Jehlum Valley

Jhelum Valley

Jhelum Valley

Jhelum Valley is a 31 miles (59 kilometers) long valley along the river of Jhelum surrounded by forested mountains and greenery located in Azad Kashmir’s district of Hattian Bala. The headquarters of the district is Hattian Bala. The total population of the region contains 132522 inhabitants.

Furthermore, it is one of the tourist attractive sites in Kashmir with the forested valleys and streams along the edges of the mountains. Thousands of tourists visit as the beauty of the region attracts them as well as the region is famous for its tourist attraction sites. The article has all the information including the Jhelum Valley Location.

In Urdu :وادی جہلم
Nickname:Land of Saints
Local Language Name:Kashmiri
Coordinates :34.1691°N 73.7432°E
Province:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District:Hattian Bala
Total Area:50 kilometers (31 mi) long valley
Population :230,529
Time zone:PST (UTC+5)
Languages:Urdu, Pothohari, Pushto, English
Situated :Located along with Jhelum river
Surrounded by:Lush green mountains
District Headquarter:Hattian Bala is the main town
Popular Places:Garhi Dupatta, Awan Patti, Chinari, Chakothi and Chikkar
Valley connected by:The metallic road from Muzaffarabad
Educational Institutes:University of Azad Jammu Kashmir & Jhelum Valley Campus
Jhelum Valley Campus:Hattian Bala
Part of Muzaffarabad District:Until 2009
Famous Saints:Sufia-e-Karams. Hafiz Jamal-ud-Din of Bani Hafiz Shareef, Mian Muhammad Jee, Hafiz Mian Muhammad Younis

Jhelum Valley Location

Jhelum Valley Location

Jhelum Valley Azad Kashmir is located along the river Jhelum from Chokothi to Muzaffarabad. There is a 59-kilometer long road along the river which connects these two regions. The coordinates of the valley are 34.1691 in the north while 73.7432 in the east.


It covers a total area of 31 miles (50 kilometers).


According to the 2017 census of Pakistan, the total population of the region contained 132522 inhabitants.


The valley is located in Hattian Bala and administered by the government of Azad Kashmir.


There are small road links between the Valley and Muzaffarabad which connects the nearest districts and is used by the locals and tourists for transportation. A number of bridges are also constructed on the river which facilitates the people to pass the river easily.

Furthermore, a new road is under construction near the Valley which will reduce the average number of accidents and will link the valley with the rest of the districts of Azad Kashmir.

Tourist Sites

Jhelum Valley is famous for its tourist sites. Some of the attractive sites of the region are as follows.

Jhelum Valley map


Chikar is one of the attractive sites of Kashmir, located at a distance of 46 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, on the top of mountains. The beauty of the place is that one can view the beauty of all valleys from the top of Chikaar.

Moreover, it is considered to be one of the best sites for vacations as it has all basic facilities including a shopping market, post office, hospital, bank, telephone service, and educational institution.


Cham is the highest spot of the valley covered with forests and greenery. The tourist spot is the lake and waterfall located in the region of Chamm. The region is used by filmmakers to fascinate their movies with beauty.

Loon – Bangla

Loon Bangla is another attractive site of the valley which is covered with forest. It is located at a distance of ten kilometers from Chikaar. The altitude of the spot is 2000 meters above the level of the sea. The tourists prefer to visit Loon Bangla upon visiting.


Dungian is located at a distance of five kilometers from Loon – Bangla and considered to be one of the attractive sites of the region. Furthermore, it is covered with all types of herbs which is used in medicines and herb – experiments.


Danna is located between Dungian and Loon Bangla. It has also a forested and green top which attracts tourists all over the world.

Jhelum Valley postal code


Chinaari is one of the tourist spots located at a distance of sixty-four kilometers from Muzaffarabad. The river of Jhelum flows along the right side of the region which adds to the beauty of the spot. It is considered to be a good place for vacations as a number of facilities are provided to the locals and tourists. Furthermore, the region has fertile land and is famous for the production of fruits including apple, apricot, and walnut.

The facilities of the region include the following.

  • Bank
  • Educational Institution
  • Shopping Market
  • Phone Service
  • Hospital
  • Post Office

Dao Khan

The region is famous for its paranormal activities and beautiful scenery. It is located at a distance of seventy-five kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Furthermore, there are a number of guest houses for tourists and is famous for its high altitude.

Moreover, many services including tent service are provided by the department of Azad Jammu Kashmir Tourism in order to facilitate national and international visitors.

Jhelum River

Jhelum River flows through the valley of Jhelum which is originated in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and flows through Muzaffarabad. The river adds to the beauty of the valley as it serves water to the forested and green mountains and valleys of the region.

Many bridges are constructed on the river which facilitates the people to go through the river. Furthermore, a number of varieties of flowers and fruits are grown in the valley which is naturally watered through the water of the rains and Jhelum River.

Jhelum Valley Educational Campus

A campus of the University of Azad Jammu Kashmir has been developed in the Valley which provides higher education services to the inhabitants of the region including all those who are settled in the region.

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