Lucky One Mall

Lucky One Mall

Lucky One Mall

Located in the Karachi city’s heart, the Lucky One Mall commenced its operations for the public on 6th May 2017 and ranks among Pakistan’s largest malls, and has over two-hundred retail outlets. The Mall provides exceptional retail space and includes Food Court, Banking Enclave, Wedding Galleria, and Health and Wellness Avenue. The article contains all the information about the mall, including Lucky One Mall Services.

Name:Lucky One Mall
In Urdu:لکی وَن مال
Type :Shopping mall
Traded As:(Pvt.) Ltd
Stores :Over 200 stores and different services
Parking space:Over 3,000 cars
Attractions :The indoor theme park includes many fun games
Opening day:Over 100,000 People visit on its opening
Phone:(0092) 21 3 632 1311 & (0092) 21 3 632 2048
Email For Information and Queries:[email protected]
Email For Events & Activations:[email protected]
Email For Leasing & Inquiries:[email protected]
Company Profile
Location:Bilal’s House
Construction started :666
Completed :2123
Cost:₨11 billion (US$100 million)
Floor count :5
Floor area :320,000 m2 (3,444,500 sq ft)
Architect :Arcop (Pvt.) Ltd.
Developer :Lucky Group
Structural engineer :Consulting Engineers Eleken Associates Y.H. Associates

Lucky One Mall Services

Lucky One Mall Services

It is 1st in the marketing industry to have Food Street in an open-air environment and International FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Onderland. It always satisfies its customers through all means. The mall further facilitates its customers by offering baby feeding areas, free wheelchairs, separate mosques for females and males, ample parking space sufficient for fifteen-hundred cars, and valet parking.

To ensure a secure and safe environment, well-equipped and trained faculty can handle any unpredicted event. The Mall recognizes the importance of providing a shopping experience; the Mall continuously expands, renovates, and offers innovation and expertise to its customers, making it a happy, trendy, foody, entertained site.


Mall’s vision is to be such a committed and dedicated place to serve Pakistani people and enable the individuals to have a lavish lifestyle.


Mall’s mission is to give its customers an involving shopping experience, strengthen and nurture their workforce to create value for investors.


Transparency and Integrity

To be open, sincere, and ethical in all transactions.

Excellence and Fairness

Their services and teams are striving to improve the standards continually and to become the best.

Customers Value and Tenants

To surpass expectations of Customers and Tenants consistently.

Lead by Example

To set and implement standards in every action and become a good mall for the industry.

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Food Court

The Mall accommodates several restaurants from local ones to renowned Intl fast food, Oriental, Continental, Thai and Mediterranean cuisines and Chinese. Following food brands are offering their delicious food products in Lucky One Mall:

  1. KFC
  2. Burger King
  3. Broadway Pizza
  4. Taskim Square
  5. Baskin Robbins
  6. Burger Lab
  7. Salto
  8. Pizza Hut
  9. California Pizza
  10. McDonald’s
  11. OPTP
  12. Dunkin Donuts
  13. Subway
  14. Dip Shop
  15. The Burger Shack
  16. China Grill
  17. Chacha Jee
  18. GreenO
  19. Del Frio
  20. Dixy Chicken
  21. Mirchi 360 Degrees
  22. Vintage on the Go
  23. HeyDay Ice Cream and Cones
  24. Hardees
  25. Kababjees Express
  26. Broccoli Pizza and Pasta
  27. Fibbi Café
  28. Yelo Kulfi
  29. Desi Chaat Corner
  30. Gola Ganda
  31. Bond Street Waffles
  32. Caffe Praha
  33. Gloria Jeans
  34. El Nacho Grande
  35. Freshly Freeze

Lucky One Mall Events

Mall Inauguration Ceremony

It was held on 5th May 2017.

World Laughter Day

A day spent without laughter is a wasted day.

Father’s Day

They celebrate Father’s day every year with love.

Independence Day

Lucky One Mall celebrates Independence Day with great enthusiasm.

Eid Festival

The Mall celebrates Eid and gives its customers different gifts.

World Chocolate Day

The Mall celebrates ‘World Chocolate Day’ at South East Asia’s Biggest Atrium.

Back to School

The Mall makes back to school easy for school-going children.

Spring Shopping Festival

A special Spring shopping festival is held.

Lucky One Mall location

Lucky One Mall Brands

  1. Miniso
  2. Hobnob
  3. Tabba Heart
  4. Travel Mate
  5. Carrefour
  6. Bata
  7. Happy House
  8. Kashif Dental Clinic
  9. Insignia
  10. Servis
  11. Stylo
  12. Kausar Medico
  13. 1st Step
  14. Nadia Hussain Salon
  15. Mumuso
  16. Unze London
  17. Make-up City
  18. Interwood
  19. Dynasty Distributions
  20. Kids and Kids
  21. Samsung Mobiles
  22. Essence D’ARABIA
  23. Casio
  24. Saeed Ghani
  25. JafferJees
  26. Beauty and Fragrances
  27. Sweet Touch
  28. Walkeaze
  29. Dermalogica
  30. Heritage
  31. Afghan Handicrafts
  32. Regal
  33. Sulafah
  34. Heels Fashion
  35. Urban Sole
  36. Shoe Planet
  37. Magnet Home
  38. Hush Puppies
  39. Gree
  40. Essence De Paris
  41. KZ Pro
  42. Time Zone
  43. Opitic Gallery
  44. BLS-British Lingerie Studio
  45. Outfitters
  46. HBL
  47. Allied Bank Limited
  48. Royal Exchange Co.
  49. Habib Qatar Exchange Co.
  50. Breakout
  51. Splash
  52. WB By Hemani
  53. Andy Birds
  54. Diner’s
  55. Levi’s
  56. Skecher
  57. Pen World
  58. One Life
  59. Susan International
  60. Shahzeb Saeed
  61. Tudors
  62. Adidas
  63. Royal Tag
  64. Cambridge
  65. Furor
  66. Oxford
  67. Almirah
  68. Moosa Jee
  69. Cotton and Silk
  70. Giordano
  71. Saya
  72. Speed Sports
  73. Bank Alfalah
  74. Bonanza
  75. Charles and Keith
  76. Khaadi
  77. BeachTree and Pepperland
  78. Orient Lawn
  79. Safina Safinaz
  80. Almas
  81. Al-Karam Studio
  82. Ego
  83. Agha Noor
  84. Sapphire
  85. Edenrobe
  86. Ethnic by Outfitters
  87. Ideas
  88. The Body Shop
  89. Sheep
  90. Change
  91. Zeen
  92. Nishat Linen
  93. Chinyere
  94. Limelight
  95. Cross Stitch
  96. Minnie Minors
  97. Rang Ja
  98. Kayseria
  99. Hopscotch
  100. Dhanak
  101. Huawei
  102. Ruby Jewellers
  103. Aisha Hassan
  104. Leisure Club

Code of Conduct

All visitors, shoppers, employees, and merchants have to follow all these instructions:

  1. Personal bodyguards and weapons aren’t allowed on the premises of the Mall. Offending others, abusing, yelling, shouting, threatening, harassing, and fighting are forbidden.
  2. Littering Mall premises isn’t allowed. It is a criminal act to damage, destroy, defaces, and steal mall property.
  3. If any unpleasant incident occurs, customers are advised that instead of taking the matter in their hand, report the Customer-Service Representative present at the Information desk.
  4. Don’t block access to entrances of Mall, store, corridors, elevators, and parking areas, gathering in such a way that may disturb the peace of public.
  5. When using mall benches and chairs, prefer handicapped and elderly.
  6. Accompany children and elderly on escalators and elevators, control children, and stop them from running in Mall and don’t allow them to use trolleys.
  7. Don’t bring pets inside Mall.
  8. It is mandatory to observe all Provincial & Federal rules.
  9. Smoking and alcohol consumption are not allowed inside the Mall.
  10. The mall administration isn’t responsible for customer belongings’ theft and misplacement.
  11. Videography and photography, literature distribution, demonstration, solicitation, surveys, special promotions, sale or purchase of things from customers to customers, and free sampling aren’t allowed without management’s permission.
  12. Sunday is fixed for families.
  13. Car parking for the whole night isn’t allowed.

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Timings of Mall

Retail Outlets and Kashif-Dental

Saturday to Thursday 10:00 AM-08:00 PM (Closes on Friday)


Monday-Sunday 09:00 AM-08:00 PM


Monday-Friday 09:00 AM-05:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM-05:00 PM

Kausar Medico and Hobnob

Monday-Sunday 10:00 AM-08:00 PM


Monday-Friday 09:00 AM-05:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM-02:00 PM

Food Street

Monday-Sunday 10:00 AM-10:00 PM

Friday Break

12:30 PM-02:00 PM

Notifications by Mall

Gates of the Mall would be closed at 07:30 PM for the retail outlets.

Customers could order food from the Food-Court & are allowed to eat till 10:00 PM at open-air food street situated on the ground floor.

Contact Information

For Queries and Information

Phone # +92 2136321311

Email: [email protected]

Marketing Department

Phone # +92 21 36322048

Email: [email protected]

Social Media Handles