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Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans Overview

Gloria Jean’s Coffees ranks among the largest chains of premium coffee in the world. The cafe is dedicated to creating a united family that constantly serves the best coffee and offers personalized and outstanding coffee service in a lively retail atmosphere.

Their inspiration originates from the thought that every day, their team members and high-quality coffee can assist customers in escaping the stresses of life. Since 1979, Gloria Jeans Coffees has been driven by a passion for excellent coffee.

From the 1st outlet that Gloria Jean Kvetko established in Chicago to more than six-hundred outlets working in forty countries, they have maintained their commitment.

Gloria Jeans coffee

Gloria Jeans History

Initial Career

Gloria Jean along with her husband Ed spotted a possibility to provide high-quality coffee in a friendly and warm ambiance in their native place, just north of Chicago. The idea gained popularity right away, and Nabi Saleh, an Australian entrepreneur and coffee lover, became interested in it in 1996.

Peter Irvine and Nabi introduced Coffees of Gloria Jeans to Australia. Both the partners purchased the development rights and global brand in 2005 with a goal to make Gloria’s coffee the most respected and loved coffee brand in the world.

Gloria Jeans Coffee Pakistan

Rashid Khan who is an Australia-based entrepreneur and businessman bought the rights to introduce this brand’s coffees in Pakistan. Rashid had the goal of bringing a top-class coffee brand to Pakistan and fostering the emergence of coffee culture in this country.

In Pakistan, the cafe started its operation in 2007. Its outlets are present in more than twelve cities. When it first started, tea-loving Pakistanis knew little to nothing about this restaurant and coffee. Today, Pakistan has a sophisticated and vibrant coffee culture, and Gloria Jeans is often credited with having catalyzed this growth.

Gloria Jeans Collaboration with NGO

They work in collaboration with an international NGO the ‘Rainforest Alliance’ by getting a variety of cocoa and coffee beans for their food products from Rainforest Alliance Registered farms. The Rainforest Alliance was established to support wildlife and communities that depend on ecosystems and to aid in ecosystem protection.

Gloria Jeans Presence in Pakistan

  1. Gloria Jeans Lahore
  2. Gloria Jeans Karachi
  3. Gloria Jeans Islamabad/Rawalpindi
  4. Gloria Jeans Multan
  5. Gloria Jeans Faisalabad
  6. Gloria Jeans Swat
  7. Gloria Jeans Sargodha
  8. Gloria Jeans Sialkot
  9. Gloria Jeans Murree
  10. Gloria Jeans Gujrat
  11. Gloria Jeans Peshawar

Gloria Jeans Malam Jabba

Presence in other countries

  1. USA
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Georgia
  4. Australia
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Timor-Leste
  7. North Cyprus
  8. Brunei
  9. South Cyprus
  10. Cambodia
  11. Pakistan
  12. Hungary
  13. Oman
  14. India
  15. Indonesia
  16. New Zealand
  17. Ireland
  18. Mexico
  19. Kazakhstan
  20. Maldives
  21. Myanmar
  22. Malaysia
  23. Vietnam
  24. Palestine
  25. Romania
  26. Uzbekistan
  27. United Kingdom
  28. Saudia Arabia
  29. South-Africa
  30. UAE
  31. Turkey
  32. Singapore
  33. Thailand

Gloria Jeans Menu

They offer chillers, matcha beverages, hot beverages, and ice coffees and teas. Gloria Jeans coffee menu consists of a wide range of coffee flavors. Gloria Jeans Coffee price varies depending upon the flavor selected and the size of the cup. Here is a list of the menu:

  1. Italian Soda
  2. Mocha Shake
  3. Iced Tea
  4. Iced Latte
  5. Iced Coffee
  6. Iced Mocha
  7. Strawberry, Mango Smoothies
  8. Strawberry, Mango Chillers
  9. Coconut White Chocolate
  10. Iced Chocolate
  11. Cocoa Loco
  12. Cookies N Cream
  13. Mint Chocolate Bomb
  14. Crème Brule
  15. Vanilla Chiller
  16. Voltage
  17. Chocolate Macadamia Chiller
  18. White Hot Chocolate
  19. Hot Tea
  20. Green Tea
  21. Chai Tea Latte
  22. Mocha Caramelatte
  23. Caramellate
  24. Crème Brulee Latte
  25. Caffe Mocha
  26. Minicino
  27. Cappuccino
  28. Espresso
  29. Café Americano

Gloria Jeans menu


Support for ACL

Gloria Jean gave $30,000 to ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) in November 2010 for Australian Federal Election. Gloria Jean’s Coffees association with fundamentalist Hillsong Church and those donations led to the national boycott of outlets. There were hundreds of supporters for the boycott through campaigns on social media.

Criticism of Coffee Ingredients

They received criticism in 2009 for the amount of fat and sugar in some of their recipes. Gloria Jeans Mocha Chiller Coco Loco was examined, and it was found it has 95.5 g of sugar, which is 106% of the daily allowance for an adult. They have also come under fire for failing to give their clients nutritional information.

Breach of Contract

The restaurant broke the partnership contract with Western Export Services, a USA-based coffee provider, was allegedly broken in April 2010. In October 2011, the High Court ruled on the case, rejecting Western Export Services’ petition.

Gloria Jeans Timings in Pakistan

  • Monday to Friday-10:00 AM-6:00 PM
  • Saturday-10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Who own Gloria Jeans coffee?

The casual restaurant group ‘Retail Food Group’ owns this restaurant, with more than 1,400 franchised outlets across forty countries, including more than four-hundred and sixty in Australia.

Who owns Gloria Jeans coffee shops in Australia?

It is an American-Australian coffee network and is owned by casual restaurant group ‘Retail Food Group.’

Who started Gloria jeans coffee?

In the suburbs of Chicago, Ms. Kvetko launched the first Gloria Jean’s coffee & gift shop in 1979.

How to get a job at Gloria jeans?

The best strategy for getting Gloria Jean’s jobs involves going to the preferred places in person, then obtain application forms to fill. At the majority of its company sites, the coffee chain provides online applications that employees may fill out, download, print, and send. By visiting the job location candidates can contact with management and observe the potential job environment.

How to order at Gloria Jeans?

Customers could place an order through their website and payment could be made through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, and G Pay.

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