Soneri Bank

Soneri Bank

Soneri Bank

Soneri Bank is a Pakistani bank located in Karachi Sindh and headquarters is situated in Karachi PNSC-Building, M.T. Khan Road. The bank has a network of more than three-hundred branches all over Pakistan. It began functioning in 1992 and is making its name in the country’s financial sector and health, education, sports, and arts.

The bank environment is conducive for working and business activities. Employees at the bank are directed to behave politely and perform duties diligently. This article contains all the information about the Bank, including Soneri Bank History.

Soneri Bank Limited:Soneri Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan
the Companies Ordinance,1984
the registered office is situated:Rupali House 241-242
branches including:16 Islamic banking branches (2015)
Careers :excellence in the management of the Bank
Services :Cash Payments of cheques drawn
Government Taxes/Duties :Cash Cheques or Cheques Applicable Government Taxes/duties
Internet Banking :Direct Internet Banking manages your financial accounts
Customer Services :Dail (111-766374)
Current Account:Soneri Current Account fulfils everyday banking
Chief Operating Officer:Mr Amin A. Feerasta
Marketing Head:Ms Fariya Zaeem
CEO :Mr Ahmed Saqib

Soneri Bank History

Soneri Bank History

The bank was established as a public Ltd company on 28th Sep 1991 in Pakistan under the 1984 Companies ordinance. It is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange and is involved in the banking services as mentioned in ordinance 1962 of Banking Companies. It has a network of three-hundred branches, including twenty-one Islamic banking branches in the country.


To serve clients/customers in a better way to support and help them and make society grow and progress. 


The bank is committed to providing efficient and innovative solutions to its customers.

Core Values

  1. Policies are customer-focused
  2. The bank takes ownership
  3. High moral standards are followed
  4. There is a collaboration among staff.
  5. The staff is proactive.

Soneri Bank Board of Directors

  1. Mr Allaudin J. Feerasta-Non-Executive Director/Chairperson
  2. Mr Noor-ud-Din Feerasta-Non-Executive Director
  3. Mr. Muhtashim Ahmed-CEO/President
  4. Mr Ahmad A. Feerasta-Non-Executive Director
  5. Ms. Naveen Saleem-Independent Director
  6. Mr Manzoor Ahmed-Non-Executive Director
  7. Mr Jameel Hamdani-Independent Director
  8. Mr Mohammad Rasheed-Non-Executive Director

Soneri Bank branches

Board Committees

Audit Committee

  1. Mr Jameel Hassan-Chairperson
  2. Mr Mohammad Altaf-Secretary
  3. Mr Noor-ud-Din Fareesta-Member
  4. Ms. Naveen Saleem-Member
  5. Mr Mohammad Rashid-Member

Credit Committee

  1. Mr Noor-ud-Din Fareesta-Chairperson
  2. Mr Mohammad Altaf-Secretary
  3. Mr Mohammad Rashid-Member
  4. Mr. Allaudin J. Feerasta-Member
  5. Mr Manzoor Ahmad-Member
  6. Mr Muhtashim Ahmed-Member  

Risk-Management Committee

  1. Mr Manzoor Ahmad-Chairperson
  2. Mr Muhtashim Ahmed-Member  
  3. Mr Ahmad A. Feerasta-Non-Executive Director
  4. Mr Jameel Hassan-Member
  5. Mr Mubarik Ali-Secretary

HR & Renumeration-Committee

  1. Mr Manzoor Ahmad-Chairperson
  2. Mr Jameel Hassan-Member
  3. Mr Mohammad Altaf-Secretary
  4. Ms. Naveen Saleem Merchant-Member

Committee of the Independent-Directors

  1. Mr Jameel Hassan-Chairperson
  2. Mr Mohammad Altaf-Secretary
  3. Ms. Naveen Saleem Merchant-Member

IT Committee

  1. Mr Ahmad A. Feerasta-Chairperson
  2. Mr Jameel Hassan-Member
  3. Mr Manzoor Ahmad-Member
  4. Mr Mohammad Salman-Secretary

Code of Conduct

  1. All employees at Soneri Bank are directed to follow this code of conduct:
  2. All the employees should fulfil their responsibilities diligently and faithfully and shouldn’t be engaged in other business and should pay maximum attention and time to the bank’s work.
  3. Employees aren’t allowed to accept gifts in cash or any other form from clients, contractors, vendors, and suppliers. 
  4. Employees or their family members aren’t allowed to enter into trading or speculative activity in bonds, shares, stocks, or any other commodities, securities. 
  5. No employee should give or take a bribe or involve in any corruption.
  6. No transaction or payment is allowed that would result in a violation of laws. 
  7. Employees aren’t allowed to take part in political activities. 
  8. The employees shouldn’t pursue an outside activity or business using bank resources.
  9. Each employee should be responsible for the integrity of records, reports, and information under her/his control.
  10. The employees should avoid misbehaviour or misconduct and avoid any act that would be detrimental to the bank’s interest.
  11. If any employee resigns, he/she should perform his duties until his resignation gets accepted.
  12. All employees have to behave politely and ethically. Abusing, harassment, lying is not allowed.
  13. At the time of quitting a bank job, employees are required to return every facility provided by the bank, including laptop, cell phone, and stamps.
  14. Employees are directed to display their identity cards during bank hours.
  15. Processing, using, distributing, manufacturing, or selling illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Efforts for Health Sector

Soneri Bank is striving to contribute its role in the health sector, to serve humanity by giving contributions to the following healthcare organizations:

  1. TKC (The Kidney Centre)
  2. LRBT
  3. Children 1st Society
  4. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center
  5. Lady Dufferin Hospital
  6. Marie Adelaide Leprosy-Center
  7. NICH (National Institute of Child-Health)
  8. Friends of Pink-Ribbon Pakistan-Striving together Against Breast Cancer
  9. TIHs (The Indus Hospitals)
  10. SIUT-The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation 

Empowering Education

The bank is paying special focus to the educational field and has grandly promoted and supported several educational organizations for literacy development. 

Rehabilitation Efforts

The bank values rehabilitation of individuals and has performed its role in uplifting organizations working for rehabilitation and society welfare such as:

  1. NOWPDP (Network of Organizations with People with Disabilities)
  2. SRSC (The Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Children) 

Women Empowerment

Soneri bank believes in women empowerment and is playing its role to support organization committed to empowering women:

  1. Encouraging Women Entrepreneurship
  2. ASF (Attock-Sahara Foundation)

Promoting Sports

The bank promotes sports at the national and international level along with supporting the sportsmen:

  1. Lahore Garrison-Golf & Country Club
  2. APPMA (All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association)
  3. Alishan Table-Tennis Tournament
  4. Supporting a Golfer
  5. Gilgit Baltistan Super-League Cricket Tournament 2019

Promoting Arts

The bank has initiated a leadership program in Karachi entitled HEro SHEro Kids designed for kids aged 6-12. 

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Corporate Information

Business Activity: To conduct ‘Banking-Company’ according to the 1962 Ordinance of Banking Companies.

Company Status: Public Listed Organization

NTN: 0801438-8

Registration Number of Company: L-04037, 28th Sep 1991, CUIN-0025262

Banking License: BL-6, 17th Feb 1992

Registered Office: Rupali House, 241 to 242, Upper-Mall Scheme, Anand Road, Lahore, 54000

Fax # 042-35713095-96

Telephone: 042-35713101-4

E-mail: [email protected]

Head Office

Soneri Bank Limited Tenth Floor, PNSC-Building, M.T. Khan Road-Karachi

Fax # 92-21-35641114

Telephone # 111-567-890 and 021-32444401-05 

Fax # 92-21-35641114

E-mail: [email protected]

Legal Advisors

M/S. Mannan Associates-Advocates


M/S. KPMG Taser Hadi and Co. Chartered-Accountants, Pakistan

Associated Organizations

  1. Rupali Foods Private Limited
  2. Rupafil PowerGen Private Ltd.
  3. Rupali Nylon Private Ltd
  4. Spintex Ltd
  5. Rupali Polyester Ltd
  6. Rupafil Ltd.

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