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2017-06-01 00:16:43National University Of Computer & Emerging Sciences
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, or more commonly known as FAST, is perhaps the best place to go if you want to pursue Computer Science. They teach hardcore programming and if you can survive doing only programming till your soul rots away, this is the way to go. They also have a few other courses like Electrical Engineering, BBA, ACF but CS is their crown jewel. They have campuses in Sindh as well as in Punjab.

The university also has a pretty vast network of alumni throughout the Pakistani tech industry. FAST-ian graduates are spread all over the country as well as internationally, making the university a great choice from a job perspective. [1] Fast University 
  • Details
  • Motto:

    Facilitating Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan.Who has taught (writing) by the Pen, has taught Man that which he Knew Not.

  • Motto In Urdu::

    الذی علم بالقلم۔ علم الانسان ما لم يعلم۔

  • Type:

    Private, Education Institution public

  • Established:

    1980. FAST later established National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in 2000.

  • Chancellor:

    Senator Wasim Sajjad

  • Vice Chancellor:

    Professer Dr. Hamna AliSham

  • Parent Institution::

    Institution Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology

  • President::

    Muhammad Ali Iftikhar

  • Students:


  • Rector::

    Amir Muhammed

  • Dean::

    Muhammad Bilal Javed

  • Registrar::

    M. Haider Malik

  • Location:

    Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan

  • Colours::

    Blue, amber

  • Headquarter:

    Islamabad. Karachi, etc

  • Campus:

    Chiniot-Faisalabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad

  • Nickname:


  • Affiliation:

    HEC, PEC,

  • Website:


National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences
National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences


The National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences has the honor of being the first multi-campus private sector university set up under the Federal Charter granted by Ordinance No.XXIII of 2000, dated July 01, 2000. The University started with an impressive advantage in that, thanks to the selfless, ceaseless and imaginative efforts of the Foundation FAST, it inherited four first rate computer science institutes located at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar, in spacious buildings and prestigious settings. These institutes, individually as well as collectively, have established leadership position due to the splendid vision of an enlightened management and tireless efforts of a highly qualified faculty. Over the years FAST has become the hallmark of excellence in academic arena, domestic market and international community. [2] Fast University History 


National University And Flag
National University And Flag
FAST (Foundation for advancement of Science and Technology)had its sponsoring body established in 1980 and it is registered with the Government of Pakistan as charitable institution. It decided to provide higher education to produce scholars and scientists with preeminence in 1985. FAST was the first in the history of the country to offer undergraduate program in Computer Science that was a real milestone in the country’s IT industry development. This university, sponsored by FAST, is considered as one of the most prestigious academic institutes of Pakistan with a trend of being a leader and a paragon, both in Pakistan and abroad. A Board of Governors, elected in accordance with its Charter, manages the affairs of FAST. The members of the Board are eminent personalities in their respective fields and are associated with FAST in an honorary capacity. [3] Fast Foundation 

Board of Governors of FAST

  • Senator Wasim Sajjad 
  • Leader of the House in the Senate of Pakistan, 
  • Former Chairman, Senate of Pakistan.


 Computer & Emerging Sciences
Computer & Emerging Sciences
  • Dr. Abdul Wahab
  • Former Director, IBA, Karachi
  • Former Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi
  • Mr. Justice (Retd.) S. Ali Aslam Jafri 
  • Federal Insurance Ombudsman
  • Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rehman, FRS 
  • Chairman, Higher Education Commission
  • Advisor to Prime Minister (Science and Technology)
  • Mr. H.U. Beg 
  • Former Federal Secretary (Finance)
  • Executive Director, Society for the Promotion of Engg. Science and Technology
  • Former Chairman Public Services Commission
  • Mr. I.A Imtiaz
  • Former Chairman, Central Board of Revenue
  • Mrs. Khadija Haq 
  • President, Mahbubul Haq Human Development Center, Islamabad
  • Mr. Nawazish Ali Seth 
  • Director, Ravi Thread Works (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore
  • Senator Nisar A. Memon 
  • Federal Minister, Information and Broadcasting
  • County Former General Manager, IBM, Pakistan
  • Mr. Qaiser Ahmed Shaikh 
  • Former Member, National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • Former Chairman, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Dr. Rafique Ahmad 
  • Professor Emeritus
  • South Asian Study Center
  • University of the Punjab
  • Lt. Gen. Syed Refaqat 
  • Former Chief of Staff to the President of Pakistan
  • Former Governor N.W.F.P.
  • Mr. Justice (Retd.) Syed Usman Ali Shah 
  • Former Judge, Supreme Court of Pakistan
  • Former Wafaqi Mohtasib
  • Secretary General Rana Ghulam Shabbir, 
  • T.Q.A. [4] Fast University Members

Mission Statement

National University Mission
National University Mission
In line with the thrust of our faith and glory of our heritage, we shall try our best to play an effective and meaningful role in creating a knowledge based society in Pakistan. This avenue would naturally and seamlessly lead to a civil society with knowledge driven economy. In furtherance of these general objectives, we shall focus upon acquisition and propagation of cutting edge science and technologies. Recognizing the fact that Information Technology is having a profound impact upon almost every aspect of human activity and changing the shape of our future, we shall retain our focus, for the time being, on producing computer scientists and software engineers as well as managers of the highest order who may act as vanguard of the IT Revolution in Pakistan. We believe that enormous educational potential of computer science, if used wisely, widely and vigorously, can be a powerful vehicle of social equalization. In line with its philosophy, satisfaction of the financial needs of the poor, and opening doors of opportunities of highly expensive education to the indigent and disempowered, are the greatest moral achievements of the Foundation. In pursuit of this noble objectives, the University shall faithfully, vigorously and dedicatedly follow that policy to fulfill the requirements of equality of opportunity and social justice. Realizing that the success of IT revolution requires concerted efforts of many, not a few, we shall establish a formal network of cooperative and collaborative relationship with centers of excellence within and outside Pakistan. The quality of human beings shall remain center of our focus. It shall be our constant endeavor to produce, not only excellent scientists and good technicians, but also well balanced human beings with strong sense of values. [5] Fast Mission

Board of Trustees

  • Patron of the University
  • President,
  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Board of Trustees
  • Senator Wasim Sajjad
  • Ex-Chairman, Senate of Pakistan
  • Mr. Justice (Retd.) S. Ali Aslam Jafri 
  • Ex-Judge, Sindh High Court 
  • Mrs. Khadija Haq 
  • President, Mahbubul Haq Development Center, Lahore 
  • Mr. Nawazish Ali Seth 
  • Director, Ravi Thread Works, Lahore 
  • Mr. Qaiser Ahmed Shaikh 
  • Ex-Member, National Assembly of Pakistan
  • Dr. M. Qasim Jan
  • Ex-Vice Chancellor, Quaid-e Azam University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Rafique Ahmad 
  • Ex-Vice Chancellor, University of the Punjab
  • Rector, Dr. Amir Muhammed 
  • Rector, NUCES Former President
  • Pakistan Academy of Sciences Former Vice Chancellor 
  • Agriculture University, Faisalabad
  • Chairman Higher Education Commission
  • Federal Secretary Education [6] Fast University Board

Board of Governers

  • Patron of the University
  • President,
  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Board of Governors
  • Rector, Dr. Amir Muhammed 
  • Rector, NUCES
  • Former President, Pakistan Academy of Sciences 
  • Former Vice Chancellor Agriculture University, Faisalabad
  • Dr. Abdul Wahab 
  • President, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi
  • Mr. Nisar A. Memon 
  • Ex-Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting 
  • Mr. Rashid A.Khan 
  • Chairman, Nayatel Ltd and Micronet Ltd, Islamabad 
  • Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Syed Refaqat 
  • Ex-Chief of Staff to the President of Pakistan 
  • Deans of all Faculties 
  • Registrar 
  • Chairman Higher Education Commission 
  • Federal Secretary Education

Officers of University

Chancellor Senator Wasim Sajjad RectorDr. Amir Muhammed Tel: (051) 285 5072-4 ext 117 Pro-RectorLt. Gen. (R) Syed Refaqat Dean Dr. M. Ayub Alvi Tel: (051) 285 5062 or (051) 285 5072-4 ext 124 RegistrarDr. M. Latif Virk Tel: (051) 226 4629 or (051) 285 5072-4 ext 118 [7] Officers of University 


The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES or FAST-NU) with headquarters at Islamabad and campuses at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad is one of the leading technical universities in Pakistan. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and Mathematics. FAST established the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES or NU) in July, 2000, so as to expand the activities of existing institutes, to establish more campuses throughout the country, and to maintain its tradition of academic excellence. The University has been established/chartered by the Government of Pakistan under ordinance No.XXIII of 2000 on 1 July 2000 and is currently one of the leading technology universities in Pakistan. [8] Fast University Headquarter 

NUCES Membership

National University has history of strict academic discipline, documentation of rules/regulations and applications of the same through appropriate instruments/statutory bodies. This is one reason that National University has been recognized as a member of a well known International Quality Assurance Organization given below:


INQAAHE Secretariat Parkstraat 28 | 2514 JK DEN HAAG P.O.Box 85498 | 2508 CD DEN HAAG, The Netherlands T +31 (0)70 312 2334 | F +31 (0)70 312 2301

Technology Programs

  • BS/MS/PhD – Computer Science
  • MS – Software Engineering
  • MS – Software Project Management
  • MS – Computer Network & Security [9] Fast University Programs


Islamabad Campus

Seated along the Kashmir Highway, the Islamabad Campus holds in view the capital city, with mystic thoughtfulness. A majestic banyan tree strikes the eye of the visitor before the overshadowed Campus’s beauty can capture his attention. The visitor experiences an instantaneous dilemma. He does not know whether to admire the panoramic scenery of the city, which lies before his eyes or marvel the academic décor of the Campus. Spread over a 15-acre land, right in the academic hub of the city, Islamabad Campus is steadily expanding both in terms of its area and study programs. The highly qualified, deeply committed, and professionally inspired faculty gives to the university an academic character. The faculty not only excels in their teaching abilities but also keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and developments in science and technology. They are also accomplished researchers, contributors, and developers in their respective areas of interest. The research projects carried out at the Campus range from Bio-Informatics, Agro-Informatics, Machine Intelligence, and Neural Networks to IT consulting. Contact Information
  • A.K Brohi Road
  • Sector H-11/4
  • Tel: (051) 111 128 128 or (051) 831 4100 - 03
  • Fax: (051) 410 3846
  • Islamabad Website [10] Islamabad Campus 

Karachi Campus

The Main Campus is located on a six acre site in Shah Latif Town on the National Highway, ten kilometres east of Karachi airport. The campus comprises spacious and fully air conditioned, purpose built classrooms, laboratories, auditorium, seminar rooms, and a spacious Library. The Engineering labs comprise Electronics, Electrical, Control Engineering, Signal Processing, Telecommunications, Networking, Multimedia and Computer Labs. The Computing Labs have latest computers and workstations having Linux and Windows-based environments. The campus is fully networked and it also provides wireless hotspots. A separate Student Activities block includes Cafeteria, Sports Complex for indoor games and a Gymnasium with all modern equipments. In addition to a Mosque, playgrounds for Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and Tennis courts are also available.
  • Contact Information
  • City Campus (Admission Cell):
  • 22-G, Block-6,
  • PECHS, Karachi
  • Tel: (021) 439 0941-5
  • Main Campus: 
  • Shah Latif Town (On National Highway),
  • Karachi.
  • Tel: (021) 111 128 128
  • Fax: (021) 410 0549
  • Karachi Website

Lahore Campus

The Lahore Campus, spread over 12.5 acres, is located in Faisal Town which is the heart of greater Lahore. The campus consists of three blocks, which with their striking exterior brickwork and magnificent marble domes are a valuable addition to the rich architectural heritage of Lahore. The facilities consist of fully air-conditioned purpose built class rooms equipped with teaching aids, and a number of computing and engineering laboratories. The computing labs consist of database, programming, software engineering, and computer application labs. Latest computers, workstations and services having LINUX and Windows based environments are also readily available for the usage of students. The whole campus is fully equipped with fast Local Area Network and latest wireless hotspots.
  • Contact Information
  • Block-B, Faisal Town,
  • Lahore.
  • Tel: (042) 111 128 128
  • Fax: (042)516 5232
  • Lahore Website

Peshawar Campus

The Peshawar campus was established in 2001. It is housed in an impressive building, which has an architectural design similar to that of the Lahore and Karachi campuses. The green, well maintained lawns that surround the building add to the scenic beauty of the whole setup. The Campus covers an area of 4 acres and is located in the Industrial Estate, Hayatabad. The satellite town of Hayatabad flanks it, which is an ideal place for students to find residence in privately run hostels. The historic Khyber Pass is within an hours drive from the Campus. The Campus has all the physical facilities that a modern educational institution should have. It has an excellent Intranet facility with a site for the students to inform them about their class attendance, grades and other academic information. The campus has fully air-conditioned, multi-media installed classrooms and lecture theatres, a hall, a library and Computer/ Engineering laboratories that have latest equipment. The library has a collection of over 6,000 books and subscribes to 35 journals, magazines and newspapers. It has computers for students to do online searches for study materials. It also has the distinction of being one of the first libraries in the province to be computerized.
  • Contact Information
  • 160 Industrial Estate,
  • Jamrud Road,
  • Peshawar.
  • Tel: (091) 111 128 128
  • Fax: (091) 582 2320
  • Peshawar Website

Chiniot-Faisalabad Campus

Situated at the junction of Pakistan’s industrial hub—Faisalabad and the historically rich city of Chiniot in suburbs of  Chenab River, the Chiniot - Faisalabad campus is the 5th campus of the university. The campus symbolises the desirable connect between nature and industry and between tradition and modernity. Its picturesque surroundings in the outskirts of Pakistan’s Manchester, the home to textile industry, represent human advancement from agrarian to industrial and technological society. The campus is located on 10 acres of land on Faisalabad Chiniot Road (about 9 Km’s from Faisalabad Motorway interchange - towards Chiniot). The Campus has been established to carry forward the academic traditions of excellence in professional and personal aspects of the students. The aim is follow the footsteps of the alumnae of the 4 sister campuses in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar. Graduates of all sister campuses of this university are well-received by the industry and hold prominent positions in many national and multinational corporations. A large number of university alumni are serving in prestigious institutions and organizations across the world like Microsoft, YouTube, Oracle, NCR, LMKR, IBM any many more. The physical proximity of the Campus with some of the leading industrial enterprises will go a long way in furthering the cause of professional education in the country. The campus offers degree programs in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Business Administration. To confer academic excellence on its graduates, the campus has scholarly, seasoned, dedicated and professionally stimulated faculty.
  • Contact Information
  • Loonaywala Stop (9 Km from Motorway Interchange)
  • Faisalabad-Chiniot Road
  • Tel: (041) 111-128-128
  • Fax: (041) 260 7272
  • Faislabad Website

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