Inter Services Public Relation
Inter Services Public Relation


The Directorate of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) was founded in 1949 with military colonel with Shahbaz Khan becoming its first director-general. It functions as a joined public relations organization for the Pakistan’s army consisting of army, air force, navy, and marines. [1] Summary Summary

In Urdu:بین الخدماتی تعلقات عامہ‎
Full Name:Inter Services Public Relation
Motto:ایمان تقوی جحاد فی سبیل اللہ
Founded:It was founded in 1947
Function: It functions as a joined public relations organization for the Pakistan’s army consisting of army, air force, navy, and marines
Agency overview
Region Served:Pakistan
Official Language:English and Urdu
Director General:Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor
Parent Organization:Pakistan Armed forces
Legal Status:Active
First general:Colonel Shabaz Khan
Current general:Major General Asif Gafoor
Office of ISPR:Officially, the Office of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) closely controls and coordinates release of military news and access to military sources.

ISPRD.G ISPRArmy Zarb i AzbArmy chief lauds role of ISPR

Introduction of ISPR

The ISPR supervise the public relations demand of the equipped forces, and has workforce with the combined staffs of the armed along with civilian officers. It operates at the Joint Staff Headquarters (JS HQ) and plays a significant character for collecting a nationwide maintenance for the military at the civil level. The ISPR also supported funding for the armed forces allocated emergency tasks while declining the determination of the opponent. US army colonel John Adache defines that ISPR interacts amongst the military, public media, and the civil society. Additionally, it also expresses the broadcasting course of action of the unified militia, defends the fortified wellbeing of the armed forces from harmful guidance, and screens worldwide and national media broadcasting concerning its military matters. [2] Introduction Introduction

Director General Asim Saleem ISPR

General Asim Bajwa
Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa was commissioned in the 34 Punjab Regiment from the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, in March 1984. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College Quetta, National Defence University Islamabad and Staff College Camberley, U.K. He holds Master degree in Defence studies from Kings College London (UK) and in War studies from the NDU Islamabad. During his military service, he has held various command staff and instructional appointments, which include command of an Anti- tank Battalion, an infantry Brigade group and a strike  Infantry division. He has been Brigade major of an Infantry Brigade and Chief of staff of a strikes Corps. He has also been on the faculty of PMA Kakul and command and staff college Quetta and has served as Deputy Military Secretary to president of Pakistan. He was promoted Major General in December 2010. He is recipient of  Tamgha-i-Basalat. [3] Director General  

Director general Asif Ghafoor

General Asif Ghafoor
Major General Asif Ghafoor was commissioned on 9 Sep 1988 in 87 Medium Regiment. He is graduate of Command & Staff College Quetta, Command & Staff College Bandung (Indonesia) and NDU Islamabad. He holds master’s degree in strategic studies. The General has served on various staff,  instructional and command assignments to include Brigade Major Infantry Brigade, Assistant Military Secretary MS Branch, GHQ, Directing Staff Command & Staff College Quetta and Director Military Operations in Military Operations Directorate, GHQ. He has commanded his parent unit in Operation Al-Mizan, Artillery Brigade on Line of Control, Infantry Brigade on Eastern Border and a Division at Swat, Malakand. General is recipient of COAS Commendation Card for operations in Bajaur during 2008. General is DG ISPR since December 2016. [4] Asif Ghafoor  

Office of ISPR

Officially, the Office of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) closely controls and coordinates release of military news and access to military sources. The press has traditionally avoided negative coverage of the armed forces, and the ISPR has served to hold press coverage of military matters under close restraint. The competitive nature of Pakistani politics helps to ensure press freedom, since the media often serve as a forum for political parties, commercial, religious, and various other interests, as well as influential individuals, to compete with and criticize each other publicly. Although the press does not criticize Islam as such, leaders of religious parties and movements are not exempt from the public scrutiny and criticism routinely experienced by their secular counterparts. In the summer, the deaths of several air force cadets while undergoing training prompted newspaper reports of brutal training officers and procedures, and those found responsible were held to public account. [5] office office

Operations of ISPR

The ISPR directorate is staffed with combined personnel of Pakistan’s unified military along with civilian bureaucrats and officials. The ISPR functioned at the JS HQ and responsible for garnering national support for the armed forces as well as strengthen their resolve to accomplish the assigned mission while undermining the will of the adversary. It also acts as an interface between the armed forces, the media and the public. It formulates much of the media policy of Pakistan’s military, safeguards the armed forces from negative influences and monitors both international and domestic media. It is likely that the army is planning the further expansion of ISPR to counter negative propaganda against the state and armed forces by international powers and their funded domestic media campaigns, in ongoing operation against terror outfits and economic terrorism. That’s why, for the first time in its history ISPR is being led by a three-star general, Lt-General Asim Saleem Bajwa[6] Operations Operations

Life of an Army Soldier

Pakistan Army Soldiers
The life when he had back then was entirely different from the day he entered the Military Academy. Each day of rigorous training was making him realize that the life of a soldier is not an easy one. He has to give the best years of his life to the nation. The freedom of the country depends upon the strength and courage of its soldiers and he was being trained to become tough enough to fight and survive. He is transformed by the day he leaves the Academy. He knows soldiering is never about just a uniform. It is about the internal change that goes with putting on the uniform and deploying. From now on he is going his life on the line on a daily basis for the people of the country. The unfathomable struggle that now ravages across the country and beyond borders in which religion, nationalism and terrorism have assumed unimaginable degree of ferocity has made the life of a Pakistani soldier tougher than ever. He has to fight an enemy who is already ready to die and carries death in a vest. But he still fights and stands steady in the way to save all what and whom he loves and respects. He fights the magnitude of the pain he goes through when holding a friend in his arm while he dies. He gets no time to mourn and think that probably he is going to die too. Having bagged the body parts of his war buddy he feels guilty for returning back intact. He gets up and fights for what is right and against what is wrong. Then he participates in reconstruction of the affected areas and bring the victims out of trauma. He wants to set an example for the tribal youth, win their hearts and let them know he vowed not to hesitate for any sacrifice for protection of the motherland from internal and external aggression. All over again he is ready to face the deadliest threats to keep the spirit of the nation alive and to let them know that he is there to defend as long as he or any of his fellow Pak soldiers are alive. [7] Life of army soldier  

List of ISPR Director Generals

Major general Waheed Arshad

  1. Colonel Shabaz Khan (May 1949 – July 1952) 
  2. Commodore Maqbool Hussain (August 1952 – October 1965)
  3. Colonel Z A Suleri (November 1965 – August 1966)
  4. Lieutenant Colonel Masud Ahmed (September 1966 – February 1967)
  5. Brigadier A R Siddiqui (March 1967 – November 1973)
  6. Brigadier Fazal ur Rehman (December 1973 – March 1977)
  7. Brigadier T H Siddiqui (April 1977 – July 1985)
  8. Brigadier-General Siddique Salik (August 1985 – 17 August 1988)
  9. Major General Riaz Ullah (December 1988 – September 1991)
  10. Major General Jahangir Nasrullah (October 1991 – April 1993)
  11. Major General Khalid Bashir (May 1993 – July 1994)
  12. Brigadier S M A Iqbal (August 1994 – February 1995)
  13. Major General Saleem Ullah (March 1995 – August 1998)
  14. Brigadier-General Ghazanfar Ali (September 1998 – October 1998)
  15. Major General Rashid Qureshi (November 1998 – May 2003
  16. Major General Shaukat Sultan Khan (June 2003- February 2007)
  17. Major General Waheed Arshad (February 2007 – January 2008)
  18. Major General Athar Abbas (January 2008–June 2012)
  19. Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa (3 Jun 2012–11 December 2016)
  20. Major General Asif Ghafoor (15 Dec 2016-present) 

ISPR Contacts

Sr#AppointmentRank & NameContact Information
1.Director General ISPRMajor General Asif GhafoorFax Office: +92-51-9271682

2.Incharge – Coordination BranchColonel (R) Aftab Ahmed MalikTel Office: +92-51-9270580
3.Staff Officer to DG ISPRCaptain Shamaim JamilTel Office: +92-51-9272946

4.Director Acquisition & MonitoringBrigadier Anwaar AhmedTel Office: +92-51-9270128
5.Assistant Director A DivisionLieutenant Colonel Muhammad AfzalTel Office: +92-51-9272895

6.Deputy Director Analysis and PlanningLieutenant Colonel Imran EjazEmail:
7.Director PublicationsBrigadier Tahir MehmoodTel Office: +92-51-9274345
8.Editor Hilal (English)Maria KhalidTel Office: +92-51-9271617
9.Editor Hilal (Urdu)Mr Yousaf AlamgirianTel Office: +92-51-9271617
10.Deputy Director PsyopsBrigadier Kamran Saadat Ali KhanEmail:
11.Assistant Director Analysis and PlanningWing Commander Muhammad BahroniEmail:

12.Director Public RelationsBrigadier Attique ur RehmanTel Office: +92-51-9271605
13.Assistant Director International MediaMajor Tariq WahabTel Office: +92-51-9273550
14.Assistant Director Domestic MediaLieutenant Colonel Muhammad Shafiq MalikEmail:
15.Director B DivBrigadier Tahir MehmoodTel Office: +92-51-5515220

16.Director ProductionLieutenant Colonel Asif MaqsoodTel Office: +92-51-9271932
Fax: +92-51-9273537
17.Asst Director (Production)Lt Col Syed Zamin Abbas NaqviTel Office: +92-51-9271602

18.Deputy Director FMColonel Muhammad Ejaz KhanTel Office: +92-51-2113215-7

[8] Contact Contact

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