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JS Bank

JS Bank

JS Bank Ltd (JSBL) is a Pakistan-based commercial bank located in Karachi, Pakistan and is a leading and subsidiarity of Jahangir Siddique & Co having total revenue of almost five-hundred and sixty-two million as n Dec 2018.

The bank has grown into an extensive network spread all across Pakistan and an International branch in Bahrain. It was founded in 2007 after merging 2-mega corporates (American Express Bank Ltd & Jahangir Siddiqui Investment Bank Ltd). The article carries every information about the Bank, including JS Bank History.

Traded As:KSE: JSBL
Industry:Banking and finance
Headquarter:1st Floor, Shaheen Commercial Complex, Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
Area served:Pakistan
JS Bank Limited:the fastest growing banks in the country
2014, the deposits:balance sheet crossed the Rs100 billion
Investment Bank:commercial banking wing of American Express Bank Pakistan
compound annual growth:rate of 36
per cent – from:Rs3.3 billion
CY10 to:Rs15.3 billion
Internet Banking :the world of JS Bank Internet Banking
stock outperformed:the market in 2012 and 2014
variety of products:both depositors and borrowers at competitive rates
JS Bank ATMs :ATMs are a convenient and hassle-free way for customers to get cash
A number of employees:2,082
Parent organization:Jahangir Siddiqui & Co

JS Bank History

JS Bank History

The set up of this bank started when Jahangir Siddiqui and Co. Ltd took ownership of Citicorp Investment Bank Ltd on 1st Feb 1999. The organization was named JSIBL (Jahangir Siddiqui Investment Bank Ltd) and had sixty per cent stake in Citicorp granting its operations and ownership in Pakistan.


To be most responsible, customer-centric and innovative bank of Pakistan.  


The bank’s mission is to emerge as a world-class bank offering innovative and up to date financial services to their clients via a skilled staff consisting of motivated professionals.

It is equipped with latest and innovative technology while maintaining high ethical standards, generating value for all investors, and contributing to the country through sustainable and responsible development. 


  1. Integrity
  2. Team Work
  3. Innovation
  4. Customer Centricity
  5. Professional Excellence

JS Bank History

JS Bank Governance

  1. Mr Kaleem-ur-Rehman-Chairperson
  2. Mr Ashraf Nawabi-Non-Executive Director
  3. Mr Adil- Non-Executive Director
  4. Mr Hassan Afzal- Non-Executive Director
  5. Mr Ghulam Sikandar-Independent
  6. Mr Sohail-Independent Director
  7. Mr Munawar- Non-Executive Director
  8. Ms Nargis Ghaloo- Independent Director
  9. Mr Basir-CEO & President

Elections of Bank Directors

The electoral procedures for designating directors was arranged on 28th March 2019, electing eight directors for three years starting from 28th March 2019 and next elections would be held in March of 2022. 

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Green Climate Fund accredited JS Bank in 2019, making it 1st Pakistani financial institute to get this accreditation. GCF (Green Climate Fund) is a global strategy to foster a productive response to change in climate via the assistance of ‘Accredited-Entities’ worldwide.

Code of Conduct

  1. Smoking is allowed in smoking zones only and strictly prohibited in working zones and during office hours. 
  2. Spitting within premises of bank isn’t allowed.
  3. Employees are not allowed to misuse letterheads, official stamps, and other properties of bank.
  4. Tampering with records of the bank isn’t allowed.
  5. Employees must enhance and protect the reputation and assets of the bank.
  6. Supervisors/ Managers must act as an example for all bank employees. 
  7. The employees are directed to treat all customers equally irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, and account balance. 
  8. Bank staff is guided to create a bank environment conducive to working and is free from any type of harassment. 
  9. The employees should not involve in any political activities.
  10. In case of any emergency, misbehaviour, and conflict, staff members should inform their senior managers or immediate boss. 
  11. The bank staff shouldn’t accept any gifts or cash from their customers.
  12. The employers shouldn’t leak bank’ information and credentials.
  13. Staff should report all bank transactions correctly and accurately. 
  14. In case of resignation, employees should return facilities (cell phones, laptops) provided by the bank. 
  15. The staff should keep the customer’s information secret. 
  16. The staff must protect patents, copyrights, and trademarks of the bank.

JS Bank Branches

Monetary Penalty

In 2019 State Bank of Pakistan imposed financial penalties on ten banks, including JS bank for violating directives, guidelines, regulations, rules, and laws. 

Branch Banking

Service/Product Type and Standards  

  • Counter-Transaction  

Standard: All UBPS/cash transactions at the counter would be conducted within ten minutes only.

  • Issuance of Cheque Book          

Standard: Issuance of cheque books is made within five working days.

  • Account-Opening                     

Standard: Accounts are opened within 1-Business day.

  • Visa Debit-Card                           

Standard: Within five banking days visa debit-card would be generated.

  • Issuance of the Payment Order      

Standard: Issuance of pay orders would be made within thirty minutes.

Business Sectors of Bank

  1. Commercial Banking
  2. Investment Banking
  3. Agriculture Financing
  4. Trade Services
  5. Commercial Banking
  6. Bahrain Wholesale
  7. Corporate Banking

Corporate Information

Status of Company: Scheduled Commercial-Bank

NTN: 2663703-7

Registration Number of Company: 0054329

Fax # +92 (21) 3-263 1803

Phone # +92 (21) 327 990 09

E-mail: [email protected]

Auditors: EY Ford, Chartered-Accountants 

Legal Advisor

  • Bawaney & Partners
  • Liaquat Merchants Associates
  • Haidermota BNA 


JS Bank Ltd, Shaheen Commercial-Complex

 Dr Zia-ud-din Ahmad Road

 P.O. Box # 4847, Karachi-74200, Pakistan

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