Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank is one of the commercial and Islamic banks in Pakistan, named after Saudi Arabian King Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Saud. It was established in 1987 as a subsidiary of Ithmaar Bank, Bahrain. The headquarters of the bank is situated in Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi. State Bank of Pakistan has approved it as a commercial bank.

The bank provides many commercial services including life insurance, loan, investment, business banking, personal banking, and E-banking services to customers throughout the country under the Laws of Shariah. In addition to that, it also provides the services of corporate, retailer, Islamic Banking, consumer, and remittance to the nationals of Pakistan around the world.

There are a total of 550 branches of the Bank within 2 hundred cities which include 414 branches of Islamic Banking and 265 branches in the country with a total worth of 602 billion Pakistani Rupees. This article comprises all the information including Faysal Bank History.

             Title                Description
Bank:Faysal Bank
Type:Commercial and Islamic Bank
Branches:More than 550 branches
Owner:Ithmaar Bank of Bahrain
Products:ATM Card, Master Card, SMS Banking, etc
Total Worth:602 billion Pakistani Rupees

Faysal Bank History

Faysal Bank History

The bank was established in Karachi and started functioning in 1987 under the name of Faysal Islamic Bank. A branch of Bahraini bank owned by Saudi King Faysal which is later transformed to Faysal Bank Limited in 2002. It started its operations of providing many services to the people of the region and started opening many branches in the country including Azad Kashmir, Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, and Faisalabad after its inception.

Furthermore, the bank is licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan for separate Islamic operations under the 1962 ordinance of Banking. It is now considered to be one of the most prominent Islamic banks in the country.


Shareholders of the bank contain NIT, General Public, and other Pakistani institutions. However, Ithmaar Bank of Bahrain is the owner of the majority of shares of the bank and likewise the owner of Faysal Bank.

Faysal Bank Services

The Bank provides many services include investments (Short term and Long term), loans, insurance, agricultural finance, farm finance, foreign remittance, and corporate finance. Some of the other services contain the following.

1- Islamic Banking Services

The bank has launched Barkat Islamic Banking and offers different types of accounts including current and saving accounts. Furthermore, it provides services of loan and currency exchange under Islamic Laws of Qard, Musharakah as well as Mudarabah. All of the products of the bank are issued by the Board of Shariah which contains well–known scholars of Islamic Shariah.

2- Accounts

The bank offers different types of accounts and product services which comprise the following.

  • Current Account
  • Basic Banking Account
  • Saving Account
  • Faysal Premium
  • Rozana Munafa Plus Account
  • Mahfooz Sarmaya
  • Faiyal Moavin
  • Faysal Izafa

Faysal Bank Islamic

3- Products

  • Internet Banking
  • Visa Debit Card
  • ATM Card
  • Master Card
  • SMS Banking
  • Travelers Cheques

4- Finance

Finance services include:

  • SME Finance
  • Treasury
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Trade Finance
  • Faysal Finance

5- Investments

The bank offers both Short and Long – term investments from 3 months- 1 year to all of its national and international customers. Along with investments it also provides guaranteed and best security for public investments.

6- Agro – Finance

Under Agricultural finance, the bank offers many loans and investments for increasing the rate of agricultural production. The services of Agro – Finance include providing wells, helping farmers with trustworthy infrastructure, and providing solar energy systems.

7- Corporate Finance

Corporate finance offers the following.

  • Discounting and Bills
  • Small Finance,
  • Running Finance
  • Cash Finance

Faysal Bank Branches

8- Mobit

The bank offers internet banking through Mobit which can be used for bill payments, educational payments, transfers, recharge, shopping, and other transaction services. Mobit is available in both versions of IOS and Android.

Faysal Bank Branches

There are more than 200 branches in about all the major cities of Pakistan which include the following.

  • Islamabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Karachi
  • Rawalpindi
  • Peshawar
  • Lahore
  • Khanpur
  • Khanewal
  • Nowshera
  • Bahawalpur
  • G Khan
  • I Khan
  • Quetta
  • Chaman
  • Mardan
  • Sawabi

Board of Directors

  • Farooq Rahmatullah Khan – Chairman
  • Ahmad Abdul Rahim – Director
  • Yousaf Hussain – CEO and President
  • Mian Mohammad Younis – Director
  • Imtiaz Ahmad Pervez – Director
  • Juma Hasan Ali Abul – Director
  • Ali Munir – Director
  • Abdullah Ibrahime Mohammad Al-Qasimi – Director
  • Miss Fatima Asad Khan – Director
  • Abdullah Abdulaziz Taleb – Director
  • Mohsin Tariq – Director

Faysal Bank account


  • Yousuf Husain – President and CEO
  • Salman Ahmad Usmani – Head of Treasury and ECM
  • Raheel Ijaz – Chief Operating Officer
  • Nasir Islam – Head of Internal Audit
  • Syed Majid Ali – Chief Financial Officer
  • Tahir Yaqub Bhatti – Head of Public Sector Business
  • Syed Iftikhar -ul- Haq – Head of Payment Services and Consumer Finance
  • Jaudat Husain – Head of Retail Banking
  • Ibad Ullah – Head of Compliance
  • Mian Salman Ali – Chief Risk Officer
  • Ali Waqar – Head of Corporate
  • Syed Hassan Jafri – Chief of Information and Technology
  • Bashir Ahmad Shiekh – Head of Special Assets Management
  • Aneeq Malik – Head of Operations
  • Auragzeb Amin – Secretary of the company
  • Mohammad Faisal Sheikh – Head of Islamic Banking
  • Monis Mirza – Head of Human Resources

Faysal Bank Contributors

Being a branch of Bahraini bank, about 66 percent of shares are owned by Ithmaar Bank while the rest of the shareholders includes the public and other institutions of Pakistan.

Total Worth

There are hundreds of branches of Faysal Bank throughout the country which has a total worth of 602 billion Pakistani Rupees with a production of 0.9 percent per year.

Upcoming Projects

Ithmaar Bank of Bahrain announced a total of 5 hundred branches of their bank including hundred branches in Pakistan under the provision of Faysal Bank. The penetration rate of banking in Pakistan is as low as 20 percent due to which one hundred branches of Faisal Bank will be opened in the coming year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns Faysal Bank Pakistan?

A: Ithmaar Bank is the owner of this bank.

Q: How many branches does this bank have?

A: The bank is spread in approximately 200 cities with more than 500 branches.

Q: How do I activate my Faysal Bank app?

A: Go to the app and follow T&C. Fill in all the required information. An activation code will be sent to your mail. Apply the code and you will be done with the activation.  By following the same steps, you can also register for Faysal Bank internet banking.

Q: Who is the CEO of Faysal Bank?

A: Mr. Yousaf Hussain is the CEO and president of this bank.

Q: What is the Faysal Bank helpline number?

A: 111060606 is the helpline number where you can register your complaints.

Contact Information

Helpline # +92–21–111–060–060

Email # [email protected]

Social Media Handle