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2017-06-16 10:16:54University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences
In the recent years, UVAS has emerged as a hub of professional advancement in wide ranging areas including veterinary & animal sciences, animal production & technology, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences, food sciences, environmental sciences, zoological sciences, economics & business management, etc. With over 300 faculty members including 160 Ph.D., UVAS offers 20 undergraduate, 30 M.Phil. and 22 Ph.D. degree programs in aforementioned areas along with 3 diploma courses and a number of need based short trainings and certificate courses for capacity building of the human resource in these fields. Presently, over 5,000 students are studying in various disciplines in the University. [1] University of Veterinary
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    O' God, Increase my Knowledge. Facilitating Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan.Who has taught (writing) by the Pen, has taught Man that which he Knew Not.

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    Education Institution public

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    Governor of Punjab

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    Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha

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    University of Veterinary

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    Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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    Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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About University

Veterinary Sports team
Veterinary Sports team
With a marvelous history of 133 years of excellence, the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore is now positioned among top ten Universities of Pakistan. Originally established as a school in 1882, it was later transformed into a College within next two decades, i.e. end of nineteenth century. Realizing the importance of livestock and poultry sectors in the economy of the county and growing need of human resource and research work in veterinary & animal sciences and allied fields in the country, this historic institution was upgraded as University in 2002. Presently, UVAS comprises of 23 departments in five faculties, three institutes, one constituent college and a school along with seven affiliated institutes at Attock, Rawalpindi, Shiekhupura, Okara, Lahore, Narowal and Sahiwal. The UVAS reflects a unique blend of glorious history and ongoing professional advancement of the modern era. The main building of the institution, that was built 100 years ago, is still considered as the symbol of historical glory while the University has now expanded to five campuses, including its City Campus Lahore, Ravi Campus Pattoki, Avian Research & Training Center at Ferozepur Road, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Jhang and the Para Veterinary School in Karor Lal Easin, District Layyah. With a motto "Provoking Potentials, Producing Professionals", UVAS has fast moved towards multi-level education and skills development institution by utilizing its knowledge, resources and skills for human resource development. In the recent years, UVAS has emerged as a hub of professional advancement in wide ranging areas including veterinary & animal sciences, animal production & technology, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences, food sciences, environmental sciences, zoological sciences, economics & business management, etc. With over 300 faculty members including 160 Ph.D., UVAS offers 20 undergraduate, 30 M.Phil. and 22 Ph.D. degree programs in aforementioned areas along with 3 diploma courses and a number of need based short trainings and certificate courses for capacity building of the human resource in these fields. Presently, over 5,000 students are studying in various disciplines in the University. Equipped with state of the art teaching, training, research, clinical and diagnostic facilities, UVAS demonstrates professional excellence in multidimensional focus areas of academics, research and services. Through its partnership with various foreign and local academic & research institutions and private sector, the University plays a pivotal role in economic development through applied research. Presently UVAS scientists are managing 87 research projects of economic significance worth Rs. 900 Million in various fields. UVAS offers wide ranging services, to farmers, pet owners, community members and industry stakeholders, including diagnostics facilities, clinical & extension services, vaccine production, consultancy & advisory services, regulations & policy framework etc. [2] About University

Chancellors Message

Chancellor's Message
Chancellor's Message
The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore is one of the oldest educational institutes in Asia with major contributions of producing professional graduates and scientists who are working in diverse fields of animals health, food security and safety. The graduates of this University are playing a pivotal role for the development of Livestock and Poultry Sectors in Pakistan. The Livestock Sector is cobtributing approximately 55.1 percent of the value added agriculture, 11.6 percent to national GDP and 40 percent to the income of the farmers. Majority of the livestock owners are poor people living in the villages. Our primary focus in rural areas will help in poverty reduction, leading to prosperous Pakistan. The major components of livestock production that need further support and improvement remain breeding, health, feeding, marketing and, above all, generation of trained manpower. Human resource development in various disciplines will help to reduce the import of desired products and save huge amounts of foreign exchange. It is a moral and professional obligation of the teachers, scientsts, extension workers, planners and all other stakeholders related to the veterinary and animal sciences to jointly rise to the present times, meet the challenges and help the Country achieve food self sufficiency and social security. I am very pleased to observe the progress made by the University during a short time span. The Vice Chancellor aided with an able faculty and management has provided a very motivated leadership, the Government has helped the University, the faculty has been very progressive and the students are keen to learn. While congratulating the Vice Chancellor and his team for achieving great success during year the 2011-2012, I am confident that the University will continue its progress in the same manner and strengthen its activities. [3] Chancellor's Message

Pro - Chancellors Message

I am privileged to become part of an institution which is historic, and brining a real change in the life of students, research culture, stake holders and poor livestock farmers. I am impressed to note that there are five faculties and now six campuses in different cities of Punjab. Ravi Campus at Pattoki is emerging as future hub of technologies related to animal and veterinary sciences. In real sense paradigm shift in regional livestock sector since more than last one century which drove it not only to cater the diverse and volatile needs of trained and qualified human resources in veterinary and allied sciences and industries but also for poverty reduction, rural and urban development . This is evidenced by the fact that Livestock is contributing 58 percent to the Agricultural GDP of Pakistan. Moreover, this flagship university stands in top ten national universities as per 2015 Rankings declared by HEC which itself speaks about its sensitivity towards quality of higher education. Now, this institution is developing collaboration with the national and international educational and research institutes to keep the academia, students, stakeholders abreast with the latest developments and techniques in the veterinary and allied fields. I expect that the Vice-Chancellor, faculty, management will make more concerted efforts and explore untapped avenues to achieve higher HEC ranking in the coming years. I wish every best of luck for this university. [4] Pro - Chancellor's

Vice Chancellors Message

Livestock sector is an important segment of agriculture economy and contributed 56.3% of the agricultural value added and 11.8% of the national GDP during 2014-15. The gross value added of the livestock sector at constant factor cost was Rs. 801.3 billion during the same period. Historically livestock has been the subsistence sector dominated by the small holder to meet their needs of milk, food security and daily cash income. During the last decade there has been massive investment in poultry, fisheries, dairy and meat sectors to fulfill the demand for food of high biological value in the country and export in the regional markets. Being flagship University in these disciplines in the country, UVAS has fully realized the needs of the sectors and initiated degree programs, research projects, technology centers and services to meet the challenges of growing industries, farming communities and stakeholders. The commercialization of research and expertise from this University generates significant economic growth and business opportunities within country. Our research-focused teaching ensures our students receive the highest quality education, which introduces them to the frontiers of knowledge and provides them with the skills and discipline to contribute fully to whatever career they follow. We have a strong professional orientation with a focus on academic excellence and graduate employability. For these reasons, UVAS graduates are highly sought after both locally and internationally. By working closely with our communities, we are proud to play a leadership role in enhancing economic prosperity, contributing to improvements in the health and well being of our nation. Our website will, we hope, give you a flavor of what makes our University special, in terms of our academic expertise and business connections, whether you are a student, employer or prospective colleague. [5] Vice Chancellor's Message

Vision Mission of UVAS


The University aspires to be the nation’s leading Public Sector University with global recognition due to its quality in teaching and research, civic engagement and economic development. [6] University Vision


We develop human resource through professional education, research and training in the field of Life Sciences. The University promotes learning environment that cherishes gender and cultural equity, and supports pursuit of knowledge, academic freedom and intellectual curiosity. We aim at socio-economic growth of the Country by ensuring professional excellence, integrity and ethical conduct in our graduates with diverse and innovative faculty. [7] University Mission

Main Thrust Areas of Activities

University Staff Development

  • Subject Specialists (M.Sc/ M.Phil/Ph.D.)
  • Develop sub-professional support staff
  • Organize Short/Refresher Training

Development of Infrastructure

  • Renovate/Complete Clinical Facilities
  • Update of Practical Training Facilities
  • Establish Quality Control Labs. (feed, drugs, vaccines, products)
  • Update/Equip Disease Diagnostic Labs.
  • Equip/Construct Research Labs.
  • Construct Livestock/Poultry/Fish Farms and Experimental Stations
  • Computerization and Networking of Different Units
  • Construct Slaughter House, Dairy Products Plants and Processing Units of Animal Products and Byproducts. [8] Development of Infrastructure

Solicit Support Funding

  • At University Level: Trough Professional/Consultancy Services
  • At Local/National Level:
  • Provincial Government
  • Federal Government: HEC, MINFAL, S&T
  • Other Federal Agencies: PARC, Science Foundation
  • Professional Organization: PPA, PDA, Idara-e-Kissan, etc.
  • Stake Holders
  • Animal/Pet Lovers
  • University's Alumni
  • At International Level: FAO, UNDP, IFAD, JICA, GTZ, etc.
  • Collaborations with different Universities

UVAS IT Center

In the current era no one can deny the importance of Information Technology and its remarkable facilities. Same is t rue with the field of Veterinary sciences. Keep in view of the extreme importance of IT the University had established IT Center. Since last four years, with collabration of HEC, UVAS has spent huge amount to develop and expand the IT infrastructure for serving students as well as the Faculty of University. IT Center has mandated to establish Computer network in the university to provide LAN/WAN facilities and computerization of University's manual Examination, Admission, Payroll and Human resource management systems, University's Web Site and the like. At the moment, the university has broadband Internet facility @60 Mbps bandwidth for its students, staff and faculty members for research and development in the field of veterinary & Animal sciences. Departments of University have been linked with Fiber Optic backbone. Video conferencing is now possible by virtue of the IT facilities. scholars from different parts of the world can deliver their lectures, discuss their research results and latest techniques with the students and faculty of the university which gives excellent learning environment. The eight Computer labs, having 20 computers each, in different departments, libray and hostel are fully operational. These labs are equipped with latest branded computers to meet the needs of students and are providning Internet, Cd Writing & Scanning facilities. IT Center manages the overall IT infrastructure of the university. This includes network designing, configuration, depolyment, expansion & maintenance of IT facilities in all departments, training of man power about emerging Internet and communication technology. [9] UVAS IT Center 

Institute of Continuing Education Extension

The Institute of Continuing Education and Extension was established in July 2002. The main objective of this institute was to uplift the rural farming community and contribute to national economic development. To achieve the goal, the institute has been offering diploma/certificate courses and vocational educational programmes in livestock, poultry, dairy, fisheries, wildlife, etc. The subject specialists of this institute are also providing extension services to farmers at their doorsteps. This institute has so far trained thousands of farmers, paravets and veterinarians in different disciplines of livestock production and management. The major beneficiary organizations from this institute up till now are Livestock & Dairy Development Department of Punjab, National Rural Support Programme, Punjab Rural Support Programme, NAVTEC, Nestle Pakistan, UNDP, ASLP, TetraPak, etc. The institute envisages expansion and quality enhancement in its academic courses and extension services to contribute in the national economic growth. [10] Education & Extension

UVAS Library

This is an oldest Institution of its kind in Asia, which was established in 1882 and in December 1915, this institution was shifted at its present building. Since then the institution is recommencing its educational and professional activities very successfully in different capacities and has been upgraded as the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore in 2002. The library of this great historical institution may be considered a combination of old and modern civilizations.The main library of former College of Veterinary Sciences was given the status of University Library, UVAS, Lahore in 2002. The UVAS Library is situated at the first floor of the Academic block. University Library has been fully engaged, in providing effective library services, for the promotion of higher education, research and extension activities. Its role in uplifting the higher education system, research and extension services has been acknowledged by the students, researchers and the other related community. At present, there are 14 service sections under two major wings i(administrative wing and operational wing) that are being managed by four professionally qualified librarians. An additional block has been added recently within the old library block, which has improved the working capacity of the library. The entire library is centrally air-conditioned. At present, UVAS Library has been offering different type of services such as reference, reading, OPAC and CD-Rom searching, internet and digital library access, printing, CD writing, scanning, photocopying, orientation and training services to its users; comprising of 11 categories. [11] UVAS Library


The mission of university library , UVAS Lahore is the provision of optimum facilitation to its users and stakeholders in support of mission and goals of the university.

University library objectives

To act as facilitator for the provision of most up to date education, training, research and extension activities for human resource development.   To act as an active part of Higher Education System of the University through   effective acquisition and dissemination of latest knowledge/information to its undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff and to the entire livestock sector.   To uplift the standard of the library and its services through internal and external sources. [12] University library objectives

Student Health Services

University extends the medical facility to all the students. One Medical Officer & One female Senior Medical Office are available at the medical centre. An ambulance is available all the time to shift the patient to the nearby hospital in emergency. Medicines are available on the prescription of the medical officer. Medical & Health Committee of the University ensures the availability of the medicines & taking care off other health related issues.

University Mosque

A big and beautiful Mosque is established/ maintained for university students and staff. It can accommodate more than1000 namazies in two main halls and one big patio. Students from different sects and Muslim school of thoughts practice their religious obligations with complete freedom and safety.  5 daily prayers and Juma prayer congregations are being held regularly since 1950. An Imam and Moazin has been employed for regular religious activities and students’ religious guidance. Currently, Moulana Ijaz Ahmed is serving as Imam of the university Mosque. The University Mosque is equipped with Air Conditioners for summer season while Gas Heaters and Geysers are provided for winter. In case of power failure, electricity supply is maintained through UPS and generator. As per need and increasing number of students, the Mosque was expanded in 2009, so that now its total area is approx. 12633 square feet. [13] University Mosque

UVAS Hostels

Hostels are conveniently close to most amenities and services, and the location endows with an ideal base from which to explore the rest of Lahore. There are nine separate hostels at city campus, Four for boys and Five for girls. All the Hostels are equipped with necessary facilities to make the stay of students comfortable. Warden office monitors the Hostels. Boarders are taught to live like an extended family in perfect harmony with all the residents of the campus. There are beautiful grassy lawns in the hostel premises which give a healthy look to the area and also provide a source of inspiration. We are committed to provide peaceful environment and comfortable facilities to students [14] UVAS hostels


Various sports and games facilities are provided to students and teachers at the City campus & Ravi campus such as playgrounds, courts, a ground for Rugby, Kabaddi, Judo, Karate, Hockey, Football, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, Cricket Basketball, Athletics and indoor games like Table Tennis, Badminton, Ludo, Carom Board, & Chess etc. The University Sports Clubs comprising of many of the indoor and out door games including Tennis,  Athletics,  Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Judo Karate, Handball, Boxing, Squash, Weightlifting, Hiking Club, Kabaddi Club, Swimming Club, Wrestling, Rugby and Chess. Each Club has its President and Vice-President which are nominated from the staff members by the Sports Board. The concerned President organizes the teams, arranges games and matches with coordination of the Director Sports for different events i.e. interclass, intervarsity & National level. Secretaries and Captains of the Clubs assist the Presidents in their works, who are elected amongst the players. Interclass Tournaments and Annual Sports are regularly arranged every year. The University teams participated in different Intervarsity championship, Provincial University Sports Gala, University Games and National level competitions organized by HEC. Many positive steps are being taken to promote sports at UVAS level, e.g. Ground & courts have been improved in city campus and the new grounds are developed at Ravi Campus, Pattoki. Gym facility is also available to the university students, staff & faculty members. more. [15] University Sports  


The UVAS offers financial support to deserving talented students in different forms. Few merit scholarships are awarded every year. Scholarships are also offered by organizations such as Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education; Fauji Foundation; Various District Councils; Industrial concerns; Punjab Zakat Department, Punjab Bait-ul-Mal Department and Pakistan Banking Council. Similarly, scholarships are awarded to students of various provinces in accordance with their rules and regulations. Students are not eligible to receive more than one scholarship at a time out of the Government Revenues. Financial support is also available to students belonging to financially constrained families. 

Contact Us

  • For further queries, feel free to contact
  • University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences - UVAS
  • Syed Abdul Qadir Jillani (Out Fall) Road, Lahore - Pakistan
  • Tel: 92-42-99211374, 99211449
  • UVAS Contact List

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