First Women Bank

First Women Bank

First Women Bank Limited

It is the world’s 1st public sector bank and financial institute for women. Its 1st branch was opened in 1989 in Karachi and the bank has been functioning in Pakistan for nearly a quarter-century. With 42 branches located in 24 cities, this bank now offers all banking services to women. First Women Bank instructs to conduct banking business in a way that encourages the women and help them in running of industry and trade.

Females can also avail themselves of First Women Bank Loan to start their own business to become financially independent. First Women Bank head office is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

First Women Bank History

It is a one-of-a-kind financial institute, a Scheduled Commercial Bank, founded in 1989 by the 1st female Prime Minister of Islamic world Benazir Bhutto (late), as she wanted a financial institution that would cater to women’s banking needs. It was established as a Public Limited Company in the Public Sector on 21st, 1989, under the 1984 Companies Ordinance.

The bank started its operations on 2nd December 1989, with Rupees 100 million paid-up capital, 90 per cent of which was given in various proportions by the country’s five Public Sector banks. They were:

  1. Habib Bank Ltd
  2. National Bank of Pakistan
  3. Allied Bank Ltd
  4. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd
  5. United Bank Ltd


They focus on providing value to its stakeholders and play their role in the economic development of the country through mainstreaming women by establishing an ideal environment as an agent of prosperity and change.


To function as a sustainable banking body offering cost-effective, efficient, and need-based services and products with special attention on banking needs of women through strategic collaborations. Improve governance via strengthening the bank’s capacity.

Board of Directors

  1. Farukh Iqbal-President and CEO (First Women Bank Limited)
  2. Najeeb Agrawalla-Chairman Board (Finance Ministry)
  3. Bushra Ehsan-Independent Director (Finance Ministry)
  4. Wajahat Rasul-Independent Director (Finance Ministry)
  5. Sumbul Munir-Nominee Director (Habib Bank Ltd)
  6. Naghmana Alamgir-Independent Director (Finance Ministry)

Board Sub-Committee

1- HR (Human Resource), Nomination & Compensation Committee

  • Naghmana Alamgir-Chairperson
  • Farukh Iqbal-Member
  • Bushra Ehsan- Member
  • Najeeb Agrawalla- Member

2- Risk & Alliance Committee

  • Sumbul Munir-Chairperson
  • Farukh Iqbal-Member
  • Wajahat Rasul-Member

3- Audit Committee

  • Wajahat Rasul-Chairperson
  • Sumbul Munir-Member
  • Bushra Ehsan-Member

4- IT Committee

  • Naghmana Alamgir- Member
  • Farukh Iqbal-Member
  • Najeeb Agrawalla- Member

Management Team of First Women Bank

  1. Farukh Iqbal- President and CEO
  2. Kashif Karimi-IT Head
  3. Furqan Yasir-Company Secretary and Head Legal
  4. Muhammad Farukh-CFO
  5. Sajid Ahmad-Head Audit
  6. Muzafar Khan-Treasurer
  7. Sakeena Alam-Head HR
  8. Zareena Sial-Head Compliance and Off. Head Risk Management
  9. Shama Sohail-Head Operations
  10. Shaheen Zameer-Spokesperson, Head Marketing, Service Quality & Officiating Head Business

Achievements and Awards

FWB has earned following awards and achievements:

1- Euro money Excellence Award

For its low administrative cost, the bank was awarded the ‘Euro Money Excellence Award’ in 1994.

2- Leader in Micro-Finance

As Women World Banking recognized FWB’s performance in Micro-Finance Products and Services, it was declared ‘Leader in Micro-Finance’ in 2001.

3- ILO Geneva Study

Three notable management innovations in Pakistan:

  • First Women Bank Ltd
  • LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences)
  • Edhi Trust

4- Asian Banking Award

In 2005 the bank bragged ‘Asian Banking Award’ for its Micro-Credit program for trying to fight child labor. In the same year bank also received the ‘Global Micro-Entrepreneurship Award.’

5- Brand of the Year Award

The Bank earned the ‘Brand of the Year Award’ for four consecutive years i.e., 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

6- Consumer Choice Award

In 2012 the bank earned ‘Consumer Choice Award.’

7- EFP Award

In 2016 the bank was awarded the ‘EFP (Employees Federation of Pakistan) Award’ for empowering women.

8- Best CSR Bank

In 2017 FWB received the award for ‘Best CSR Bank.’

First Women Bank Services

The bank facilitates its customers by providing these services:

1- Internet Banking

Through an internet banking facility, the customers could assess their accounts via internet in a convenient, simple, and secure way. Customers could proceed with their financial transactions at their own location, convenience, and time.  Following transactions are available through FBL internet banking:

  • Mini-Statements
  • Funds transfer between FWBL accounts
  • Inquiry of current account balance
  • Account statements for 1-week, 1-month and 3-months
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Complaint lodgment
  • Card activation or deactivation

2- Online Banking

The customers can use online banking at any of first women bank branches across Pakistan. Customers could avail these facilities as well:

  • Cheque payments
  • Funds transfer through cash or cheques between branches
  • Cash receipts

3- MasterCard Debit Card

The bank’s MasterCard Debit Card is provided to all FWB’s account holders. Through this card, customers could securely make purchases within and outside Pakistan without carrying cash.

4- PayPak Debit Card

PayPak Debit Cardholders could make purchases securely within Pakistan without carrying cash.

5- ATM

With an ATM card, clients could access their accounts and savings via all ATMs in the country.

6- Lockers

The bank provides lockers facilities to its clients at all branches.

7- Utility Bills Payment

Like all other banks, it also provides the service of utility bill payment.

Features & Benefits

ATMs Nationwide

  • Pin Change
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • IBFT
  • Bill Payment
  • FWBL-FWBL Funds Transfer
  • Mini Statement
  • Balance Inquiry

Countrywide Retail Outlets

  • POS (Point of Sale) Purchase

1Link ATMs Countrywide

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry

International ATMs World-wide

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry

International and Nationwide Online Shopping

  • Shopping at Internet

Countrywide ATMs

  • Pin Change
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • IBFT
  • Bill Payment
  • FWBL-FWBL Funds Transfer
  • Mini Statement
  • Balance Inquiry

Products Offered

1- Consumer Finance

Customers can use the ‘Consumer Finance Facility’ to overcome their financial deficiencies in order to buy consumer durable items and achieve whatever goals they have in mind. The bank helps them to make it possible with its Product Schemes like Mera Cash and Salary Loan.

2- SME Finance

The bank offers a variety of SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) loan products & services to fulfil the business expansion and working capital needs of its SME clients in a convenient and affordable manner. The bank offers both non-funded and funded finance services to meet short-term &long-term business requirements.

3- Corporate Finance

According to the bank model, today’s ‘micro-borrower’ might become tomorrow’s ‘Corporate Client’ and ‘SME.’  Although its prime goal is to financially empower women in the micro and SME category, it also serves the needs of individuals who fall into the corporate client category. Corporate Finance is provided by the bank to public entities, public limited companies, corporate clients and multinational corporations.

First Women Bank Branches

The branches are located in following cities of Pakistan:

  1. Gilgit
  2. Jhelum
  3. Peshawar
  4. Mardan
  5. Rahim Yar Khan
  6. Wah Cantt
  7. Abbottabad
  8. Sialkot
  9. Rawalpindi
  10. Sargodha
  11. Multan
  12. Islamabad
  13. Lahore
  14. Gujrat
  15. Faisalabad
  16. Gujranwala
  17. Larkana
  18. Quetta
  19. Sukkur
  20. Bahawalpur
  21. Khairpur
  22. Karachi
  23. Shikarpur
  24. Hyderabad

Contact Information

Telephone # 021-111-111-3925, 0331-3925-111

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was First Women Bank established in Pakistan?

A: FWBL was established in 1989 in Pakistan and started its operations on 2nd Dec 1989.

Q: How to get Home Loan from First Women Bank in Pakistan?

A: The bank provides a ‘Housing Finance’ facility that allows its client’s customers to buy a new home or renovate an existing one with flexibility and ease. A loan of up to Rupees. 20,000,000 could be obtained. The entire application process is rapid and simple.

Every female and male is eligible to apply. Applicant’s CNIC, bank statement of six months, clean credit record, two passport-sized photographs, salary slips and a copy of all property documents are required for applying for the loan.

Q: How many branches of FWB are working in Pakistan?

A: Forty-Two branches of FWB are working in different Pakistani cities.

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