Neelam Valley

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is one of the tourist and attractive sites of Pakistan which is located in Azad Kashmir.  The valley is named after the river of Neelum which flows through the region. It is also stated that the region is named after a variety of stones which is named Neelum, founded in the region.

It is located northeast of Kaghan and has a range of mountains covered with snow. Furthermore, there are a total of 370 villages in the valley with a number of streams, forests, and forested mountains.

There are a number of tourist attraction sites in the valley including Noori Top, Ratti Gali, Sharda, and many more which attract tourists all over the world. Moreover, the valley is also famous for the production of apricots which are consumed in the country and exported abroad. The article has all the information about the valley, including Neelum Valley Weather.

In Urdu :وادیِ نیلم
Local Language Name:Urdu or Kashmiri or Pahari or Hindko
Coordinates :34.5891°N 73.9106°E
Valley shaped :144 km long bow-shaped thick forested
Above sea level:4,000 meters (13,000 ft)
Historical Places:Sharada Peeth in Sharda and Janawai town
Towns and villages:Kundal, Shahi, Jura, Athmuqam, Keran, Dudhnial, Arang Kel
Province:Azad Kashmir
District:Azad Kashmir District
Elevation:1,615 m (5,299 ft)
Total Area:4,000 meters (13,000 ft)
Population :126,000
Time zone:PST (UTC+5)
Area dialing code:13231
Languages:Urdu, English, Pothohari, Pushto
Situated :North-east of Muzaffarabad
Running parallel:To Kaghan Valley
Connected from:Muzaffarabad by Neelam road
Vans service:Only available from Muzaffarabad
Reach remote areas:Jeeps and horses are available to reach

Neelum Valley weather

Neelum Valley Administration

The Valley is officially administered by the federal government of Pakistan and is a tehsil of Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.


There are a total of 370 villages situated in the valley with a calm and peaceful environment. The river of Neelum flows through these villages following a distance of 43 kilometers. Some of the names of the major villages are given below.

  • Kundal Shahi Village
  • Dosut Village
  • Kel
  • Taobat
  • Keran
  • Halmat


There are many languages spoken by the people of the region among which Hindko is the most widely spoken language, spoken by about 78 percent of inhabitants. However, other languages spoken by the people are Kashmiri, Punjabi, Kundal Shahi, Gujri, Shina. Urdu is considered to be the official language of the valley.


Most of the people of the valley are followers of Islam and contain 91 percent of Muslims while the other religions followed by 9 percent of the people are Hinduism and Christianity.


According to the 2017 census of Pakistan, the district of Neelum had a total population of 192,170 inhabitants.

Neelum Valley Kashmir

Neelum Valley Weather

In summers, the weather is hot in the daytime due to the sun while at the night, it is quite cold. People even wear sweaters at night in summer. On the other hand in winters it is extremely cold. People also witness snow falling in winters.


The valley has agricultural land and has the capability to produce many fruits including walnut, apple, plum, and apricot which are consumed in the country as well as exported abroad.


The region is ranked 58th among all other districts while representing a low literacy ratio. There are a number of schools and colleges in the valley but for higher education, one needs to travel to other cities of Pakistan. Some of the notable educational institutions are as follows.

  • Degree College Athmuqam
  • Sharda University, Neelum Valley
  • Government Inter College Nagdar
  • Eman Model Science College
  • Academy of Islamic and Modern Studies School and College
  • Al Noor Model Science College
  • Girls Inter College Kail
  • Greater Shaheen Model College Authmuqam
  • Girls Inter College Authmuqam
  • Neelum Institute of Science and Humanities
  • Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Kashmir Lyceum College
  • Mohammad Azeem Government Inter College
  • Pine Hills School and College


The transportation system of the valley includes minor roads along the river of Neelum which connects the local villages and Muzaffarabad. Furthermore, the condition of the road in mountainous areas and villages is not good for local cars rather one needs to hire a jeep or another four-by-four vehicle to travel through the narrow and hilly roads.

neelum valley map

Neelum Valley Tourism

There are many tourist attractive sites near the valley that present a scenic beauty to the visitors. Some of the tourist attractive sites of the region are given below:

1- Kundal Shahi

Kundal Shahi is a village located at a distance of seventy-four kilometers from Muzaffarabad. It has a blue water stream under the name of Jagran Nullah which flows through the village and joins river Neelum at the valley of Neelum.

2- Sharda

Sharda is another tourist site of the valley. There are two mountains which are named after Narda and Sharda. The peak of the mountains presents the beautiful scenery of the entire valley. It is located at a distance of thirty kilometers from Dawarian.

The region is covered by natural greenery, forested mountains, and a number of streams of blue water which adds to the natural beauty of the region and attracts tourists to visit the place.

3- Kutton

Kutton is located at a distance of sixteen kilometers from Kundal Shahi and has a tourist department that facilitates visitors throughout the country. The region is spread through Jagran Valley and Baboon Hills which connects many other tourist spots including Rati Gali Lake and Patlian.

4- Authmuqam

Authmuqam is the headquarters of district Neelum which is located at a distance of ten kilometers from Kundal Shahi. All of the basic facilities are available here which includes a bank, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, telephone and internet services, rest houses, and many more.

5- Arang Kel

Kel is another attractive site of the valley which is spread through the mountains of Nanga Parbat and one can enjoy the scenery of the mountains of Nanga Parbat upon visiting here which is widely visible at the end of the valley in Kel. One has to do trekking to visit that place.

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Upper Neelum

Upper Neelum is located at a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from Karen. The region contains natural greenery, wildlife and many streams which attracts the tourist. Another feature of the region is that it has a high level from sea surface which presents the scenic beauty of the entire Occupied Kashmir.

Furthermore, the forested mountains and greenery of the valley along the sides of the river add to the scenic beauty of Neelum Valley.

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