Fortress Square Mall
Fortress Square Mall

One of the biggest shopping and entertainment malls of Pakistan is the Fortress Square Lahore. This amazing and attractive shopping mall is located alongside to the Lahore cantonment stadium. Fortress Square is the first Pakistani mall which full-fil all the resources, facilities, and other appliances that a MALL should have.Fortress Square is considered the most inviting and contemporary place for shopping and entertainment. It is located in the central area of the city, which make it easy to access by everyone at any time.  More than 30,000 of shoppers can shop here at one time from Lahore or from any other place.[1] One of the biggest shopping and entertainment malls 

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Type:Shopping and an entertainment complex
Location :Fortress Stadium, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan
Address :Mian Mir Bridge, Lahore, Pakistan
Opening date :2014
No. of stores and services :100+ Brands
No. of floors :5
Introduction:Lahore’s Largest Shopping Mall
Mall Contains:Introduction , Development , Amazing Village , Structure , Brief Information , Collections Of Brand , Cinemas , Events , Policy Statements , Contact Imformation , Social Media Platform
Friday timing:2:30 PM to 12:00 AM
Remaining Days:12:30 PM -12:00 AM
Brand at the lower floor:Junaid Jamshed , Khaddi , WARDA , Origins (Ready to wear) , Cross Stich
Brand at the Ground floor:Gul Ahmad , Samsung , QMobile , Borjan , Harmony ,Hobo , Huawei , Pink Heels
Brands at first floor :Cambridge , Breakout , Hang Ten , Focus , Stoneage , Haroons
Brands at Second floor:High life , Strings Book Shop , Origin Kids , XD Adventure
Brands at third floor:Dominos , Subway , McDonalds
Company Profile
Location:Fortress Stadium, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan
Parking: 5 storey car park
Contact No:(042) 111-778-273

Fortress Square Mall Front Side Fortress Square Mall Ground Floor Fortress Square Mall Over View Fortress Square Mall Samsung Brand Shop Fortress Square Mall


Fortress Square Mall
Welcome to Fortress Square, a premium shopping mall located in the heart of Lahore. Fortress Square is one of the most iconic malls of the country featuring a diverse mix of over 100 stores, food court, cinema and more. You’ll find your favourite national and international brand retailers. From fashion to accessories to electronics, you will get everything under one roof.Tired after all the shopping? Eat at our food court, which consists of delectable selection of mouth watering food. When you’re done eating, you can head over to our state of the art cinema, Cinepax. The kids don’t have to feel left out; Fortress Square has many attractions to keep the little league busy. Come experience all this without the parking hassle, we offer valet parking exclusively for our guests. What are you waiting for? Visit the biggest mall in Pakistan in the safe and spacious location of Fortress Stadium, Lahore – Cantt. We are more than a mall; we are a complete entertainment destination. Enjoy the Fortress Square experience, [2] Fortress Square is one of the most  – iconic malls


Fortress Square Mall Inside Mall

  • To Be The Best Brand Mall In The Lahore And Surrounding Area

Being the best doesn’t always mean the largest. With our commitment to our brands, our employees, and our customers we believe that we can be the best without being the largest. This is because of our unique approach to the way we do business to keep costs down, a friendly family owned environment, and “passing the savings on to our customers’ philosophy.[3] our unique approach to the way – we do business


Development of Fortress Square

Fortress Square is considered the most inviting and contemporary place for shopping and entertainment. It is located in the central area of the city, which make it easy to access by everyone at any time.  More than 30,000 of shoppers can shop here at one time from Lahore or from any other place.The Lahore cantonment centre makes the Fortress Square more appealing and popular. In the duration of 5 years, the development process of this mall is complete. The Fortress Square mall is developed in the form that it can easily collect and bring all the brands, luxurious fashion stores, lifestyle items & accessories, and food court at one hub under the one roof. The development facilities are underlined below:[4] facility of power generator with – cool and warm

  • You are surprised when come to know that instead of having transparent lift there is also the facility of cargo lift
  • The atrium area is spread about on the measurement of 50 x 80 feet


  • Developed a separate area for all the restaurants and food court
  • Emergency facilities in case of fire burn or any other
  • Developed two entrance areas for the shoppers
  • Amazing and appreciable disposable system for garbage
  • The corridors of the fortress mall are wide in area, which makes it easy to move along the corridor without any hesitation

Amazing Village

You will find almost all the resources including kids activities & games, more than 100 brands, Cinemas, Halls, Food, wide parking area, shopping centres at one place. You don’t need to go to the other place in search of your favourite brand and accessories, here at the fortress square, it’s easy to find all the brand, just you need to move to the specific floor for your brand. You can also enjoy your meal after a long day shopping, here is all the restaurant and meal brand also available i.e. McDonalds etc.[5] Food, wide parking,shopping centres – at one place

Interior Structure

Fortress Square Mall Structure

The architecture and interior design make the Mall attractive for everyone. The life arrangements and accelerator design make it easy to go to the different floor of the mall in a couple of minutes. In the 5 floor building the architecture has arranged all the atrium, houses, branded shops and restaurants in a pretty cool way. The parking area is round about 5 stories, and it manufactured in the way that it make easy to access the Mall safely and quickly.  The food court is collected at one single point i.e. on the 4th floor.  The interior décor of all the setting area at the food court look cool, inviting and compliment the whole view of the Mall.  For enjoying your favourite shows and movies with your friends or family you simply need to go to the 2nd floor. The floor wise and a similar arrangement of the Fortress Squaremake it the favourite place for the audience to shop there for every time.[6] Architecture and Interior Structure –

Brief Information

The main mission of Fortress Square mall is the providing an effective environment for the brand advertisement and for gaining new shopping experience between the retailers and consumers. I am going to describe some of the brief info of the mall take a look:

  • Features: Fortress Square feature contains all the resources and facilitates that is present in any of the modern and contemporary mall. The multi-screen cinema and playing area for children make it more appreciable and effective for the families. It has more than 100 shops.
  • Security Features: The location of Fortress Square is safe and in the middle of the Lahore city. You can enjoy your time family, kids and friends without any fear and in peace. Fortress Square is counted in the most secure places in Pakistan, where you can go with your family without any trouble and worry.
  • The timing of the Mall: The mall is open in all 7 days of the week but on Friday the timing is 2:30 PM to 12:00 AM. The timing for the remaining days of the week instead of Friday is from 12:30 PM -12:00 AM.
  • Career Opportunity: You will be amazed after hearing that Fortress Square play a great in the career growth and development, especially in the fields of IT (Information Technology), human resources, finance, marketing, engineering and networking. 

Collections of Brand

Fortress Square Mall Brands

This shopping hub of Lahore has one of the largest collection of brands. At Fortress Squarethere are more than 100 brands that you will meet at the different floor of the mall. With the collection of multiple brand this mall is the favourite shopping area for almost all the peoples.[7] Fortress Squarethere are more than – 100 brands


Fortress Square Mall Cinemas

Here at the Fortress Square mall, you can Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistani movies with your friends, and family. For knowing about the Cinepax timing schedule of Fortress Square mall, go to the official site of the mall and extract out your required information about the movies that you want to watch.[8] Cinemas and Movies at Fortress Square – at Mall

Food and Entertainment

Fortress Square Mall Food Area

  • Kids Events the Rainbow Garden: Kids are always fond of doing new experience in their lives. With a smiley face when the children enter into the Mall, they have to make a mind of doing some in the rainbow garden at fortress square. If your kids disturb you while you are at shopping, leave them at the rainbow garden area of the mall, a special playing area design especially for the children to play and enjoy a lot. The special team at the rainbow house will take care of your children’s in your absence, and all the responsibilities of your kids are on the rainbow support team once they enter into the house.
  • Visit the Food Court for Eating Something New: After the whole day shopping if you want to eat some local foods or think of eating some fast foods i.e. burger etc. Visit the food court floor of the Fortress Square mall and order the food which you want from your favourite corner. The sitting area of the food court is design in a contemporary and luxurious way. The furniture is also in modern style and somewhere you experience some traditions seating arrangements also. All the brand i.e. Dominos, McDonalds, china grill and Subway etc. are waiting for you, have a look and enjoy your food at the fortress square.

Contact Information

If you are a customer, business investor, retailers or job seekers or you just want to find out more about the Fortress Square and its services, here you will find the best way to get in touch with the Fortress Square for getting more products information and services. Fortress Square support team monitor or record telephone calls to check out your instructions correctly and which also help in the improvement of the quality of their service. Keep in touch through:[9] Contact Information of the fortress –   square Mall

  • Location: Adjacent to the Fortress Stadium
  • Contact Number: (042) 111-778-273
  • Address: Mian Mir Bridge, Lahore, Pakistan