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Sindh Tv News (TV Channel)

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Sindh TV News (brandmarked Sindh TV) or Sindh Television News is a Sindhi television channel. Its a news channel which telecast news, news reports and current affair programs. The management of Dolphin Media House announced to launch a news channel and its testing transmission was started in October 2004. The channel did covered historical and archaeological sites of Sindh and other sites in Pakistan, so it was considered as a first documentary TV channel of Pakistan. Notable Sindhi journalist such as Ishaq Manrio, Hassan Dars, Bukhshan Mehranvi and Imdad Soomro did covered the documentary programmes. The owners of the channel are Dr.Karim Rajpar and Ajeet Kumar Ahuja.

SindhTV is the first Sindhi channel of Pakistan targeting the Sindhi speaking community with it's round the clock transmission

SINDH Television Network is owned by Dolphan Media House, was founded by Dr. Abdul Kareem Rajpar has over 2,000 employees (including freelance Directors) [1] Sindh TV News

Title Description
Name: Sindh TV News
In Urdu: سندھ ٹی وی نیوز
Owned by: Dolphin Media House
Owner: Dr.Karim Rajpar and Ajeet Kumar Ahuja.
Picture format: 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Bureau Chief: Rauf Chandio
Bureau Chief Hyderabad: Ghulam Rasool Chandio
Bureau Chief Islamabad: Attaullah Rajar
Bureau Chief Lahore: Nadir Ali
Bureau Chief Sukkur: Shaukat Noorani
Bureau Chief Quetta: Hakeem Sethar
Cameraman & Editor Quetta 2005: Hakim Ali Kumbhar
Bureau Chief Jacobabad: Azhar Gul Sarki
Transmission suspended: November 2006
Transmission resumed: September 2006
Slogan: Sindh joun Khabroon Sindhi Me
Language: sindhi
Headquarter: Karachi, Sindh,
Country: Pakistan
Sister channel: Sindh TV
Number of employees: 2,000
Satellite Parameters Frequency: 3753 Mhz
Satellite Parameters: Paksat 1 at 38 degrees East
Fax: +92 21 4391713
Telephone: +92 21 4390835, +92 21 4390836
Contact: 3rd Floor, Hanna Center, Plot # 55, near Balouch Flyover, Main Shahrah-e-Faysal, Karachi, Pakistan

Sindh TV News

Sindh TV News is the First Ever Sindhi News Channel providing its viewers with the latest international, national and regional news Sindh TV News has wide presence all over the province of Sindh. It has network of reporters present in all district headquarters of Sindh, to smaller towns and cities of the province. Sindh TV also maintains a bureau office in other major cities of Pakistan which includes capital Islamabad, Quetta and Lahore We bring news with a local perspective for over 45 million Sindhi speakers and bind together Sindhi voices on both sides of River Indus from Punjab plains down to the Sindh delta Sindh TV started its regular news from August 15, 2005 and since then has been providing its audience with latest and 24 hours updated national and international news in Sindhi language along with interactive discussions on social & public issues.[2] ABOUT SINDH TV NEWS SINDH TV,Founded in 2004, our unique identity and approach has established Sindh TV as the best choice for Sindhi speaking communities not just within the Sindh Region but also throughout the nation Sindh TV is a hybrid channel, encompassing documentary, infotainment, talk shows, music, sitcoms, cooking shows and entertainment We focuses on promoting culture, sufism and affection for the Sindhi language with our religious and entertaining programsdramas, songs and many more interesting line of shows. Special programs for age group. It is for that reason Sindh TV is the most preferred option for advertisers to benefit their brands in an uncluttered age group. It is for that reason Sindh TV is the most preferred option for advertisers to benefit their brands in an uncluttered manner.[3] sindhtv


SINDH Television Network represents the secular and liberal voice of People of Sindh. We believe in free press and a vigilantmedia, which stands for causes of marginalized sections of society. We value culture of harmony and peace, which we have inherited from our mystic land of Sindh. [4] SINDH Television Network


Our Vision is to provide fresh & healthy entertainment along-with news updates & current affair programs to keep the viewers updated on the national & global happenings with round the clock transmission. To achieve these objectives, we have developed a core team of technicians and creative individuals, whose experience is spread over decades in their respective professional discipline.[5] vision of sindh tv news


We believe in quality and excellence and focus on creating an edge over our competition in quality programming and contents. [6] focus of SINDH Television Network

Entertainment Program

Name Timings Category
   Salam Sindh Mon-Fri - 09:05 a.m. Live Morning Show
  Sindh Ain Sangeet Mon-Tue - 04:05 p.m. Live Music Show
  Cartoon Time Fri-Sun - 04:05 p.m. Kids Cartoon
   Geetan Ji Gunjhaar Tuesday - 06:05 p.m. Live Singing Show
   Time Pass Thursday - 06:05 p.m. Comedy Drama
   Hello Hawali Sat-Sun - 06:05 p.m. Comedy Studio Program
  Dua Mon-Fri - 07:05 p.m. Drama Soap Serial
  Tou Bin Jeevan Mon-Tue - 08:05 p.m. Drama Soap Serial
   Inteha Wednesday - 08:05 p.m. Drama Serial
  Kagaz Ja Gull Thursday - 08:05 p.m. Drama Serial
  Dhama Dham Sindh Fri-Sun - 08:05 p.m. Live Game Show
   Terro Mon-Wed - 09:05 p.m. Drama Series
   Khauf Wednesday - 09:05 p.m. Horror Drama Series
  Rabail Jahri Raat Mon-Tue - 10:05 p.m. Live Poetry & Music Show

Infotainment Program

  Name Timings Category
   Cooking with Faisal Thu-Sun - 05:05 p.m. Cooking Show
   Jiye Latif Friday - 06:05 p.m. Sufism
   Sindh Kacheri Monday - 06:05 p.m. Cultural Programe

Favourit Program

Salam Sindh

Salam Sindh

Salam Sindh

  1. Mon-Fri : 09:05am
  2. About:Beauty solutions, advice, cooking, and a chance to win gifts

Music Box

Music Box

Music Box

  1. Wed-Thu : 10:05pm     
  2. hosted by VJ Raja Memon, who plays requests and takes song dedications.

Hello Hawali

Hello Hawali

Hello Hawali

  1. Sat-Sun : 06:05pm
  2. Studio based program to wipe off your stress & make you laugh again :)

Dua Soap Serial

Dua Soap Serial

Dua Soap Serial

  1. Mon-Fri : 07:05pm
  2. New soap serial starts this month with mega cast and different story.

Satellite Parameters

  1. Satellite: Paksat 1 at 38 degrees East
  2. Frequency: 3753 Mhz
  3. Symbol Rate: 6500
  4. Polarization: Horizontal

Contact Information


  1. Hannan Centre, 3rd Floor, Near Baloch
  2. Colony Flyover, Main Shahra-e-Faisal
  3. Tel:  +92  21 34390835-6
  4. Fax: +92  21 34391713
  5. Email:


  1. Suit#73, 3rd Floor, Zohra Heights,
  2. Market Gulberg, Lahore.
  3. Tel: +92 24 5787916
  4. Fax: +92 24 5787917
  5. Email:


  1. House#61-B, Street#96I 8/4,
  2. Islamabad.
  3. Tel:  +92 51 8081445
  4. Fax: +92 51 4446885
  5. Email:

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