Bobbi Brown Makeup

Bobbi Brown Makeup

Bobbi Brown Makeup Overview

Bobbi Brown is a globally recognized makeup brand and it empowers the females to enhance and embrace their natural beauty. The brand which was established in 1991, offers makeup products that are universally desirable and made with unwavering quality. Bobbi Brown makeup case, Bobbi Brown makeup kit, and skin care items are sold at the brand’s stores.

History of Brand

Bobbi Brown rose to fame in New York during the 1980s excess. By offering a palette of some natural colors, she got an opportunity to work as make-up artist of celebrities. She also established her name as a global brand. Estée Lauder purchased Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 1995, and Brown continued to play a key role in the company.

The sale price was not made public, but Lauder indicated that the 74.5 million dollars it invested was primarily used for the acquisition. In New York City, Bergdorf Goodman introduced Bobbi Brown Essentials range of lipsticks. In 1991 she expected a sale of hundred lipsticks in 1st month and ended up selling hundred lipsticks in 1st day.

In 1992, with the introduction of her own hues of Foundation Stick in yellow tones, she transformed the face of cosmetics. In 1995, The Estée Lauder Companies purchased the beauty empire Bobbi once owned. In 2014 Bobbi introduced Bobbi Brown Eyewear, a line of readers, sunglasses, and eyeglasses in collaboration with Safilo. And Bobbi was appointed Yahoo Beauty’s Editor-in-Chief.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Owner

Bobbi Brown, an America-based makeup artist, and writer is owner of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. As per an Entrepreneur, she developed 10 natural-shade lip colors that ‘revolutionized the cosmetic market.’ She has authored nine books on wellness and beauty. She founded Beauty Evolution, LLC after quitting Bobbi Brown in 2016 and earned a health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also launched a range of wellness products with a focus on beauty. She is an editorial website curator.

List of all the makeup products

  1. Face

Bobbi Brown face base, primers, foundation, corrector, concealer all can be used for a flawless Bobbi Brown Makeup Looks.

  • Primer

Bobbi Brown primers can help you achieve a flawless appearance. With primer makeup, makeup will stay longer regardless of your type of skin. In order to prepare your skin for smooth and long-lasting makeup, choose the finest makeup primer.

  1. Primer Plus Radiance SPF-35
  2. Primer Plus Protection SPF-50
  3. Primer Plus Mattifier
  4. Primer Plus Hydrating 3 in 1 Setting Spray
  • Powder

To rapidly set, perfect, and complete your look, powder makeup, makeup powder and face powder are essential.

  1. Nude Finish Illuminating Powder
  2. Sheer Finish Loose Powder
  3. Sheer Finished Pressed Powder
  • Foundation

Bobbi Brown Foundation for all skin types including oily skin includes:

  1. Skin Foundation SPF 15
  2. Skin Weightless Powder Foundation
  3. Skin Long-Lasting Weightless Foundation SPF 15
  4. Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF
  5. Skin Foundation Stick
  • Corrector and Concealer

Bobbi Brown color corrector and concealer range is perfect choice for well-rested and brighter look.

  • Creamy Concealer Kit
  • Corrector
  • Instant Full Cover Concealer
  • Intensive Skin Serum Concealer
  • Face Brushes and Tools

Bobbi Brown makeup brushes are available in a wide range for different purposes like for blending, applying bronzer, powder, and many other:

  1. Conditioning Brush Cleaner
  2. Powder Brush
  3. Brush Cleaning Spray
  4. Powder Brush
  5. Concealer Blending Brush
  6. Bobbi Brown Blush Brush
  7. Face Blender Brush
  8. Sheer Powder Brush
  9. Bronzer Brush
  10. Foundation Brush
  11. Precise Blending Brush
  12. Brush Cleanser
  13. Full Coverage Face Brush


  • Lipstick

Bobbi Brown Lipstick range is as follows:

  1. Luxe Lip Color
  2. Crushed Lip Color
  3. Extra Lip Tint
  4. Crushed Creamy Color for Cheeks and Lips
  5. Crushed Liquid Lip
  6. Luxe Matte Lip Color
  7. Crushed Shine Jelly Stick
  8. Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick
  9. Mini Crushed Lip Color
  10. Nourishing Lip Color
  11. Pot Rogue for Lips and Cheeks
  12. Mini Luxe Lip Color
  • Lip Balms and Tints
  1. Lip Balm SPF15
  • Lip Gloss
    • Extra Plump Lip Serum
    • Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss Shimmer
    • Crushed-Oil Infused Gloss
    • Crushed Liquid Lip
    • Extra Lip Tint
  • Lip Liner
  1. Art Stick
  2. Luxe Defining Lipstick
  3. Lip Pencil

Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup

  • Eyeshadow
    1. Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick
    2. Luxe Essentials Eye Palette Set
    3. Luxe Eye Shadow
    4. Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Duo
    5. Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Mini
    6. Dual Ended Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick
    7. Real Nudes Eye Shadow Palette
    8. Metallic Eye Shadow
    9. Shimmer Wash Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow
    10. Long-Wear Eye Base
    11. Eye Smudge Brush
    12. Eye Sweep Brush
    13. Eye Blender Brush
    14. Smoky Eye Liner Brush
  • Eyeliner
  1. Long-Wear Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
  2. Long-Wear Waterproof Liner
  3. Long-Wear Eye Pencil
  4. Ink Liner
  5. Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush
  6. Smokey Eye Liner Brush
  7. Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush
  8. Eye Definer Brush
  • Mascara
  1. Smokey Eye Mascara
  2. Mini Smokey Eye Mascara
  3. No Smudge Mascara
  4. Eye Opening Mascara
  5. Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover
  6. Gentle Curl Eyelash Curler
  • Brows
  1. Natural Brow Shaper
  2. Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil
  3. Brow Kit
  4. Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil Refill


  • Blush
  1. Crush Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks
  2. Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips
  3. Highlighting Powder
  4. Shimmer Brick Compact
  5. Sheer Powder Brush
  6. Blush Brush
  7. Bobbi Brown Miracle Balm
  8. Angled Face Brush
  • Bronzer
  1. Bronzer Brush
  2. Nude Finish Illuminating Powder
  3. Bronzing Powder
  4. Illuminating Bobbi Brown Bronzer Powder
  5. Skincare
  • Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base
  1. Extra Repair Moisture Cream Intense
  2. Hydrating Face Cream
  3. Hydrating Water Fresh Cream
  4. Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm
  5. Primer Plus Mattifier
  6. Primer Plus Protection SPF 50
  7. Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm SPF 25
  • Serums
  1. Deluxe Size Skin Clarifier No. 75
  2. Extra Face Oil
  3. Extra Repair Serum
  4. Skin Clarifier No. 75
  • Cleansers and Toners
  1. Soothing Cleansing Oil
  2. Hydrating Face Tonic
  3. Deluxe Size Soothing Cleansing Oil
  4. Lathering Tube Soap
  5. Extra Cleansing Balm
  • Lip and Eye Care
  1. Vitamin Enriched Eye Base
  2. Extra Repair Eye-Cream Intense
  3. Lip Balm SPF 15
  4. Hydrating Bobbi Brown Eye Cream
  5. Extra Lip Tint
  • SPF
  1. Primer Plus Protection SPF 50
  2. Skin Foundation SPF 15
  3. Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
  4. Intensive Skin Serum Radiance Primer SPF 25


Bobbi Brown makeup articles are generally expensive as they contain pure ingredients. The skin full cover concealer costs $33, Vitamin Enriched Face Base costs $66, Primer Plus Protection SPF $50 and likewise different articles have different prices. Bobby Brown price list is available at many online websites. Bobby Brown Lipstick price starts from £16 and goes up to £32.

Bobbi Brown Pakistan

Bobbi brown outlets have not been opened into Pakistan yet but big makeup names like Sephora and High street are selling their products.

Store Locations

Bobbi Brown makeup outlets are located in the following regions:

  1. Andorra
  2. Argentina
  3. Austria
  4. Australia
  5. Azerbaydhzan
  6. Bermuda
  7. Bahamas
  8. Belgium
  9. Bahrain
  10. Cyprus
  11. Canada
  12. China Mainland
  13. Curacao
  14. Greece
  15. France
  16. Germany
  17. Denmark
  18. Czech Republic
  19. India
  20. Guam
  21. Hungary
  22. Israel
  23. Hong Kong
  24. Ice Land
  25. Latvia
  26. Indonesia
  27. Korea
  28. Ireland
  29. Kazakhstan
  30. Japan
  31. Lebanon
  32. Macau
  33. New Zealand
  34. Malaysia
  35. Netherlands
  36. Mexico
  37. Norway
  38. Oman
  39. Qatar
  40. Portugal
  41. Poland
  42. Panama
  43. Philippines
  44. Saipan
  45. Russia
  46. South Korea
  47. Singapore
  48. Thailand
  49. Spain
  50. Taiwan
  51. Sweden
  52. Switzerland
  53. United Kingdom
  54. Turkey
  55. United States
  56. United Arab Emirates
  57. South Africa
  58. Saudi Arabia
  59. Chile

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I buy Bobbi Brown makeup?

These makeup outlets are located in many countries, and customers could also buy online from their website or other websites.

  1. Who sells Bobbi brown makeup?

Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora, and High street sell this brand’s makeup.

  1. Who own Bobbi brown cosmetics?

America-based multinational makeup company ‘The Estee Lauder Companies’ owns this brand.

  1. Who is Bobbi brown?

She is an America-based makeup artist and writer. She is the founder of Bobbi Brown Makeup.