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Article Upload Date: 2017,Jan 28

Kawish Television Network (KTN) is the first private Sindhi TV channel of Pakistan. It is the most watched private Sindhi-language channel based general entertainment television channel worldwide. The channel is part of the Kawish Television Network's bouquet of channelsThe channel is focused on news, sports, politics and international information. Kawish Television Network, KTN is the first private Sindhi TV channel of Pakistan. It is the most watched private Sindhi-language TV channel based general entertainment television channel worldwide. KTN News is leading Sindhi news channel. To satisfy the need of Current news and Current Affairs programs for Sindhi Public, KTN initiated 2nd channel, which is successfully providing News and Affairs report in SIndhi language. Kawish Television Network as in KTN News TV Channel is a Sindhi news TV channel that promotes Sindhi language, culture, tradition and their civilization by delivering various programmers. The news channel mainly focuses Pakistan’s political affairs, sports related news, information technology and world news in certain program. KTN is considered as Sindh’s largest and most watched Television network massively known among sindhi speakers for its Sindhi lobby. KTN News channel breaks latest news happening around Sindh and Pakistan and exclusively brings you political debates and sporting news in only Sindhi language. The channel is owned by Kawish News Group and headquarters being in two neighboring cities Karachi and Hyderabad. The news channel is watched and followed by tens of thousands of Sindhi speakers mostly the inhabitants of Sindh province. KTN News channel is swift in bringing bitter political facts and unprejudiced views regarding any happening news and thus is a reputed news channel for being fair and neutral in bringing the news. [1] Kawish Television Network (KTN)

Title Description
Name: KTN News
Launched: 2002
Owned by: Kawish News Group
Specializes in shows : KTN specializes in shows for ever member of the family like music, game shows and classic Pakistani films.
Hours: KTNNews is a 24 hours Sindh language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan
Picture format: 720p 1080p
Language: Sindhi
Headquarter: Karachi, Sindh,
Country: Pakistan
Sister channel: The Kahwish TV Network (KTN) was started in 2002 for the sole purose of being a Top News channel for the tasteful Sindhi population of Pakistan.
Broadcast area: Pakistan
Number of employees: 1200
Website: http://www.ktnnews.tv/


KTN was established in 2002 and started with 6 hours of transmission. It has now grown from a small regional-language channel to the leading Satellite Channel of Pakistan, broadcasting 24 hours a day to areas of South Asia, Middle and Far East Asia.It also started the first ever music channel in sindhi language KASHISH TV, after that in October 2007 KTN News was also aired, covering news, current affair programs, talk show, documentaries and reports. [2] KTN was established in 2002


KTN is a family channel with and major programming primarily consists of family dramas and other shows targeted to the entire family. KTN has shows for every member of the family with subjects like music, games, films etc. KTN also runs news bulletins every hour. The Government of India has banned the telecast of KTN in India for the past almost 3 years. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. Of India has stipulated guidelines for foreign channels needing to fulfill certain formalities to continue broadcasting to the Indian populace. The forms are to be filled in by the channel directly and no third party can do this for them. I have sent in number of mails to KTN to do this, since the Indians wish to view this channel, but apparently the management of KTN is not doing this. Broadcasting to India will benefit KTN not only culturally, but commercially as well. [3] KTN not only culturally, but commercially as well.


KTN has also brought a revolution in regional-language channels in Pakistan and has given rise to other Sindhi and regional-language channels in the near past. It also brought a new wave and genre of shows in the regional and Sindhi television world with a new show titled "Kuch Reh Jeewiyal Pall", which is doing very well and has gathered high audience interest. This show completed 100 episodes on Friday 4 May 2007, which in itself is a landmark in the Sindhi Television industry. KTN currently has established its mark in the 6-6:30 pm time slot with a daily show Alif Laila based on the famous Arabian Nights. KTN is amongst Pakistan's top 3 cable channels and is in the league of other biggies like ARY and GEO TV.

More about KTN network

  • The channel was founded by Ali Kazi
  • The most popular and most widely distributed Sindhi newspaper Daily Kawish is also part of the same group.
  • Kashish, a music channel, is part of the KTN network.
  • KTN NEWS,news and current affairs channel, airing 24 hours bulletins and talk shows.
  • Platform Productions is a major distributor of television content to KTN and "Kuch Reh Jeewiyal Pall", Alif Laila being some of the best shows that are part of Platform Productions collection. [4] More about KTN network


On brandsynario.com, which Pakistan’s first interactive advertising, media and marketing portal with a subscriber base of more than half a million users locally and abroad, KTN has received a 5 star rating based on 635 votes while its close competitors ARY and GEO have received 2 star rating with 663 and 639 votes respectively. (Results as of 5 June 2007). [5] Pakistan’s first interactive advertising, media

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