Defence Housing Authority Karachi
Defence Housing Authority Karachi

With a bona fide inception, Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority was established for the welfare of honorable officers of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. The prime aim was to provide exceptional standards of life to the officers who have been serving the state for years. The Housing Society began with an allotment of mere 76.2 acres of land but through remarkable planning and meticulous urban development, DHA evolved as the largest and leading residential estate of the country. DHA profoundly holds the privilege of being the only housing authority that provides the world-class environment and well-guarded community with amenities of quality life. By the promising growth and advancement, through leadership, vision and innovation, DHA has poised itself to be the preferred housing provider in the country. The authority regulates the impeccable functioning with a well-managed and governed administration providing the best educational, recreational, cultural and civic facilities to the residents in an ideal aesthetic environment.

DHA has attained a valuable status serving as a benchmark for providing unparallel living standards in Pakistan. Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority currently owns and manages over an area of 8,797 Acres, serving several families. It has 81,489 members including Armed Forces Officers, Civilians and legal heirs of deceased members. DHA has a vast network of roads spreading over 466 Km, water supply covering 605 Km and sewerage spanning 470 Km. [1] About DHA

Location:South Karachi
Type:Government Owned
Local Language Name:Urdu
DHA established for:Welfare of honorable officers of the Armed Forces of Pakistan
DHA evolved:Largest and leading residential estate of the country
Authority regulates the impeccable function:Well-managed and governed administration providing the best educational, recreational, cultural and civic facilities
DHA City Karachi:Unique residential-cum-commercial project
Spread over an area:20,000 acres of land
Coordinates :24.8419° N, 67.0623° E
Founder:Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
Phone no:+92 21 111 589 589
Address:2-B, East Street, Phase-I، Karachi 75500, Pakistan
No Of Residents:660931
Size:8852 acres
Buildings:13868 Residential, 2805 Commercial
Owner:Government of Pakistan

Purpose Of DHA

The prime objectives of the Housing Society are:

  • Welfare of Armed Forces Officers who retire from their services at a very early age after serving the state commendably and selflessly.
  • To develop the housing sector of Pakistan by introducing model housing schemes.
  • To utilize the valuable land and setup housing schemes on land purchased from Federal/provincial government/private sectors. This is an act of forte and experience of Armed Forces to become an inalienable and inseparable part of the nation’s prosperity and progress.
  • The Authority’s functioning is overseen by two bodies:

Governing Body

The Governing Body is headed by Secretary Ministry of Defence, Govt of Pakistan. Its members are:-

  •  Vice Chiefs of Staff of three services or Principal Staff Officers of the three services (Nominees of respective Service Chief).
  • AG, AG’s Branch GHQ
  • DCNS (Trg & Pers), AHQ
  • DCAS (Admin), AHQ
  •  President Executive Board DHA.
  • DG, ML & C, Min of Defence
  • Administrator of the Authority
  • Secretary-Secretary of the Authority
  • The Governing Body meets at least once every year to review progress, lay down policy guidelines and approve the budget and audit report of the Authority.[3] Governing Body

Executive Board

 Corps Commander posted at Karachi is the President of Executive Board of DHA. Its members are:-

  •  A serving Army Officer not below the rank of Brigadier posted at Karachi (COAS Nominee).
  •  A serving Naval Officer not below the rank of Cdre posted at Karachi (CNS Nominee).
  •  A serving Air Force Officer not below the rank of Air Cdre posted at Karachi (CAS Nominee).
  •  Administrator of the Authority.
  • Co-opted Members  to be appointed by the Executive Board for a period not exceeding two years. They do not have the right of vote.
  • Secretary  Secretary of the Authority.
  •  Executive Board exercises all administrative and financial powers. It meets as often as it is required. [4] Executive Board


A serving Brigadier heads the organization and is designated as the Administrator. The Administrator is the Chief Executive of the Authority and exercises all executive powers delegated or otherwise in accordance with the policy laid down by the Governing Body and decisions of the Executive Board. Secretary and various Directors are generally retired Armed Forces Officers [5] DHA Organization

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