Muridke City


Muridke City Overview

Muridke is situated in District Sheikhupura and serves as the headquarters of Tehsil Muridke. In terms of population, it is Pakistan’s 53rd largest city. At an elevation of 675 feet (205 m), this city is situated on the Grand Trunk Road close to Lahore city.

The distance from Muridke to Lahore is 51.2 km. So, the social and economic life of this city is dependent on Lahore.

Muridke weather update

Muridke History

It was given the status of Muridke Tehsil’s headquarters in 2005. The head offices of Markaz Ad-Dawa-Wal-Irshad and Lashkar-e-Taiba groups are situated in this city.


The land in this city is very fertile and so the people here are involved in agriculture. The famous crops include wheat and rice.

Muridke Postal Code

The postal code of this city is 39000.

Population of City

According to the 2017 consensus, the population of this city is 166,652.

Muridke Weather

There are climatic extremes in the city. April marks the beginning of the summer season, which lasts through October. The hottest months are May & June when daytime temperatures often range from 39 to 45 degrees Celsius. November marks the start of the winter season, which lasts until March.

With the 5-degree Celsius temperature, the month of January is the coldest. The monsoon season begins at the end of June, and for the next two and a half months, the monsoon period alternates with periods of hot weather.

Educational Institutes in the city

Some of the educational institutes located in this city include:

  1. AlSyed Group of Colleges and Short Hand Academy
  2. Aspire College
  3. The Capital School
  4. Winware Institute
  5. Vocational Training Institute
  6. Al-Hamd Academy of Science and Arts
  7. The Knowledge Valley
  8. Sadia Shabeer Girls Academy
  9. Punjab College
  10. Educators Academy
  11. Qila Masitan High School
  12. GGES Tameer-e-Millat School
  13. Noor-ul-Huda Educational School System
  14. Barkat Education Complex-High School
  15. Fast Solutions College
  16. Chand Bagh School
  17. Stars Group of Colleges

List of Hotels

The hotels situated in this city include:

  1. Hotel Ravi View and Restaurant
  2. Fort View Hotel and Restaurant
  3. Hajveri View Hotel
  4. Al-Nazir Hotel and Restaurant
  5. Amer Hotel
  6. Al-Haider Hotel

Popular Picnic Spots

  1. Ghousia Park
  2. Railway Park
  3. Tenki Park
  4. Rana’s Forest and Mini-Picnic Point
  5. Kingdom Water Park
  6. Faisal park

Some recreational points near this city include Shalimar Bagh, Lahore Safari Park, Wagah Border, Attari Border Crossing, and Lahore Zoo.

Notable People from Muridke

  1. Saba Nazir-International Cricketer
  2. Iqbal Masih-Child Slave and Activist
  3. Mujahid Jamshaid- International Cricketer
  4. Jaffar Nazir-1st Class Cricketer
  5. Qaiser Abbas- International Cricketer
  6. Imran Nazir– International Cricketer
  7. Bilawal Bhatti– International Cricketer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Muridke famous for?

The city is famous for its exceptional rice quality.

What is Muridke Zip Code?

39000 is the zip code of this city.