Best Pakistani Makeup Brands

Best Pakistani makeup brands

Local Makeup Brands

Are you looking for the best Pakistani Makeup brands?

Pakistan’s makeup industry is increasing with time. Various brands have been originated that have made their name. The time is not so far when these local Pakistani brands will reach the height of success and will be appreciated internationally too.

Not only they are producing quality products but they are also giving relaxation when it comes to price. We have gathered a complete list of prominent Pakistani brands that are functionally successfully. Let’s have a look at the list below that is taken from

Best Pakistani makeup brands products

Best Pakistani Makeup Brands

If you have been looking for the most effective yet budget-friendly local cosmetics or makeup brands, your search will end here. The list includes:

1- Atiqa Odho Cosmetics

Atiqa Odho is a popular name that is known to everyone. She is the most gorgeous and renowned Pakistani legendary actress who has mesmerized everyone with her beauty and acting.

In 2004, she became the first Pakistani celebrity to launch her own brand to promote local Makeup brands. After many years, her brand is one of the most significant local makeup brands with quality products.

2- APK Cosmetics

It is one of the Best Pakistani Makeup Brands that opened its first store in Pakistan a few years ago. Despite being a famous makeup brand, they offer reasonable products that are within everyone’s range.

From makeup remover to BB cream to eyeliners, everything is budget-friendly. You can also order online by visiting their official website.

3- Bling By Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is another renowned Pakistani celebrity who has served as a notable model and an actress for many years. Apart from being a model she also runs a Salon in Karachi and often remains in different controversies.

Her first local makeup brand with the name ‘Bling by Nadia Hussain’ came into being in 2019 and in no time became recognizable because of her massive fan following on the internet.

She offers a wide range of lipsticks, skincare products, eye makeup palettes, fragrances, and whatnot. You can order any product online from the official website. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it one of the Best Pakistani Makeup Brands.

bling by nadia hussain

4- Merium Pervaiz Makeup

If you are fond of makeup, you will surely be familiar with this new makeup brand launched by one of the popular Youtubers of Faisalabad, Merium Pervaiz. In no time, she earned massive success with her videos and so does her brand.

In the start, her makeup brand caught controversies but it didn’t affect anything. Currently, her brand is one of the Best Pakistani Makeup Brands that produces a wide range of products in an affordable price.

From offering the best Mascara products to the most glossy lip shades, she has come a long way and many more to come. If you have been looking for the Best Pakistani Makeup Brands, here is the perfect recommendation.

5- Alezem Beauty

The next one added to the list is the Alezem brand which is operating for a long time. They keep giving various offers and discounts to their clients to make a healthy relationship. They offer different makeup products and skincare serums and masks.

They have an online store where you can buy any product including lipsticks, cheeks tint, Mascaras, makeup brushes, foundation, serums, face masks, and whatnot. This local brand might not be currently popular but with time it will surely come on the list of one of the Best Pakistani Makeup Brands.

6- Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Masarrat Misbah, a famous Pakistani beautician is known for giving aid to acid-burn girls for which she was awarded the Pride of performance. She runs Depilex Smile again Foundation and is an inspiration for many women.

She launched her makeup brand many years ago that has a wide range of all makeup and skincare products. Tough, many people find it a bit expensive but the quality is top-notch. Her brand is one of the Best Pakistani Makeup Brands. You can also order any product today from the official website.

Masarrat Misbah Makeup

7- Beautify by Amna

Beautify by Amna is the largest and one of the Best Pakistani Makeup Brands that also operate internationally. They offer a wide range of beauty products including foundation, shimmers, serums, masks, face cleaners, brushes, lipsticks, etc.

Now make your special events extraordinary by using the products from ‘Beautify by Amna.’ Each product is completely affordable and within your range. So why not try this local brand that is operational for a long time in Pakistan. Suleman Hameed is the owner of this local brand.

8- Zay Beauty

The next one is the Zay beauty brand which not only serves in Pakistan but also internationally too. However, it is one of the best Pakistani makeup brands to produce quality products in a cheap rate. You can shop as many things as you want from their official website.

From the best eyeshadow palette to offering your favorite blush packs, you have various choices to make. This brand is also said to be the Desi brand that is specially designed while keeping in mind the requirements of local clients. They keep adding various deals to attract more people.

9- Bonanza Satrangi Makeup

Bonanza Satgrangi is a famous clothing brand that has been serving for a long time. However, they also have a makeup outlet where they provide a wide range of beauty products including lipsticks, foundation, concealer, tint, etc.

The makeup products are also available in the stores while you can also order them online from their official website. If you love their 3-piece collection, you will surely adore their makeup products as well.

Bonanza Satrangi makeup

10- Glam Girl Makeup

The last one of the best Pakistani makeup brands on the list is Glam Girl which is owned by Mahwish Saqib, a famous beautician. Like other brands, it also has various makeup and skincare products that are affordable.

The products go well with every type of skin as they are specially designed while keeping the climate factor in mind. So, why not try this local brand?

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