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Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (DH Corp.) is a Pakistani investment holding company with diversified holdings in Energy and Foods.Company investments include a 37% ownership of associated company Engro Corporation Limited and a 14% stake in The Hub Power Company Limited.Dawood Hercules is a partner in Pakistan’s growth and prosperity, and this ethos serves as the foundation of our business operations. Energy, agriculture and food sectors are the strongest drivers of Pakistan’s economic growth, and are therefore the core areas of investment for our group. We are a holding company founded on family values. This allows us to deploy capital and invest in people and partnerships over a long period of time to solve two of the most pressing issues the world is facing today: making food and energy available, affordable and sustainable.Company investments include a 37% ownership of associated company Engro Corporation Limited and a 14% stake in The Hub Power Company Limited.[1] Dawood Hercules Corporation
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  • Founded:

    Basic Foundation: 1948, Holding Company incorporated 2011 as Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited

  • Location:


  • Chief Executive Officer:

    Inam ur Rahman

  • Y.O.E :


  • Business Hours:

    Monday - Saturday [9 am - 5 pm]

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  • Industry:

    Fertilizer Food Power Generation Investment Management

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  • Parent organization:

    Dawood Group

  • Founder:

    Ahmed Dawood

  • Headquarters:


  • Area served:


  • Key people:

    Pakistan Key people Hussain Dawood Chairman Inam ur Rahman CEO

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Hussain Dawood Chairman DH Corp

A Pakistani industrialist and ardent philanthropist, Hussain Dawood currently chairs the boards of Dawood Hercules Corporation, the group’s holding company; Engro Corporation, a diversified conglomerate; Hub Power Company, an independent power producer; Karachi Education Initiative, which funds the graduate management school Karachi School of Business & Leadership, and The Dawood Foundation, with its legacy of establishing various education institutions across the country. His social responsibilities include Memberships of the World Economic Forum and its Global Agenda Councils of Anti-Corruption and Education. He was conferred the award “Ufficiale Ordine Al merito della Repubblica Italiana” by the Republic of Italy. Hussain Dawood holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA, and is a graduate in Metallurgy from Sheffield University, UK.[2] Chairman DH Corp Hussain Dawood


To make food and energy available, affordable and sustainable for the developing world via pairing capital with capability and with ideas that will have the biggest impact.[3] Vision Dawood Corporation Limited


  • Food and Energy security is inextricably linked to economic empowerment.
  • Population and GDP growth is putting more pressure on the existing supply of food and energy. Thus we believe that achieving our vision will require supply side innovation to improve productivity.
  • We have a long track record of improving efficiencies and productivity in both these sectors.
  • We believe in deep collaboration between group companies that will allow us to innovate in ways others can’t, and we will only participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution. We are not going to settle for anything less than excellence in every aspect of our work.


At DH Corp. we strongly believe that our most important assets are our employees; we are committed in creating and maintaining a professional, safe, team-focused workplace culture based on honest and conducive work environment. Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (DH Corp) is an investment holding company with diverse business interests ranging from IT and financial services to food, fertilizer, chemicals manufacturing and storage, property development and energy. We offer mid career level positions for talented professionals with excellent team work capabilities, integrity and commitment to excellence. Vacancies offering these opportunities are announced from time to time.

Careers at SubsidiaryAssociate Companies

Our subsidiary/associate companies offer career opportunities in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, sales, asset management, private equity management, information systems, human resources, finance & accounting and alternate energy.[4] Careers at Subsidiary/ Associate Companies

Business Ethics

Business Ethics and Core Values constitutes the basis on which Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited conducts its business. The Board of Directors and the employees of Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited are the custodians of the excellent reputation for conducting our business according to the highest principles of business ethics. Our reputation not only affects whether or not someone will do business with us, it also determines whether we are proud to be associated with this Company.[5] Business Ethics  We are committed to conducting our business activities in honest and sincere alignment with our Core Values and in full compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations. We also believe in treating our employees with the same principles in order to build mutual respect, confidence and trust based upon integrity, honesty, openness and competence. In order to maintain and enhance our reputation for integrity in our business, it is important for all of us individually and collectively to adhere to the highest moral, ethical and legal standards.

Core Values

At Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited, all our actions are based on and guided by the following values:[6] Dawood Hercules Corporation Core values 
  • Integrity
We will conduct ourselves with uncompromising ethics and honesty at all times, in all situations, both professionally and personally.
  • Diversity
We respect the dignity, rights and views of others and will provide unrestricted opportunity for personal advancement to employees irrespective of gender, ethnicity, beliefs, cultures and religions.
  • Accountability
We will be accountable as individuals and as employees for our ethical conduct and for compliance with applicable laws and policies and directives of the management.
  • Commitment to Excellence
We will drive and achieve results while pursuing the highest standards and maximizing the use of resources.
  • Teamwork
We are committed to work as a team to achieve common goals whilst fairly recognizing and rewarding individual contributions on merit.

The Hub Power Company Limited

The Hub Power Company Limited (HUBCO) is the country’s first and the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) and stands as one of the most efficient thermal power plants in the country. HUBCO owns and operates an oil-fired power station with an installed capacity of 1,292 MW at Mouza Kund, Hub in Balochistan and a 225 MW oil-fired power station at Mouza Poong, Narowal in Punjab. It also holds 75% controlling interest in Laraib Energy Limited, which owns and operates an 84 MW hydel power plant near the New Bong Escape, 8 km downstream of Mangla Dam in Azad Kashmir. With a power generation capacity of over 1600MW, HUBCO produces approximately 10% of country’s electricity generation. HUBCO is listed on the Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore Stock Exchanges and its Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.[7] The hub power company limited

Dawood Lawrencepur Limited

Dawood Lawrencepur Limited was formed in 2004 by the amalgamation of Lawrencepur Woolen and Textile Mills Limited, Dawood Cotton Mills Limited Burewala Textile Mills Limited and Dilon Limited. For the past half century,these companies have embodied tradition and quality, a common thread that now binds them together for the collective benefit of all customers, shareholders,employees and other stakeholders. In 2008, we acquired a Wind Power Project which is progressing satisfactorily and is a first step towards establishing the Company’s presence in the alternative energy domain. We feel that sustainable development through use of alternative energy resources e.g. wind, solar etc. is the solution to building a brighter and cleaner future for our children, without putting any further pressure on the country’s already diminishing natural resources.It is our strategic intent to play a leading role in the development of the renewable energy sector of the country as we firmly believe that this is a critical yet overlooked area of economic development as well as the right legacy to leave for our future generations.

Business timeline

  • 1948
Ahmed Dawood starts Dawood Group, which would become the basis of many future businesses.
  • 1952
Dawood Cotton Mills Limited set up in Karachi.
  • 1954
Burewala Textile Mills Limited established in Punjab.
  • 1954
Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills became operational and produced yarn for hand knotted carpets, blankets for Armed Forces, tweed and worsted fabrics.
  • 1960
The group establishes Central Insurance Company. The company operated in all major cities of Pakistan and transacted all conventional forms of insurance covers successfully.
  • 1960
Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills saw a revolutionary change as Dawood Group took over the mills. The new management took radical steps to expand and modernize the production facilities.
  • 1961
Formed in 1961, The Dawood Foundation is today one of the largest private charitable trusts in the country. The foundation has contributed funds for establishing schools, colleges, hospitals, dispensaries and towards scholarships for students.
  • 1967
Dilon Limited, Pakistan’s first Nylon Yarn Producer, was established in Karachi.
  • 1968
Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited was established as a joint venture between the Dawood Group and Hercules Chemicals Inc. of the United States. It was the first private sector venture in Pakistan to receive a loan by the World Bank.
  • 1971
In East Pakistan Karnaphuli Paper Mills, Karnaphuli Rayon & Chemicals Limited, Dawood Jute Mills and Dawood Shipping Company were founded.
  • 1971
Group investments in East Pakistan were lost with the creation of Bangladesh. The East Pakistan industrial undertakings constituted almost 60% of the Group’s activities.
  • 1974
The business enterprise suffers further setbacks as the Government of Pakistan nationalizes a number of large Pakistani industrial undertakings; the Group lost its flagship company, Dawood Petroleum Ltd.
  • 1984
New polyester plant was installed at Dilon unit with the daily capacity 4.5 ton of flat and textured filament yarn.
  • 1996
Burewala Textile Mills became Pakistan’s first spinning and weaving mill to receive the prestigious ISO 9001 certification.
  • 1998
Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills obtained ISO 9001 certification in April, 1998.
  • 2002
Hussain Dawood elected Chairman of Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited.
  • 2002
Elixir Securities, a full service brokerage firm, acquired.
  • 2003
Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited acquires 61 million shares (10%) in Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited.
  • 2004
Amalgamation of all textile companies of the Dawood Group into a single entity named Dawood Lawrencepur Limited.
  • 2004
The Group acquires a majority stake in Inbox Business Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Pakistan's leading computer brand.
  • 2006
Hussain Dawood assumes Chairmanship of Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd on 25 April 2006.
  • 2010
In June 2010, Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited announces the demerger of its fertilizer business.
  • 2010
The fertilizer business is transferred to a wholly owned and newly incorporated subsidiary - DH Fertilizers Ltd.
  • 2011
Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited becomes Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (DH Corp.), a holding company which focuses on exploring investment opportunities.
  • 2011
Central Insurance renamed as Cyan Limited, becomes an equity investment company.
  • 2012
DH Corp. and its affiliates collectively acquire 16.42% stake comprising 190mn shares in Hub Power Company Limited (HUBCO).
  • 2015
DH Corp. sells 100% shares of DH Fertilizers Limited (DHFL)

Board of directors

  • Hussain Dawood, Chairman
  • Inam ur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer
  • M. Abdul Aleem, Director
  • Samad Dawood, Director
  • Shahzada Dawood, Director
  • Sabrina Dawood, Director
  • Parvez Ghias, Director
  • Shabbir Hashmi, Director
  • Frank Murray Jones, Director
  • Hasan Reza Ur Rahim, Director
  • Saad Raja, Director
  • Shafiq Ahmed, CFO & Company Secretary

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