circles. (bring pen / clip board with you, erasing materials are not allowed.) Answer sheet contains five circles containing five options of answer for one question, containing alphabets from A to E inside, against each question number. The candidate has to completely shade / fill one circle that he / she thinks is correct. For example the candidate feels that the correct answer of the given question is ‘A’, then he / she may shade / fill the circle containing alphabet ‘A’ with ball pen like this:

Personal Information on Answer Sheet

The answer sheet contains personal data of candidate on the top of the sheet. It has candidates’. name, father name, roll number and photograph. The candidate is required to critically check these fields and sign in the required space. If any field of personal information is found in-correct the candidate must inform the invigilator present around. [3] instructions


Consulting Services

NTS professionals offers consulting services, teachers’ training, capacity building, technical assistance and other solutions to institutions, private and corporate business and government organizations throughout Pakistan. NTS can meet partners’ needs in the following ways:

  • Measure knowledge base and skill levels
  • Test preparation i.e. a complete guideline for test preparation
  • Establishing performance ranking
  • Score reporting

Capacity building In addition, following specialized services are provided:

  • Action-oriented research, analysis and training
  • Teachers’ training and professional development
  • Strategic planning
  • Project Identification, design, monitoring and evaluation
  • Baseline surveys
  • Impact assessment studies
  • Documentation / Reporting

Data Processing Services

Data Processing Services is a cohesive team dedicated to partnering with our clients to provide:

  • Extraordinary data entry support services
  • Consistent quality
  • Timely delivery
  • Cost effectiveness. It adapts to the challenges of continuous evolution in order to meet the ever-changing needs of your business through:
  • Dependable staff
  • Personal services delivered with integrity

Monitoring Services

  • Communicating tests progress to the client.
  • Ensuring SOPs are consistent with the real time test environment.
  • Ensuring fool proof methods have been adopted to make the tests transparent.
  • Reporting any inconsistency to the client related to tests.
  • Monitoring the invigilation staff and premises for any inconsistency with the SOPs.
  • Submitting a monitoring report to the client.


NTS uses e-marking software for swift marking system by using OMR technology. This system automates e-marking of forms (answer sheets) and helps efforts in reducing testing and assessment and marking time considerably.


Educational Testing Service (ETS) USA is a global leader not-for-profit organization with a mission to advance quality and equity in education through testing and assessment since 1947. It strives to provide innovative and meaningful measurement solutions that improve teaching and learning, expand educational opportunities, and inform policy.
National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) and ETS has been working together since January 2011. ETS-USA, an industry leader in English Language assessment for over 65 years, designed TOEIC L&R, TOEIC S&W and tests to measure English skills that enable students, educational institutions and organizations to get an edge in today’s global marketplace. In order to promote English language proficiency among the various grade students and to help efforts in producing market competitive human resource, NTS has envisaged an award program for deserving students.

NTS Call Center

It is for your information that NTS Call Center is now globally activated. You can contact at the number given below for all your queries and concerns. This number is operational. You can now contact us through this number and all other numbers for info/query are inactivated with immediate effect all over the Pakistan.

  • Phone: +92-51-844-444-1
  • Timings: 08:30 AM to 04:30 PM (Monday to Friday) 
  • Lunch & Prayer Break: 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

You can also send your queries to the following fax numbers OR visit NTS Regional Offices:

  • Fax : +92-51-8444900, +92-51-8444964

NTS Offices Addresses

For test and test center inquiries and queries related to score reporting, and for other purposes like putting complaints or providing feedback, you may get in touch with NTS™ on the following contacts:

Headquarter Islamabad Office

Plot # 96, Street # 4, H-8/1, Islamabad.

Lahore Office

Central Commercial Area (CCA) Plaza # 201, Block (FF), Phase IV, D.H.A Lahore.

Karachi Office

C – 32 / II / I, KDA Scheme No. 01, Karsaz Road, Karachi

Peshawar Office

B-2, Rahat Abad Colony, Near Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar

Quetta Office

39 – A Chaman Housing Scheme, Air Port Road, Quetta

Abbottabad Office

University Road, Abbottabad


Progress and Achievements

NTS has conducted more than 6599  tests and assessments in various disciplines for educational, assessment, recruitment and promotion. More than 16.8 million candidates from reputable associates and partner institutions and organizations have appeared in the NTS tests since its inception (till June, 2017).

NTS Impact

  • Culture of testing and transparency has been promoted. Resulting several new organizations for testing and assessment are emerging in the country.
  • NTS Test are Nationally and internationally recognized and accepted
  • NTS Tests enabled Thousands of Pakistani students to pursue post-graduation to PhD on scholarships in universities at Australia, Canada, China, Europe (incl. UK, France), USA, etc. (final selections are made by HEC).
  • NTS tests have helped in improving Pakistan GCI (2013-14) ranking on 5th pillar – Higher Education and Training – the tertiary education 121 from 125 in 2012-13.


The tax department has found massive discrepancies in National Testing Service’s income tax and sales tax record in October,2017. According to information available, FBR Islamabad’s Directorate of Intelligence & Investigations (Inland Revenue) has examined the tax record (both income tax and sales tax) of NTS, and, after scrutiny of bank account and tax receipts, it found massive discrepancies. Afterwards, the officials have taken the record in their custody.


The information further revealed that NTS did not disclose their foreign currency accounts in their tax returns. Similarly, the records of directors are also under scrutiny, where sources of investment viz-a-viz their declarations are also found mismatching, for which separate proceedings are underway.


I&I clarified that section 175 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 empowers the officers of Federal Board of Revenue to have full and free access to premises, place, accounts, documents, computers or any other inventory. The department once again reiterated that all the above actions are strictly in accordance with law and no illegality has been committed. It is pertinent to mention here that FBR I&I wing raided on NTS premises on Monday, and confiscated the tax record and computers. [4] controversy