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Best Travel Agency Overview

Travel agencies are needed by every country because they provide a smooth means of moving from one region to another. These travel agencies specialize in moving citizens of one country to another legally and for a variety of reasons, including Hajj and Umrah travel, business trips, studying abroad, and international tours.

Due to their expertise in arranging for clients’ stays in foreign states, these companies help you save time and money. Otherwise, it will cost a lot of money and time if the same case is handled without a travel agent. The practice of tourism is common in daily life. This is a major industry that eventually promotes social and economic development.

The largest industry in the world, with annual earnings of around a half-trillion dollars, is tourism. The number of visitors visiting Pakistan on short trips, often between May and August, is estimated at fifty million. There are many tour agencies in Pakistan that are facilitating travelers.

International travel agency in pakistan

Top 10 Travel Agencies in Pakistan

Travel Agency in Pakistan list is as follows:

1- Aroma Travels

Aroma is a reputable travel agency that can meet all of your travel needs by offering a wide range of tour and travel-related services. They offer trustworthy services including Hajj, Umrah, local and international trip packages, car rentals, and vacation packages.

2- Total Travels

A travel agency with expertise in almost all transport-related services. They have recently received recognition from hotel suppliers, tour and travel companies, and International Airlines for their positive repute in the tourism sector. Now, Total Travels is renowned as Karachi, Pakistan’s leading travel agency.

3- Askari Travels and Tours

Askari is a 1982-founded authorized travel company. It is accredited by IATA (International Transport Association). While upholding a high level of client satisfaction, it provides cutting-edge reservations and one-stop transport services to a vast spectrum of domestic and foreign companies.

4- Bukhari Travels

Since 1973, the Bukhari Group has offered tourism and travel solutions for a variety of tourism and travel services. They offer international tours, seasonal travel deals, professional tours, and Hajj or Umrah packages, among other tourism and travel services.

Top 10 travel agencies in pakistan

5- Zeb Travels

Since its establishment forty years ago, Zeb Travels has been one of Pakistan’s top and oldest tour and travel providers in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. To promote tourism in the country, this firm has also represented Pakistan on multiple global platforms.

6- Premio Travel and Tour Private Limited

Premio Travel & Tour Pvt. Limited is Pakistan’s top tour and travel consulting firm. They provide reliable, entirely customized vacation packages to fit customers’ needs and budgets. Their experienced and knowledgeable tour guides provide reliable services to both foreign and domestic tourists.

7- Rao Travel and Tourism

A top-notch tour company in Karachi, Rao Travel & Tourism Services provides outstanding tour and travel services. It is one of the major vendors of Dubai visas in Karachi and their assistance for Dubai Visa is swift and relatively inexpensive. They provide a full variety of travel services, including trustworthy flight tickets, the Hajj, and Umrah, to both domestic and foreign tourists.

8- HikeWhiz Travel and Tours

HikeWhiz Travel & Tours is one of the top domestic travel, destination wedding, international travel, airline ticket reservation, and visa service providers. They offer their clients the lowest rates, exceptional customer service, and easily-understandable policies. They are located in Islamabad and Karachi’s Defense areas. They have provided services to thousands of foreign and Pakistani tourists since their establishment.

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9- Bestway Travels

One of Pakistan’s best travel companies is Bestway’s Travels. This company offers affordable rates to provide you with the most awesome traveling experience. BT has an experience of 35 years in the field of tourism.

10- Travel Co

Travel Co. is a young player in the tourism and travel sector, but their competitive rates, superior online customer service, and general client handling have won them the title of number one travel agency. Although they don’t offer all of the services listed in their service catalog, they do provide an extensive range of domestic and international trips.

Best Tour Agencies in Different Cities

Travel Agency Peshawar

Some of the best travel agencies in Peshawar are:

  • Holidays Masters
  • Sehrai Travels and Tours
  • New Gulf Air Express Travel
  • Orakzai Travels
  • Royal Express Travels
  • Royal International Private Limited

Travel Agency Rawalpindi

Some of the best travel agencies in Rawalpindi are:

  • Ucac International
  • Wanderer Travel and Tours
  • Zed International
  • Qstourism
  • Travel Whizz
  • Traveleap
  • Awan Airways Travel
  • Bangash Group of Travels

Travel Agency Islamabad

Some of the best travel agencies in Islamabad are:

  • Bestways Travels
  • Askari Travels & Tours
  • SkyTravel and Tours
  • Omar Travels
  • Fatima Travels
  • Rehman Travels

Travel Agency Karachi

Some of the best travel agencies in Karachi are:

  • Zeb Travels
  • Shirazi Travels & Tours
  • Total Travels
  • Aroma Travels
  • Hike Whiz Travel and Tours
  • Pelican Travels & Tours

Travel Agency Lahore

Some of the best travel agencies in Lahore are:

  • Bliss Travels & Tours
  • TravelCo
  • Universal Travels
  • Hamdan Touristik Services
  • Matchless Travels
  • Adventure Travel
  • TimesTravel

Travel Agency Multan

Some of the best travel agencies in Multan are:

  • Nafam Services
  • JS Travel and Tours Private Limited
  • Tangra Travel and Tours
  • Safari Travels
  • Haris Travels
  • Karmi Travels

Travel Agency Faisalabad

Some of the best travel agencies in Faisalabad are:

  • Al Hameed International Travels Private Limited
  • Millat Enterprises Private Limited
  • Grace Travel Services Private Limited
  • Capri Travels
  • Travelocity
  • Bluesky Tours Bureau Private Limited
  • Prince Air Express
  • Pak Reliance Travels and Tours
  • Pakland Travels

Travel Agency in Pakistan Contact Number

Travel agents in Pakistan are working expertly in different cities and their contact numbers, and addresses are available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you save money using a travel agent?

The cost savings of using a travel agent are real. While many agencies don’t charge extra for their assistance, some agents may charge you a small planning fee. Allowing a travel agent to handle your bookings is the proper course of action.

Do you have to pay to see a travel agent?

Some travel agents, but not all, impose a visitation fee on their clients. This fee is apart from trip costs. This amount, which serves as a security deposit, may be made upfront. It may then be added to the trip’s total cost or more frequently, returned to you at the completion of the planning phase.