Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani is a talented and the most loved Pakistani artist who has given incredible and unforgettable music to the industry. She has made everyone proud by making her place and receiving a huge recognition overseas. Hadiqa is a goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations. Her list of achievements is long-lasting. This article has all the information about Kiani, including Hadiqa Kiani Biography and Hadiqa Kiani Family.

Name:Hadiqa Kiani
In Urdu: حدیقہ کیانی
Famous As:Singer
Alma Mater:Government College University, Lahore
Profession:Singer, Songwriter Philanthropist
Height:5 ft 5 inches
Awards :She bagged various awards
Date:11th August 1970
Parents:Khawar Kiani ( Mother )
Siblings :Older brother (Irfan Kiani) and sister (Sasha)
Occupation(s):Singer-songwriter Philanthropist
Genres:Pop, folk
Albums:Raaz – 1995 Roshni – 1998 Rung – 2002 Rough Cut – 2007 Aasmaan – 2009 Wajd – 2017
Years active :1995–present
Associated acts :Irfan Khan, Amir Zaki, and Atif Aslam

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Hadiqa Kiani Biography

Hadiqa is a senior and accomplished Pakistani singer, songwriter, and philanthropist who is associated with the Pakistani industry for a long time. She has given remarkable and pre-eminent music to the industry in her soulful voice. She got an opportunity to be appointed as the first-ever Goodwill ambassador to the United Nations from Pakistan. Hadiqa has won numerous awards as a recognition of the Best Female singer of Pakistan. Even after several years, her voice is unmatchable, she is still recognized as the greatest singer we have in our industry.

Hadiqa date of birth

She was born on 11th August 1970 in Rawalpindi. Currently, Hadiqa is still residing in the same city with her family.

Education of Kiani

After seeing Kiani’s interest in music her mother enrolled her in the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, where she took guidance from a music teacher Madam Nargis Naheed. During her schooling, she moved to Lahore, where she took the training from Ustad Faiz Ahmed Khan and Wajid Ali Nashad. She has a degree of Masters in Psychology that she obtained from Government College University, Lahore. Hadiqa did her Bachelor from the Kinnade College, Lahore.

Hadiqa Kiani Family

Her father died when she was hardly three years old. She raised by a single mother. Her mother, Khawar Kiani, served as a principal of a Government College. She has two elder siblings Irfan Kiani and Sasha, who are somehow part of the industry. She got married in 2008 to a businessman Syed Fareed whom she divorced later. Kiani adopted a son after the 2005 Earthquake from Edhi Foundation with whom she is living.

Music Career

Initial Stage

She gave a start to her music career in 1990s where she got a chance to host children’s music program. In the show she sang thousand of various songs along with various other music composers including Amjad Bobby and Khalil Ahmed. Later she started singing songs as a playback singer for various Pakistani movie. It is how her music career started.

Music Albums

Her debut album ‘Raaz’ released in 1996 that came with a positive review. Kiani was the first female Pakistani singer who released her album that became the biggest reason for its success. Her next album ‘Roshni’ released in 1998 after two years. This album gave her more hype and recognition. Roshni named ‘The 20 Best Local Pop Albums Ever.’ Afterward, she released several albums, and all became the biggest hits of all time.

Coke Studio

In 2012 she made her Cokestudio debut where she performed on a few songs including ‘Daachi Waaliya’ and ‘Kamlee.’ All her songs from Cokestudio got positive reviews from the viewers.

Pakistani Osts

Hadiqa lends her voice to various Pakistani dramas title tracks. In 2012 she got a chance to sing the title track of popular drama serial ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai.’ Everyone loved the song. In 2016 she sang the Ost of another popular drama serial ‘Udaari’ that likewise received a huge acknowledgment and praise. Other than these, she has been a part of various other title tracks, and every time proved that how incredible singer she is.

As a Judge

Hadiqa appeared as a judge in Pakistan idol that is a reality singing show along with other artists including Bushra Ansari and Ali Azmat. The show brought a lot of controversies. It created by Idol’s franchise. It gained immense popularity, and it became one of the most-watched entertainment shows. Every year it came with a new season.

Recognitions and Achievements

  1. In 1997 Kiani became the first Pakistani female singer to perform in Hongkong at ‘Celebration Hong Kong 97.’
  2. The same year she got another recognition by signed by Pepsi Cola international. She was the first Asian woman who were hired by them.
  3. Kiani is the first Pakistani female singer who released her Solo Album in 1996.
  4. She has been honored with the title of ‘Most popular Woman of Pakistan’ in the 2000s.
  5. She remained the part of various international concerts, including Australia, Norway, and Greece.
  6. In 2015 Hadiqa was appointed as the representative of Pakistan by the government of Pakistan; that was her huge recognition. Later she represented Pakistan several times through her music.
  7. She has been appreciated by prominent figures, including the Mayor of Istanbul, for her music.

Hadiqa Kiani Albums

  1. Raaz 
  2. Roshni 
  3. Rung 
  4. Rough Cut 
  5. Aasmaan
  6. Wajid

Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts include