Khanpur is located in Punjab and is the centre of Cotton and Sugarcane. It is the largest and developed Tehsil of District Rahim Yar Khan. Weather here is mostly hot. Famous tourism spots are Derawar Fort and the Cholistan Desert. In Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally is a top-rated entertainment source. This article has all the information about this city, including Khanpur History.

Location:Rahim Yar Khan District of Bahawalpur Division
Name :Khanpur
In Urdu :خانپور‬
Local Language Name:Urdu, English, Punjabi
Coordinates :28.650°N 70.680°E
District:Rahim Yar Khan
Official Language:Urdu
Native Language:Punjabi
Other Languages:Urdu,Punjabi,English
District Coordination Officer:Mr. Khalid Mehmood Babbar
Assistant Commissioner:Mr. Abdul Ghaffar
Total Population:983,415
Time zone
Time zone:PST (UTC+5)
Postal code:64200
Dialing code:06855
Vehicle registration:Three letters beginning with K and random four numbers

Khanpur History

Khanpur History

Gakhar Chiefs played a significant part in shaping the region’s history. In early Eighteenth Century Gakhar Chief Sultan Fateh established Khanpur Estate.


Khanpur consists of eighty-four villages and consists of 1,554 km2 area. Gakhar is an old warlike and aristocratic tribe now residing in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, Baltistan, Khanpur, Chitral, Kashmir, Jhelum.

Khanpur Weather

In summer the weather is hot while in winter it is pleasant and nice. Visitors should visit this city in suitable season.


According to the 1998 census, the population of the city was 117,64. According to 2009 census population increased to 156152 and as per 2017 census report population was 983,415.


It is one of Forty-Four Union Councils, administrative sub-divisions of District Haripur in NWFP Pakistan. It is situated to Haripur’s South and almost Thirty Kilometers from Islamabad. The city is famous for Khanpur Dam and orange production.

khanpur dam location

Postal Code

64100 is postal code of Khanpur.

Hotels in and Near Khanpur

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  2. Gandhara Castle Resort and Adventure Club
  3. Sunset Resort
  4. Royal Galaxy Guest House
  5. Zaib Guest House E-11
  6. Margalla Hills Residency
  7. Monarch Islamabad
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