Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is a national monument of Pakistan that was built in 1968 on the site where the Lahore Resolution was passed by the Muslim League in 1940. It is also known as Liberty Tower of Pakistan, located in Lahore’s Iqbal Park. The total height of the tower is 70 meters, with a width of 9.7 meters.

The tower was built as an attribute to the Two Nations Theory, which led to the first call of a separate state for Muslims. It resulted in the Lahore Resolution and the late independence of Pakistan. The construction took about eight years in its completion with a total cost of 7,060,000 Pakistani rupees.

Currently, the region is mostly used for political relies on and protests. PTI has also used the tower for political protest as a symbol of change. This article has all the details, including Minar e Pakistan History.

Location:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
In Urdu:مینار پاکستان
Nickname:National Tower of Pakistan
Address:Iqbal Park, Lahore, Pakistan
Open:21 October 1968
Coordinates :31.5925°N 74.3095°E
Basic Information
Affiliation:Government of Pakistan
Construction Started:23 March 1960
Construction Completed :21 October 1968
Builder:Government of Pakistan
Open hours :8 am to 9 pm (Saturday to Friday)
Architecture :Nasreddin Murat-Khan
Main Contractor:Mian Abdul Khaliq Company
Structural Engineer:Aun Muhammad
Height :70m
Construction started:23 March 1960
Architectural styles:Modern architecture, Mughal architecture
Construction Completed:21 October 1968
Height Roof:62 meters (203 ft)
Diameter:9.75 meter
Tiles:Patterned tiles

Minar e Pakistan History

Minar e Pakistan History

The Liberty Tower of Pakistan was built in 1968 in a total of eight years. General Ayub Khan ordered Naseer Ud Din Mira’at Khan, who was a Russian and graduated from St. Petersburg University. Furthermore, he remained a consultant during the construction of Qadafi Stadium Lahore, a training college of police, and many others.

After making a design, the President of Pakistan approved it in 1960 to honor the Lahore Resolution of 1940 for the independence of Pakistan. Construction of the tower started and took eight years in its completion with a total cost of 7.5 million Pakistani Rupees.

The budget was collected through increasing cinema tax and horse riding tickets. The tower provides a great view on the top as well as stairs are made for visitors to enjoy the view from the top of the tower.

A number of tourists visit here in order to enjoy the architect and beauty of the monument, which contain four platforms build-up of Taxila stones, Hammer-white marble, dressed Stone, and chiseled stone. In addition to that, the construction of the tower is fully supervised by Naseer Ud Din Khan.


The Liberty’s Tower of Pakistan is located in Lahore, surrounded by Azaadi Chowk, Badshahi Mosque, Lari Ada, Shahi Qilla, and Modern Park.


Ayub Khan demanded the tower in 1960, and the foundation was laid on March 23, 1960.

Design / Architecture

Naseer Ud Din Mira’at Khan was the one who designed the map of the monument while following the order of Ayub Khan. He was assisted by Abdul Rehman Khan Niazi, who was a government engineer. The design of the tower was approved by the Govt. of Pakistan, and the project was awarded to Mian Abdul Khaliq and Company.

He started the construction of Minar –e- Pakistan in 1960 and completed it after 8 years in 1968. The design of the tower included an elevator, stairs, and four platforms which contain inscriptions in many languages and 99 names of Allah.

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The tower is constructed under the supervision of its designer, Naseer Ud Din Khan. Steel. The concrete is used from base to at the height of 180 meters, while stainless – steel is used above in order to avoid collision of the Minar.

Moreover, 4 platforms are constructed of different stones symbolizing from Movement of Pakistan till its independence. The project of the tower is completed in many phases, which contained a platform each.

Minar e Pakistan Height

Minar e Pakistan is constructed sixty-two meters high while the base of the monument is 8 meters high, which makes it 70 meters of its height.  0.7 meters is the total diameter of the tower. The height of the petals like structure of the tower is 9 meters. The foundations are made up of tiles, while the base contains 4 platforms.

The first platform is made up of cut – stones of Taxila, which symbolizes the freedom movement. The 2nd platform is made up of stones (Hammer – Dressed), and the 3rd platform is made up of Chiseled – stones.

The fourth and final platform of the monument is made up of white and polished marble, which symbolizes the success of the Pakistan Movement.

Dedications / Inscription

A number of inscriptions are included in Urdu, English, Arabic, and Bengali. Inscription of Lahore Resolution is written in Urdu, English, Arabic, Bengali, as well as the text of Delhi Resolution, which was passed in 1946.

Furthermore, the verses of the Quran and ninety–nine names of Allah are written in Arabic calligraphy, while the national anthem of Pakistan is written in Urdu and Bengali.

Speeches of Quaid –e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah is also written in languages of Urdu, English, and Bengali while some couplets of Allama Iqbal’s poetry is also written, including many other dedications.

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Symbol of Freedom

Minar e Pakistan is considered to be a symbolic one as it represents the freedom of Pakistan. It also symbolizes the unity of Muslims, which resulted in the formation of their own state. Furthermore, it symbolizes the struggles of those great leaders who faced a lot of hurdles during the Pakistan Movement and succeeded in passing the Resolution of Pakistan on the spot in 1940.

Place of Tourism

It is one of the historical and best places of Pakistan where tourists from all over the world visit every year while the local tourists favor visiting here every day. The tower is made colorful and often digitally colored with the flag of Pakistan on different occasions, such as the dates of 14th August and 23rd of March. National Anthem is played in honor of the Pakistan Movement on these occasions in order to present a tribute to the great leaders of Pakistan.

Thousands of Pakistani nationals join together at the tower and praise the success of the leaders on March 23rd and August 14th. Furthermore, many national songs are played and enjoyed by the public on these specific occasions. There are some other places of tourism which include Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Museum, and the tomb of Allama Mohammad Iqbal.


A number of tourists visit the tower, among which eighteen tourists are accidentally died of falling from the tower. Many statesmen stated that among these victims, more committed suicide by jumping from the top of the tower, which resulted in their deaths.

Minar e Pakistan Height

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