Paigham Tv (TV Channel)

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Paigham TV comes with a motive to hold the responsibility and change the vision to remove the misconceptions about Islam by providing authentic Islamic knowledge, information and education. It broadcast state – of – the – art Islamic programs in Urdu and Pashto.
Their mission and vision are to deliver the Islamic knowledge to promote truth, harmony, peace, and wisdom also. It provides quality and authentic Islamic programs because its backend holds the best available media technology, creative designer team, exclusive scholars, information technology management team and operations management team.
Their mission and vision both are cleared to provide best Islamic information and image for inspiration and empowerment of the people. All the important details are available in the article for their viewers or listeners. [1] Paigham TV comes with a motive

Title Description
Launched: 26 Aug 2011
In Urdu: پیغام ٹی وی
Owned by: Paigham Communications Limited
Picture format: 576i (SDTV 16:9, 4:3), 1080i (HDTV)
Slogan: The Universal Message
Language: urdu
Headquarter: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Country: Pakistan
Broadcast area: Pakistan
Pashto Channel launched: 2014
Paigham TV Head Office Address: 106 Main Boulevard, Gulshan – e – Ravi, Lahore 54500, Pakistan
Head Office Contact Number: : +92 423 7722876 +92 423 7722877
Facebook Fan Page: :
Twitter Handle: :
Instagram Handle: N/A
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YouTube Channel:
Based: Teachings of Quran and Sunnah
Program Categories: Telawat-e-Quran,Hamd-o-Naats,Khutbat-e-Hurmain
Locations and Offices: Lahore,Islamabad,Quetta

Educational media

Paigham TV is an Islamic educational media group. It launched its Urdu language TV channel in 2011 and Pashto Channel in 2014. Paigham TV was inaugurated by Imam-e-Kabbah Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais in Huramain Al Shareefen Auditorium. The production of this channel is based on the teachings of Quran-o-Sunnah. A team of Islamic scholars monitors the material presented on its programs. Each program of Paigham TV is previewed according to authentic references of Quran-o-Hadees. The Board of Directors, consisting of 14 members from different countries, is working under the supervision of Imm-e-Kabbah Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, looking after the matters of Paigham TV. Paigham TV is transmitted through Asia Satellite 3S in more than 70 Asian countries and Australia. It can also be watched through live streaming on its official website. Mobile Phone application is also available to watch live streaming. [2] Paigham TV is an Islamic educational media group


  • To spread the teachings of Quran-o-Sunnah.
  • To promote peace and unity between Muslims.
  • To eliminate the Non-Islamic customs, ill-beliefs and misunderstandings about Islam.
  • To defend the ideological attacks on Islam.
  • To educate the Urdu-speaking community all over the world about Islam.
  • To aware the youth of Muslim Ummah about Islamic history and Personalities of Muslim Heroes.
  • To reincarnate the soul of National identity based on Islam and Two Nation Theory within their people. [3] mission of paigham tv


  • To create the spirit of Islamization.
  • To educate the people of Pakistan using the tools of electronic and social media.
  • To discover their Islamic identity for which they need to create awareness, understanding and conscience in the masses.
  • To awaken the nation by bringing home the message of fraternity, social justice and philanthropy to make them the proud bearers of their nationality and Muslim identity. [4] objective history


  • Chairman: Imam-e-Kabaah Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
  • Pattern-in-Chief: Senator Professor Sajid Mir
  • Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Hafiz Abdul Kareem
  • Chief Operating Officer: Hafiz Nadeem Ahmed
  • Director Programs: Fakhar-ul-Islam [5] paigham tv Management

Board of directors

  • Imam Kabaah Al- sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais (KSA)
  • Al-sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Sweedi (Qatar)
  • Al-sheikh Aaiz Bin Dabsan Al-Qehtani (Qatar)
  • Senator Professor Sajid Mir (Pakistan)
  • Al-sheikh Tariq Bin Samee Al-eesa (Kuwait)
  • Al-sheikh Ali Bin Ahmed Al-Olovi (KSA)
  • Al-sheikh Adil Bin Abdur Rehman (Bahrin)
  • Dr. Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Alkhuzeri (KSA)
  • Dr. Hafiz Abdul Kareem (Pakistan)
  • Dr. Muhammad Ilyas (Bangladesh)
  • Al-sheikh Ali Muhammad Abu Turab (Pakistan)
  • Al-sheikh Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi (India)
  • Al-sheikh Shoib Ahmed Mirpuri (U.K.)
  • Al-sheikh Abdul Malik Mujahid (Pakistan) [6] paigham tv Board of directors:


Paigham TV is transmitted through Asia Satellite 3S in more than 65 Asian countries and Australia. It can also be watched through live streaming on its official website. Mobile phone application is also available to watch live streaming. [7] Paigham TV is transmitted  through Asia Satellite  

Locations and Offices

  1. Lahore
  2. Islamabad
  3. Quetta

Program categories

  1. Telawat-e-Quran
  2. Hamd-o-Naats
  3. Khutbat-e-Hurmain
  4. Talk Shows
  5. Road Shows
  6. Scholar's Lectures
  7. Public Lectures
  8. Documentary
  9. Children Programs
  10. Women Programs
  11. Youth Talks


  1. Tafseer Surah 
  2. Sahri Special 
  3. Anwar ul 

Why Paigham TV

Paigham TV enjoys a culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Being an Islamic media channel, Islamic values are strictly practiced in the organization. They believe in working hard and playing hard while keeping a good work-life balance. Paigham TV offers challenging/inspirational job opportunities, professional development, and support for community involvement. Core cultural values of Paigham TV comprise of Creativity, Ethics, Originality, Harmony, Involvement, and Sincerity. These values are significantly endorsed because they are important to make a positive impact on human minds using audio, text, and video communications. Being an Islamic channel, their workplace values are: sincerity, respect, trustworthiness, and reliability. They are creating exceptional Islamic experiences with great/original ideas that come from everywhere. In order to create the exceptional experiences, Paigham TV appreciates innovation throughout the company. It values its people as its greatest assets while it remains inclusive, open, responsible, and actively engaged with its viewers, partners, communities, and each other.


Paigham TV Frequency
  1. Satellite: AsiaSat-3S, 105.5°E
  2. Frequency: 4145
  3. Symbol Rate: 5318
  4. Polarity: Horizontal

Paigham TV Head Office Contact Details

  1. Paigham TV Head Office Address: 106 Main Boulevard, Gulshan – e – Ravi, Lahore 54500, Pakistan
  2. Paigham TV Head Office Contact Number: +92 423 7722876/ +92 423 7722877
  3. Paigham TV Head Office Email ID:
  4. Paigham TV Official Website:

Social Profiles

  1. Facebook Fan Page:
  2. Twitter Handle:
  3. Pinterest Profile:
  4. Google+ Profile:
  5. YouTube Channel:
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