ICI Pakistan

ICI Pakistan

ICI Pakistan

ICI Pakistan, formerly Imperial Chemical Industries is a Pakistan-based chemical company located in Karachi. Pharmaceuticals, Polyester, soda ash, and agrichemicals are manufactured in this industry. Younus Brothers Group bought the company from Dutch paints giant Akzo Nobel in 2012 for $152 million. ICI Pakistan stands for Imperial Chemical Industries. This article comprises every detail, including ICI Pakistan History.

Landmarks:ICI House, Kemari, West Wharf
Traded as:KSE: ICI
Parent organization:Lucky Holdings Limited
A number of employees:1,107 (2014)
Key people:Muhammad Ali Tabba
Contact Person:MR. ALI ASRAR HOSSAIN AGA ( Director)
Phone:+92-21-32313718, 32313719, 32313720, 32313721, 32313722
Address:ICI House, 5 West Wharf, Karachi.

ICI Pakistan History

ICI Pakistan History

The history of this company goes back to the British colonial period when it was founded in 1944 as Khewra Soda Ash Firm. They built a soda ash production facility with a capacity of eighteen thousand tons/year in Khewra, Punjab. This facility was located near the Khewra salt range in Punjab, where limestone and rock salt, two main raw materials for the production of soda ash, were present.

ICI Pakistan Limited built a USD four-hundred and ninety million PTA production plant at Port Qasim, nearby Karachi, in 1995, which was started in 1998. The company was demerged in 2001 to establish Pakistan PTA Ltd, a subsidiary of the ICI Plc United Kingdom. AkzoNobel, the Dutch paints & chemicals giant, acquired the multinational parent firm Imperial Chemical Industries in 2008.


The company aims to be a preferred partner by establishing a strong international and local footprint via sustainable development and value creation for all investors.


Improving people’s lives around socio-economic fabric via best approaches.


Their values define them. They provide them with standards by which they can measure themselves. They direct their interactions with clients, distributors, their own people, & the entire world.

Board of Directors

  1. Mohammad Sohail-Chairperson
  2. Amna Abdul Razzaq-Non-Executive Director
  3. Mohammad Ali-Vice Chairperson
  4. Javed Younas-Non-Executive Director
  5. Muhammad Abid-Vice President and Executive Director
  6. Syed Mohammad Shabbar-Independent Director
  7. Khawaja Iqbal-Independent Director
  8. Asif Jooma-Chief Executive

ICI Pakistan limited


  1. Eqan Ali Khan-General Manager, Strategy, Innovation & Business Development
  2. Fareeha Salah-ud-din-General Manager HR & Administration
  3. Arshad-ud-Din Ahmad-Vice President Agri Sciences & Chemicals
  4. Amir Mehmood Malik-Vice President Pharmaceuticals
  5. Nauman Shahid-Vice President Polyester
  6. Mohammad Abid-Executive Director and Vice President
  7. Nosheen Ahmed-General Counsel, Company Secretary, and Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
  8. Atif Abu Bakar-Chief Financial Officer
  9. Asif Jooma-Chief Executive

Code of Conduct

Business integrity

  1. Bribery and other unlawful business practices are strictly forbidden.
  2. They support free enterprise and insist on strict adherence to trade laws.
  3. As active corporate citizens, they promote involvement in community events and follow all steps to ensure their employees’ health and safety, and also environmental protection.

Responsibilities of the Company

  1. Adopt an open communication policy.
  2. Offer equal opportunities as well as a secure, safe, and healthy environment.
  3. Ensure that workers have the right to join associations/unions.
  4. Employees’ personal information should be kept safe.

Responsibilities of Employees

  1. Media relationships & disclosures
  2. Corporate identity
  3. Inside information
  4. Protecting their intellectual property
  5. Internet usage
  6. Business travel strategy

ICI Pakistan products

Board Committees


  • HR and Remuneration Committee Javaid Younas


  • Syed Shabbar Zaidi
  • Mr. Mohammad Ali
  • Khawaja Iqbal


  • Board Audit Committee  Khawaja Iqbal


  • Asif Jooma
  • Mohammad Ali
  • Jawed Younus
  • Mohammad Sohail


It’s not about one industry, one business, one year of success, or only one leader–it’s about the versatility of their businesses & individuals who run it that distinguishes them.


ICI Pioneered PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber) technology in Pakistan via investing in a twelve-thousand tons/annum. PSF Plant started operating in Sheikhupura in 1982. Polyester is used in clothes, bedding, and cars.

Soda Ash

Though the Soda Ash plant was established in 1939, the commercial production started in 1944. The plant’s capacity has been enhanced via an increase in market demand. Today the overall capacity of this plant is 425,000 tons/annum. The business started a 10ktpa plant for the production of sodium bicarbonate in 1995 that was increased to 20ktpa in 2004 and in 2015 it increased to 30 ktpa.

The plant has a capacity of producing five hundred tons/day of dense Na2CO3.H2O that is an important raw material for the production of glass. The plant is fulfilling Pakistan’s seventy percent requirement of Soda Ash. Local equipment and raw materials are utilized in this business. The plant is situated in Khewra.

This business produces three types of products:

  1. Dense Ash
  2. Light Ash
  3. Refined Sodium Bicarbonate

ICI Pakistan logo

Life Sciences

This business has 2-divisions: Animal Health and Pharmaceuticals.

AgriSciences & Chemicals

ICI Pakistan Agri-Business and Chemicals consists of Specialty Chemicals and General Chemicals and also the agricultural products ranging from pesticides to seeds. The General Chemicals Section has polyurethanes and trading and is engaged in the distribution, sale, manufacturing, and import of industrial chemicals.

The trading segment has a portfolio of 14-product groupings having more than two-hundred and fifty variants/products including its trading partners like Huntsman Tioxide, Nalco, Ineos Chlor, Huntsman Polyurethanes, National Starch, and Chemicals strengthened by imports of related product lines from firms in the Far East, Europe, and the USA.

This Segment provides a wide range of products used in a variety of applications such as cement, power, paints, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, personal care, solvents, footwear, household appliances, and detergents.

Infant Milk

The company is distributing, marketing, and importing the ‘Morinaga Milk Industry’ of baby milk formula goods of Japan under the name NutricCo Pakistan since 2014.

ICI Pakistan Factories

ICI factories are located in the following cities:

  1. Hattar
  2. Khewra
  3. Karachi
  4. Lahore
  5. Sheikhupura

Social Media Handles

The social media accounts include




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