Faisalabad International Airport

Faisalabad International Airport

Faisalabad International Airport

Faisalabad International Airport is a Faisalabad-based international airport and a standby PAF (Pakistan Air Force) army base located on Jhang Road, ten km south-west of the center of the city of Faisalabad in Punjab. Two flying institutions use the airfield on a daily basis to train aviation enthusiasts and new cadets.

The airport is serving the populace of Lalian, Jahangir Klan, Khichian, Chak Jhumra, Pir Mahal, Bhawana, Sargodha, Chenab Nagar, Toba Tek Singh, Sangla Hill, Khurrianwala, Samundri, Dijkot, Gojra, Chiniot, Jhang, Jaranwala, Kamalia, and Tandlianwala. This article has all the details about the airport, including Faisalabad International Airport History.

Nickname:Faisalabad Airport
Local Language Name:فیصل آباد بین الاقوامی ہوائی اڈا
Coordinates :31°21′54″N 072°59′41″E
Owner :Government of Pakistan
Operator :Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority
Serves :Faisalabad, Tandlianwala, Jaranwala, Jhang, Chiniot, Gojra, Samundri, Okara, Hafizabad, Sahiwal, Toba Tek Singh, Pir Mahal
Elevation AMSL:607 ft / 185 m
Passengers:718,308 (Increase 61.0%)
Aircraft movements:5,894
Cargo handled :676 M. Tons
Source:World Aero Data DAFIF
Runways Direction :03/21
Runways Length:2,826 (m) & 9,272 (ft)
Runways Surface:Concrete
Access:Car, Taxi, Bus, Rickshaw
Cargo:Star Air Aviation, TCS Courier
Maintenance services:Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Shaheen Airport Services (SAPS)
Airfield System:Category-I
Runway Capable of handling:Boeing 767 & Airbus A300

Faisalabad International Airport History

Faisalabad International Airport History

Initial Years

The airport can be traced back to British Rule. Faisalabad’s administration decided that this city held a significant position in British Empire and South Asia. The local government granted approval for the building of a 5000′ by 100′ bricked strip in 1942. The strip was used by regional aircraft.

It was named ‘Lyallpur Airfield’ and was known by this name until 1979. Later its name was changed to Faisalabad to honor Saudi Arabia’s late King Faisal. The airport was renamed Faisalabad Airport, and the IATA (International Air Transport Association) code LYP was retained.

After Partition

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the nation’s flag carrier, started domestic flights in 1958, with many flights operating from Karachi. The bricked airstrip was reconstructed in 1965 to meet existing standards. The surface was made of bitumen, and the runway length was extended by 100 feet to 9000 feet, allowing the airport to accommodate larger planes.

Construction of a New Runway

Construction for an apron and terminal started in 1966-1967 to manage propeller aircraft like ‘Fokker F-27 Friendship.’ Since the old runway had significantly damaged greatly, a new runway having the dimensions of nine-thousand feet by hundred feet was built in 1972.

This runway was built to manage jet-fueled aircraft like Boeing 737. Taxiway-B, jet apron, met office, and the Air Traffic Control tower was built in 1974.

Building Extension

In 1985, a luxury lounge and the ILS (Instrument Landing System) were installed. The terminal building’s extension was made in 1986 to handle more passengers. The previously existing runway was extended, upgraded, and widened in 1991 to dimensions of 9270′ by 150′ to handle Airbus aircraft like the Airbus 310. Direct Hajj flights started in 1998 from this airport to Saudi Arabia.

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Increased in Number of Flights

On 20th Dec 2003, Aero Asia started two flights per week from LYP to Dubai, and the number of Karachi flights was increased to three times weekly. PIA began flights direct from Glasgow, Scotland’s capital, to LYP in 2005, using Airbus A310 aircraft. In December of that year, the airline introduced an e-ticketing facility from the airport.

Flight Operations

PIA started operating flights from LYP to Sialkot International Airport in 2008, but the service was soon discontinued.  PIA began its operations from LYP to Rahim Yar Khan & Abu Dhabi in 2009. Bahawalpur was linked to the city by PIA in 2010. Shaheen Air was granted permission in 2011 to conduct seasonal Hajj flights from the city of Faisalabad to Jeddah.

In that year, Etihad Airways introduced a passenger coach service from Faisalabad city to Lahore Airport. PIA stopped its flight to Multan, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi in June 2013 due to the aircraft’s non-availability. Shaheen Air started flights to Dubai in Oct of that same year. Air Indus started its flight service to Karachi in 2014 through the use of Boeing 737-300.

Expansion Plans

Aviation advisor to PM Shujaat Azeem announced on 2nd Feb 2015 on his Twitter page that Faisalabad airport would be updated to meet international standards and there would be an increase in the number of international flights.

Qatar Airways announced on 5th March 2015 that it would launch its services three days a week connecting Doha to Faisalabad.

Inspection of Airport

Shujaat Azeem, Rana Muhammad Afzal (MNA), Engineer Rizwan (President of FCCI) Muhammad Yousaf (DG of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority) inspected the airport on 9th April 2015. PCAA announced that the following work would be done in the airport:

  1. Renovation of business/departure/arrival lounges
  2. Establishment of a cargo complex
  3. Renovation of the aprons
  4. Extension of the passenger terminal
  5. Renovation of the airport approach road
  6. The establishment of a taxiway
  7. Upgrading and extension of the runway to manage larger aircraft

Announcements by Flydubai

Air Arabia announced on 1st June 2015 that it would launch its services three days a week from Sharjah and Faisalabad from 18th Sep 2015. Faisalabad became the 8th city to which this airline operates in the country.

Flydubai announced on 15th June 2015 that it would start its daily flights from 10th July 2015, increasing the number of flights to nine days a week from 3rd Aug.

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Flight Operations by Different Airlines

Shaheen Air started its Hajj flights on 20th Aug 2015 by using Airbus A320. Gulf Air announced on 7th Oct 2015 that it would conduct three weekly flights from the Kingdom of Bahrain to Faisalabad beginning on 22nd Dec 2015. Turkish Airlines inspected this airport on 6th Nov 2015 and decided to construct a new business-class lounge.

PIA announced its weekly flights to Medina and Jeddah on 2nd Dec 2015. The Jeddah flights were conducted via Airbus A310 from 8th Jan 2016, while flights to Medina were conducted through A320 on 22nd Dec 2015. The foundation stone for the airport’s redesign and expansion was laid on 24th Dec 2015.

PIA resumed Multan and Islamabad as domestic flights and also increased flights to Jeddah from two to three times per week. Serene Air started three flights per week from Faisalabad to Karachi & back on 20th April 2017.

Shaheen Air’s Flight Operations

Shaheen Air launched 1st flight from FSD to Sharjah on 31st October 2017 and used an Airbus A319. The newly extended terminal was inaugurated by Pakistan’s Prime Minister on 20th Jan 2018. Shaheen Air reported the 1st direct flights from FSD to Muscat, Oman’s capital, on 27th March 2018, with flights starting on 15th April 2018.

On 30th Oct 2019, PIA restarted its twice-weekly flights from FSD to Dubai through the use of the Airbus A320.


LYP is fully equipped for both international and domestic flights. As of Oct 2015, the data below is accurate.


  1. 1-State Lounge for VIP /diplomatic guests
  2. Free access to WI-FI
  3. Prayer Area
  4. Free WIFI internet powered by Wateen Telecom & CAA
  5. 1-business class lounge available for VIP passengers
  6. Separate international and domestic economy-class lounges with a capacity of eight-hundred passengers


  1. ADELTE installed two passenger jet bridges
  2. Four narrow-body planes like Boeing 767-300ER/A310/Airbus A300
  3. Airfield system of lighting


  1. 9,271 feet long (Instrument Landing System) NDB (Non-Directional Beacon) equipped runway at the height of six-hundred and seven feet with 25-inch shoulders on every side.
  2. Instrumental Landing System (ILS) Category-One
  3. Capable of managing Airbus A300 and Boeing 767

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Faisalabad International Airport Services

  1. PSO is responsible for the provision of fuel to all airlines
  2. Rescue & fire-fighting services
  3. ATM service provided by ABL (Allied Bank Ltd)
  4. Availability of NDB operations 24/7
  5. Immigration & custom for international/foreign flights
  6. Availability of language wrapping and CAA Porter facilities
  7. Counter for money exchange
  8. Airport Masjid situated outside the terminal

Ground-Handling Agents

  1. Gerry’s Dnata
  2. RAS (Royal Airport Services)
  3. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)

Cargo Complex

  1. Availability of domestic and international freight services via PIA and other international airlines
  2. New Cargo Complex constructed to manage cargo aircraft freight.
  3. Booking of cargo at booking office of PIA situated in the center of the city

Flying School Institutions

  1. Air Academy Pvt Limited

Other Facilities

  1. Availability of generators for 24/7
  2. Counters of Serena Hotels
  3. Reservation and ticketing offices
  4. Assistance office and flight information



In 1972 the main airport runway was inaugurated, which was constructed to accommodate jet aircraft like the Boeing 737. When PIA obtained bigger aircraft, the CAA agreed to upgrade the runway in 1991 so that the airport would handle larger aircraft like Airbus A300, Boeing 767-200ER, and Airbus A310.

Currently, the runway is 9,272 feet*151 feet long. It was expected that the runway would be renovated in 2015 to make it compatible with Boeing 777. CAA inspected the runway several times a day.

Control Tower

The control tower of Faisalabad airport is located at the airfield’s center and was constructed soon after the inauguration of aircraft flights in 1974. The airspace of Pakistan is divided into 2-FIR zones Lahore and Karachi.

This airport is under FIR (Flight Information Region) of Lahore. CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) provides air traffic control, and the Control Center of the Lahore area governs it.

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Maintenance of the Airport

PIA has undertaken the line maintenance service. There are several PAF and general aviation hangars that are situated at the airport for base and line maintenance.

Security at Airport

ASF (Airports Security Force) is providing security since its foundation in 1976. After the incident happened at Jinnah International Airport, the security action-plan of the airport is regularly re-evaluated by PAF, ASF, police, and CAA to inspect the vulnerable spots. Elite Police monitors all roads heading to the airport.

Cargo complex

The CAA planned to construct a cargo complex in 1976 at the airport, and the building is constructed on the right side of the passenger terminal. It is used for handling imported goods. The majority of the cargo/freight is handled at the main booking office of PIA. CAA decided on the construction of a new cargo building for cargo tasks in proximity to the apron.

Accidents & Incidents Happened at FSD Airport

  1. PIA Fokker F-27 Friendship struck trees 800 meters short of the runway on 28th May 1973. All travelers and crew survived the crash, but the plane was scrapped because it was destroyed beyond repair.
  2. PIA Boeing 737-300 took off from the airport on 20th April 2012 when it deemed it necessary to turn off the engine. The aircraft fled to Lahore and landed safely.


  1. Aero, a top airline analysis and news website honored Faisalabad Airport for production of the Best Arch of Victory, more publicly recognized as Water Salute, on 10th July 2015 on 1st FlyDubai flight departed from Dubai International Airport.
  2. Captain Ayesha became the 1st Pakistani female to command a Boeing 737 passenger flight on 10th Feb 2008. PIA PK-341 from Faisalabad to Karachi and PK340 from Karachi to Faisalabad was her 1st flight.

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