Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat is a Pakistani actor, songwriter, and musician. As an actor and singer, Ali has won the admiration of music and acting fans. His journey in the field of music and acting is still going on. He is acknowledged with numerous individuals as the main vocalist for the compelling Sufi musical crew ‘Junoon,’ which remodeled Sufi singing for Pakistan’s millennium generation. Today he is a notable rock musician – a sign of greatness and variance in the worldwide music industry. He is presently remodeling the South Asian music field, thrilling crowds with his intense and graceful combination of east/west melodic conventions. This article has all the information about Ali, including Ali Azmat Biography.

Name:Ali Azmat
In Urdu :علی عظمت‎
Famous As:Singer
Education:Lahore Grammar School
Profession:Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Actor
Years Active:1986-present
Instrument:Vocals and Guitar
Height:5 ft 7 inches
Awards :Lux Style Award for Best Album
Date:20th April 1970
Spouse:Fariha Khan
Children:Mia Ali Azmat and Ella Azmat
Parents:Nazeer Ahmad Butt
Siblings :3

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Ali Azmat Biography

Ali is a celebrity who has gained immense popularity in Pakistan and across the globe. He is a notable vocalist and lyricist of Pakistan who has exhibit his dimensions as a music artist and as an actor too. He isn’t just renowned in Pakistan, but over the subcontinent also. This fact can decide his prominence that he is the 1st music artist ever to perform at the UN General Assembly opposite an Indian band decided to sing his number ‘Dostii’  a rightly chosen title to advance the UN’s assignment of presenting serenity to the planet. He made his acting debut in movie Waar and amazed everyone with his acting skills.

Ali date of Birth

He was born on 20th April 1970 in Havelian city of Abbottabad, where his grandfather was a railway station master. Later, Ali Azmat grew up in the Garhi Shahu area of Lahore.

Education of Ali

He arrived in Sydney to pursue higher studies but didn’t complete university studies and returned to Pakistan.

Ali Azmat Family

His ancestors belonged to Kashmir, and his father, Nazeer Ahmad Butt, a middle-class businessperson, died in 2013. Ali married TV producer Fareeha Khan on 10th September 2011, and the couple has two daughters Mia and Ella.

Showbiz Career

Join Jupiter

Ali Azmat began his singing career with Jupiter in 1986. The band started from Lahore and was making a name for itself in pop and rock singing. While a member of Jupiter, he wrote ‘Dosti’ which became a song which later made him famous nationally. However, he did not give this song to Jupiter.

Join Junoon

  • He left Jupiter in 1990 to join the ‘Junoon,’ where he became famous nationally by completing the song called Dosti. He released his debut album Junoon,’ which was produced by the band’s creator and guitarist Salman Ahmed. He then released his second album, ‘Talash,’ which took both ‘Junoon’ and him to the heights of fame. In 1995, he released an album called ‘Kashmakish.’ ‘Inqilaab’ was a hit album released in 1996. 
  • His song ‘Aye Jazbaa Junoon Tu Himat Na Haar’ proved to be a super hit. Later, during the 1996 World Cup, the national cricket team adopted the song ‘Jazbaa Junoon’ as their national anthem, which was well received by the audience. He rose to fame as a Sufi rock singer with his fourth album Azaadi’s song ‘Sayonii.’ He gained international popularity with the release of ‘Azaadi’ in India.

Honor of Junoon

Inspiring Sufi rock band ‘Junoon’ became Pakistan’s 1st band in 2001 to sing at the UN General Assembly, making Pakistan famous around the world. He also released albums ‘Parwaaz’ in 1999, ‘Andaaz’ in 2001, ‘Deewar’ in 2003 and ‘Infinity’ in 2007, after which the band of ‘Junoon’ broke up and he parted ways with it.

Singing and solo career in India

He started working for the Indian film industry (Bollywood) in 2003, even before he broke away from Junoon.’ His song ‘Garaj Baras’ made a part of an Indian film called ‘Pop.’ He recorded two songs for the Indian movie ‘Jisam 2,’ which includes ‘Ye Jisam Hei To Kya’ and ‘Molla.’

As an Actor

He gained immense fame as a singer, but he has also proved his mettle as an actor, and played the role of a politician in the Pakistani film ‘Waar’ opposite Shan Shahid and Meesha Shafi. His role as a politician showed artistic maturity, paving the way for him to advance in the field of acting. He has also demonstrated the essence of his acting in a film called ‘Jhol.’

Coke Studio

He has also sung several songs as a singer at Coke Studio. In Season 6 of Coke Studio, he sang ‘Babu Bhai.’ Similarly, in Season 7 of Coke Studio, he sang ‘Rangeela,’ and in Season 9, ‘Mun Kunto Moula.’ He also showed the essence of singing in season 11 of Coke Studio. The people highly appreciated his performance.

Ali Azmat Movies

  1. Waar
  2. Jhol

Ali Azmat Albums

  1. Bamb Phataa
  2. Chaltaa Mein Jaoon
  3. Jisam 2
  4. Waar
  5. Josh
  6. Coke Studio Season 1,6,7,9 & 11
  7. Josh E Junoon
  8. Social Circus
  9. Paap
  10. Kalashinfolk

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include