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In 1981, responding to the private sector demand for a better quality of education compared to what was being imparted at government-run schools, The FPS Founding Team took this great leap into the extraordinary. The first branch of the school was opened in the PECHS area as it occupied a central position in Karachi and was considered a logistically better accessible area. Today, Foundation Public School is a well integrated network of 9 branches (6 in Karachi and 3 in Hyderabad , Sindh).[1] FPS Introduction
  • Details
  • Motto:

    Forever Perform to Succeed

  • In Urdu:

    فاؤنڈیشن پبلک اسکول

  • Type:


  • Established:


  • FPS Network:

    Well Integrated

  • Branches:


  • Enrollment:


  • Grades:

    1 to 13

  • Faculty:


  • Director:

    O-Levels: Sadaf Khurram A-Levels: Yasmin Minhas

  • Hyderabad Branches:


  • Karachi Branches:


  • Mascot:


  • Campus type:


  • Number of Students:


  • Enrollment:


  • Grades:

    1 to 13

  • Faculty :


  • Director :

    O-Levels: Sadaf Khurram

  • Students:


  • Location:

    5 KMCHS, Block 7 & 8, Lal Muhammad Chaudhary Road Karachi, Sindh Pakistan

  • Nickname:


  • Information Technology Club Mission:

    Promote knowledge of Information Technology

  • Club Environment:

    Informal, Friendly, and Supportive

  • House system promotes :

    Team building and healthy competition between students

  • Houses:

    Jinnah Liaquat Iqba

  • Motivated Volunteer :

    Empowerment Program

  • Project Initiated:


  • Project of FPS:

    Save Our Zoo

  • FUSA Located:


  • Sports Develop:

    Healthy competition amongst students

  • Arts and Craft Club Purpose:

    Promote the fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing, and sculpture

  • Affiliation:


  • Website:

FPS History

It all began way back in the 70s when an ambitious and determined individual won a Rotary Scholarship to a Master's Programme in Educational Administration and Supervision at the Syracuse University, New York. While in the U.S. Yasmeen met and became friends with another Femme Extraordinaire Sabiha Mohammad who was and continues to be, passionately interested in Early Childhood Education. Sabiha was completing her training in America Montessori Society in the U.S. at the time. This commonality of visions and passions of 'Learning to Educate', brought Yasmeen and Sabiha further close, close enough to set up FPS; there has never been a moment of looking back, just 'Standing on tip-toe to look beyond'. On their return to Karachi, providence had it all chalked out for them; both Yasmeen and Sabiha began work at the same school; Yasmeen as a Vice-Principal and Sabiha, the head of the Infant Section. Opportunity came knocking at their doors when a school building came up for rent. The two enterprising women, along with Sabiha's cousin Raza Minhas who had returned from the U.S. securing an MBA degree for himself, leased the property and the first branch of FPS opened in P.E.C.H.S on October 14, 1981 with 14 students and 5 teachers. Today, Foundation Public School is a well-integrated network of 10 branches (7 in Karachi and 3 in Hyderabad (Sindh). It is one of the very few educational conglomerates which read the need and spelt it out so successfully by stepping on a path where most 'feared to tread'; one of the fewer still who withstood the rising accusation that it had strengthened the hands of those who were auctioning education at exaggerated prices. But the founders of FPS have proved to its detractors that to buy quality, any price is too little. 'Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world' - [2] FPS History 

House System

House System
House System
Each student, at the time of admission, is allotted one of the following houses:
  • Jinnah
  • Liaquat
  • Iqbal
House system promotes team building and healthy competition between students.[3] FPS  House System 


The Photography Club explores the connection between the eye, the camera, and the spirit by fostering the growth of artistic vision and technical knowledge. The Club provides an informal, friendly, and supportive environment for student photographers at all grade levels and with interests in all types of photographic imagery. The Club offers a means for members to share ideas and knowledge with each other, and promotes an interest in photography throughout the school by photographic coverage and sharing on social media of events at FPS. At the after school club activities we invite guest speakers, photographers such as Ahmed Jalbani, Ali Khursheed and Noor-ul-ain from prominent universities such as Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, who share diverse perspectives and skills in photography and conduct workshops with the students to enhance their skills. Photography competitions are also held to promote young talent. Field trips are also planned to provide interesting photographic opportunities for members.[4] FPS Club System

Information Technology Club

IT Club
IT Club
The Information Technology Club has a mission to promote knowledge of Information Technology and its application in student life through engaging workshops on creating presentations and videos and to encourage students to incorporate the use of media as a part of their learning process. The IT Club uses ways and means to expand and enrich the knowledge among students who are interested in the innovations in IT. The club endeavors to organize field trips for students to learn the scope of I.T related professional fields and their value in the world today.[5] FPS Information Club  

Arts and Craft Club

The Arts and Craft Club’s primary purpose is to promote the fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing, and sculpture. The Club Leaders strive to produce and promote art through workshops and exhibitions that foster an understanding of art and its inherent diversity. Students from all grade levels have the opportunity to enhance their skills and display their creative talents. The after school activities are brimming with creativity and music to engage all the senses of the students and keep them actively involved.[6] FPS ART Club

Leadership Club

FPS LederShip
FPS LederShip
The Leadership Club helps students discover their full potential as leaders. The after school club activities gives students a threshold to participate and practice their skills in public speaking through workshops given by guest speakers from prominent universities such as IBA’s Leadership Club and representatives from other walks of life. The goal of the club leaders is to train students from all grade levels to later serve the community through taking on roles of leadership in their future pursuits. In this club, students learn the importance of social responsibility and service to others. The Leadership Club meets during after school club activities and members also participate in school events with regards to planning and implementation.[7] FPS  Leadership Club 

Science Club

The Science Club is dedicated to spark students’ interest and love for science, technology, engineering and environment through hands-on discovery. The club leaders have a mission to ignite scientific curiosity in children so that they, question intelligently, learn through discovery, connect scientific knowledge to their world and consider a career in science. Every student is actively engaged in seeing, doing and understanding of science in the after school activities. This club engages the students into thinking scientifically about the world and its happenings by engaging the young minds in creating new and innovative science projects.[8]FPS Science Club

Music Club

The Music Club strives to promote the love of music by giving all those with hidden talent the platform to perform at after school activities. The Music club conducts auditions through which future promising members of the FPS band ‘FPS Revolution’ are discovered and recruited. These artists are given the opportunity to perform at various events and display their talent which cultivates their self-confidence.[9] FPS MUsic Club

Save Zoo

The Save Our Zoo Programme is a project of Foundation Public School. It was initiated in 2010 by a group of passionate A level students of the Student Council to re-establish the bond between man and nature, and to rekindle the love for animals.The Karachi Zoo is our cultural heritage and it is our prime responsibility as citizens of Pakistan to take care it. Our objective is to uplift the general appearance of the zoo and to spread awareness about our role towards the animals and the upkeep of the zoo. In its fifth year, the SOZ programme has reached greater heights. The students have shown a lot of care and enthusiasm in making this a successful programme. The efforts, time and fund collection that our students have done for the project is highly appreciated by the management. On the occasion of the 35th year celebrations of the school and as part of the SOZ programme, “A Family Day at the Zoo” was held recently at the Karachi Zoo. It was attended by 6000+ parents and students. A fun-filled day with a lot of activities and food was well enjoyed by everyone. FPS Leads! Not only within the boundaries of their own school walls but extends it for the greater good of the community and the city. We pledge to serve “...Because We Care”![10] FPS Zoo Program

Community Service

Community service has always been an integral part of FPS. We believe that students must take part in the various community service activities offered by the school so that they may have compassion and empathy for others in their hearts. We offer our students a broad spectrum of different areas and types of community service. We offer the following community service activities:
  • TCF
  • OJHA
  • Library
  • Camp For Champs
  • Karigarz Community Cottage - KCC
  • Renovation Group - Think Inspire And Build
  • SIUT
  • WWF
    Book Drive
  • Teaching - STEM
  • SIUT Painting Competition
 - Motivated Volunteer Empowerment Program[11] FPS Community


Foundation Public School
Foundation Public School
Sports helps us develop healthy competition amongst students. Various events are planned every year to promote the spirit of sports in the young leaders of our nation. The object is to participate with sportsman spirit, irrespective of the result. Winning is worth striving for, but is not the ultimate aim. Students are involved in playing a variety of sports throughout the year to cultivate their talents. The success of sports programs is built on the efforts and commitment of the students, staff, parents and volunteers involved. Our programs are a symbol of commitment to high expectations. Our motto is FPS Leads, FPS is the best, Second to None![12] FPS Sports

Foundation United Soccer Academy FUSA

Foundation United Soccer Academy (FUSA) was initiated to foster the talents of our students in the field of soccer. It is located at KDA, where students are enrolled and trained under qualified coaches[13] FPS Acadmy

Training and Learning

FPS strongly believes in 360° training and development for our teaching staff. Our prime focus is to train teachers to adapt to the teaching methodologies of today’s time and keep pace with the evolving pedagogical skills and strategies. Regular training sessions are conducted on In-Service Saturdays and weekly after school by various in-house and outside presenters. FPS is also affiliated with national and international institutions around the world where teachers and administrative staff are sent to attend conferences and workshops. Cheryl Watkins, Nancy Testa, Frances Ryan, Marlene McCormick are some of the renowned trainers from United States of America who have been invited to train the teaching faculty.[14] FPS Vision


Elementary Section DHA

ELementary DHA
ELementary DHA
  1. Pre-Nursery & Nursery
  2. SC-2, 38th St, DHA Phase 6, Karachi 75500, Pakistan.
  3. +92 21 35248155
  5. Mrs. Ronilla Singh (Principal)

Junior Section DHA

  1. Kindergarten to Grade-VI
  2. 174/C, 22nd Roomi Street, DHA Phase VIII, Karachi.
  3. +92 21 35248216, 35248217
  5. Mrs. Ronilla Singh (Principal)
  6. Mrs. Saima Tariq (Vice Principal)
  7. FPS Elementary Section , Shahrah-e-Faisal

Pre-Nursery Nursery Kindergarten

FPS Elementary Section , Shahrah-e-Faisal
FPS Elementary Section , Shahrah-e-Faisal
  1. Plots # 15 & 18, Maqbool Co-operative Housing Society, Block 7 & 8, Karachi.
  2. +92 21 34169373, 34169374
  4. Mrs. Muneera Alavi (Principal)

Junior Campus Machs

Junior Campus Machs
Junior Campus Machs
  1. Grade-I to Grade-VI
  2. SNPA-31, Block-B, Ghazi Salahuddin Road, Adamjee Nagar, Karachi.
  3. +92 21 34385893-94, 34525279
  5. Mrs. Iram Khan (Principal)
  6. Ms. Mahrukh Anwar (Vice Principal)

O Level Defence Campus

O Level Defence Campus
O Level Defence Campus
  1. Grade-VII to Grade-XI
  2. P.N. Shifa Road, Behind Tooba Masjid Defence Phase-II, Karachi.
  3. +92 21 35390634-37
  5. Mrs. Sadaf Khuram (Principal)

North Campus Junior

North Campus Junior
North Campus Junior
  1. Pre-Nursery to Grade-V
  2. St-18-A, Block-3, KDA Scheme No. 24, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
  3. +92 21 34811113-4
  5. Ms. Saima Shahid (Principal)
  6. Mrs. Uzma Ahmed (Vice Principal)

O Level North Campus

O Level North Campus
O Level North Campus
  1. Grade-VI to Grade-XI
  2. 5/A, Block-10, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
  3. +92 21 34964400, 34960138-9
  5. Mrs. Huma Arshad (Principal)
  6. Mrs. Sabahat Khalil (Vice Principal)

A Level Campus

A Level Campus
A Level Campus
  1. A1 & A2
  2. 42-B, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S. Dr. Mahmood Hussain Road, Karachi
  3. +92 21 34525413, 34529181
  5. Mr. Uzair Altaf (Administrator)
  6. A Level Website


  • Erum Jafri - Director
  • Col. Samiullah Khan - Administrator
  • Visit : Hyderabad Website

Elementary Section

Elementary Section
Elementary Section
  1. Pre-Nursery to Grade-I
  2. A-3, Block-C, Unit No. 2 Latifabad, Hyderabad.
  3. +92 22 3863437
  5. Mrs. Naureen Israr (Principal)

Autobahin Campus

Autobahin Campus
Autobahin Campus
  1. Grade-II to Grade-VIII
  2. Near Railway Housing Society, Main Autobahn Rd, Hyderabad.
  3. +92 22 3411202
  5. Dr. Farzana Tabassum (Vice Principal)

Defence Campus

Defence Campus
Defence Campus
  1. Grade-IX to Grade-XI, A Level
  2. 17 Defence Housing Society, Civil Lines
  3. +92 22 2783055
  5. Mrs. Erum Jafri – Director

Contact Info


  1. 5 KMCHS, Block 7 & 8,
  2. Lal Muhammad Chaudhary Road,
  3. Karachi


  1. +92 21 34389652 - 6


  1. +92 21 34547473

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