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Malam Jabba is a beautiful Ski resort and hill station that is 40 km away from Saidu Sharif, the capital city of Swat Valley. Malam Jabba from Islamabad has a 314 km distance. People from everywhere come here to enjoy different activities and to spend quality time with family. The best time to visit this beautiful place is in winter when the weather is extremely pleasant and tourists can enjoy snowy activities.

In summers, it is extremely hot and people avoid visiting. In 2008, in an unfortunate Taliban attack, the Ski resort Malam Jabba was severely destroyed and turned into ashes. After which, it was closed for many years. In 2016, the reconstruction started and today, people enjoy all the activities like before. Malam Jabba beauty is totally impeccable.

Malam Jabba activities

Malam Jabba History

The history of Malam Jabba goes back to 2000 years however the Ski resort Malam Jabba was declared by the Government. In 2005, the government started losing control over this ski resort, and in 2007 due to unfortunate events, it was completely closed.

Today, many investors are investing in this biggest ski resort in Pakistan and it has finally started its activities once again as a tourist attraction. This place has become a must-visit spot for those who visit Swat.

Malam Jabba Weather

The weather here remains pleasant. Winters are cold but people love to travel there in winter to enjoy Ski resort activities. In summers, people are unable to enjoy these snowy activities. People of Malam Jabba witness snow usually in December in January. June, July, and August are extremely hot so people avoid going there in these months.

Malam Jabba Resort

It is one of the biggest ski resorts located in the Malam Jabba village. In 1962, an Australian ambassador visited Swat and suggested the Wali of Swat build a resort here. On his suggestion, they started the construction which ended in the late 1980s. The Australian government financed boots, skis, and chairlifts while the Pakistani government built approximately 50 hotels.

However, for the next 10 years, the resort didn’t open because of the dispute between the government and the private sector. Both wanted to take full control of that resort. In 1999, Government won this battle and started running it. Later things went upset and the Military took complete control of this resort.

Malam Jabba weather

Taliban Attack

On 26th April 2009, an Operation Black Thunderstorm occurred. This operation was done by the Pakistani Army in order to take control of the lower Dir, Shangla, and Swat Districts. This attack resulted in the huge loss of Malam Jabba Ski Resort. Various chairlifts were burnt and turned into ashes.


This incident provided a major loss to international skiing. Hence, in 2014 the project to reconstruct the resort was given to the Samsung Group of Companies. The same year, the Swat Snow festival was conducted in order to start tourism. This festival is held every year in Swat and is always the talk of the town.  Various activities are held at this festival which makes it enjoyable.

Malam Jabba Activities

For all nature lovers, it is a perfect place to travel and enjoy to the fullest. Various activities are a part of this place that makes it worth traveling. All these activities have become a source of income for the Swat residents. Let’s figure out some activities that you can enjoy here.

1- Skiing

In winters due to heavy snowfall, it is a perfect place for skiing. All the equipment used in skiing including sleds, sticks, skates, and boots is provided for rent by the members. However, you can bring your own equipment as well. The skiing slope is almost 800 meters so it is always fun to do this activity.

Various children from Swat are also present there to help people perform this activity. To learn skiing, you can take part in skiing championships that are specially held for those who want to learn this activity.

Malam Jabba skiing

2- Skating

If you are afraid of skiing and do not want to take any risk, you have other options as well including skating. It is one of the easiest activities to perform and can be done with the right equipment.

3- Trekking

Trekking is all fun when you are with your family and loved ones. Other than Skating and skiing, you can also do trekking over the beautiful mountains of Malam Jabba. It has two trekking trails that give you a pleasant experience. If you are an adventure lover, this one is for you.

4- Chairlift

For height lovers, the chairlift gives you a unique experience to witness the beauty of Malam Jabba from the top. In winter, you will witness beautiful sightseeing of covered mountains with snow.

5- SnowTubing

You can also enjoy snow tubing which is one of the most popular activities.

Malam Jabba snow tubing

Malam Jabba ski resort prices

You will find different prices on different sites however, that is not true. The chairlift cost you 1000 rs which is the actual price. Sometimes people ditch you by charging an additional cost for which you have to be careful. They have introduced a package of 1500rs in which you can enjoy snow tubing and skiing. The boots, sticks, and other equipment is included in this package. Furthermore, you will get full support.

These are the most common activities that people usually perform whenever visit there. Malam Jabba Gloria Jeans have also been built there for everyone’s convenience.

Malam Jabba Hotels

It has various eye-catchy hotels that you can consider if planning to visit this place.

  • Hotel Hill Palace
  • Zaryab Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hotel Eagle Nest
  • Nazara Hotel
  • Three Star Hotel
  • Malam Jabba PC
  • Hotel Green Valley
  • Royal City Hotel
  • Rmassa Hotel
  • Iceland Hotel
  • Green View Hotel
  • Sky View Hotel
  • Malak Tower Hotel
  • Happy Heart Hotel and Restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Malam Jabba is famous?

A: It is famous because of all the fun activities that happen in the backyard in the winter season including Trekking, Skiing, Skating, camping, hiking, etc. Moreover, it is known for its beauty.

Q: Where is Malam Jabba situated?

A: This Ski resort is located 40 km away from Swat’s capital city, Saidu Sharif.

Q: Can cars enter Malam Jabba?

A: Tough, the roads are bumpy but you can travel in your car.

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