Gucci Bags

Gucci Bags

Gucci Bags Overview

Gucci is Kering Group’s subsidiary. It is the world’s most well-known and prominent luxury brand, a real global standard for accessories and fashion, and a benchmark for a cutting-edge, successful venture.

The Fashion House, which was established in 1921 in Florence, is recognized for its modern and eclectic works of art that epitomize Italian artistry and are unrivaled in terms of attention to detail, quality, and creativity design.

Gucci bags outlet online is an option for those customers who don’t have Gucci stores in their country. Gucci bags Nordstrom, eBay Gucci bags, and Selfridges Gucci bags are some noted options.

Gucci Bags for women

Gucci Bags History

In 1921 Gucci was established when Guccio Gucci began a small luggage shop and leather products firm in his hometown of Florence. It now belongs to the French fashion business Kering. In 2010, Gucci expanded its range of clothing and leather items for men and women to include a children’s collection.

Sales of the brand increased 33 percent in 2018 and 42 percent in 2017 as a result of the rising interest of Chinese consumers. With 57 percent of total revenue, leather goods continue to be the largest market sector. In January 2015, Marco Bizzarri assumed leadership as CEO and president.

Gucci Bags Collection

Gucci designer bags are available in a variety of designs and colors. The brand’s bag collection is equally praised by men, women, and children. Sometimes the price of a Gucci bag may be more than the rent of an apartment or a month’s pay, still, people are fond of this brand’s bags. Black Gucci bags, and Gucci gold bags are the most-liked options

1- Gucci Bags Men

Gucci Tote Bag

  1. Off the Grid Tote Bag
  2. Off the Grid Long Tote Bag
  3. Ophidia Soft GG Supreme Large Tote
  4. GG Tote with Leather Details
  5. GG Tote Bag with Leather Details
  6. Medium Tote with Carnation Print
  7. Gucci Pineapple GG Supreme Medium Tote
  8. Small Tote with Gucci Logo
  9. GG Embossed Medium Tote Bag
  10. Medium Tote Bag with Interlocking G
  11. Medium Tote with Interlocking G

 Messenger Bags

  1. Gucci Horsebit Shoulder Bag
  2. Neo Vintage Small Messenger Bag
  3. Neo Vintage GG Medium Messenger
  4. Gucci Bestiary Messenger Bag with Bees
  5. Sling Backpack with Interlocking G
  6. Shoulder Bag with Interlocking G
  7. GG Supreme Mini Tote Bag
  8. GG Mini Bag with Clasp Closure
  9. Gucci Horsebit Mini Bag

Gucci belt Bags

Gucci Belt Bags

  1. Gucci Pineapple GG Supreme Belt Bag
  2. Off The Grid Belt Bag
  3. GG Embossed Belt Bag
  4. Belt Bag with Interlocking G
  5. GG Marmont Belt Bag
  6. Blondie Belt Bag
  7. Blondie Mini Belt Bag
  8. Ophidia GG Belt Bag
  9. Jackie Belt Bag
  10. Ophidia Belt Bag
  11. Gucci Marmont Bag
  12. Belt Bag with Interlocking G
  13. GG Belt Bag with Tiger Print
  14. GG Black Belt Bag
  15. Bestiary Belt Bag with Bees


  1. Neo Vintage GG Supreme Pouch
  2. Bestiary Pouch with King Snake
  3. Bestiary Pouch with Bee
  4. GG Supreme Pouch
  5. Off the Grid Pouch
  6. GG Embossed Pouch
  7. GG Black Pouch
  8. GG Supreme Web Pouch
  9. Pineapple Pouch
  10. Ophidia GG Toiletry Case
  11. Pouch with Interlocking G
  12. Jumbo GG Pouch
  13. GG Marmont Pouch
  14. Bananya Print Pouch

Duffle Bags

  1. GG Carnation Print Duffle Bag
  2. Off the Grid Duffle Bag
  3. Off the Grid Briefcase
  4. Adidas*Gucci Mini Duffle Bag
  5. Adidas*Gucci Large Duffle Bag
  6. Gucci Diana Large Duffle Bag

Business Bags

  1. Ophidia Soft GG Supreme Large Tote
  2. Off the Grid Briefcase
  3. Ophidia Soft GG Supreme Large Tote
  4. Ophidia GG Medium Backpack
  5. GG Tote Bag with Leather Details
  6. GG Embossed Tote Bag
  7. GG Embossed Briefcase
  8. Business Case with Gucci Logo
  9. GG Black Tote
  10. GG Briefcase
  11. GG Black Briefcase
  12. Business Case with Interlocking G

Materials Used for Gucci Men Bags

Different materials like denim, suede, eco features, GG canvass, leather, logo leather, and precious are used.

Color Options for Bags

Gucci bags for men are available in different colors including blue, black, beige, white, neutral, green, brown, grey, and red.

Gucci bags for men

2- Gucci Bags Women

Backpacks and Belt Bags

  1. Vintage GG Supreme Backpack
  2. Vintage GG Supreme Belt Bag
  3. Eden Small Backpack
  4. Off The Grid Belt Back
  5. Bamboo Large Backpack
  6. Bamboo Small Backpack
  7. Bamboo Mini Handbag
  8. Bamboo Mini Belt Bag
  9. GG Marmont Belt Bag
  10. Blondie Mini Belt Bag
  11. Blondie Belt Bag
  12. GG Marmont Python Belt Bag
  13. GG Marmont Belt Bag
  14. Ophidia Utility Belt Gucci Mini Bags
  15. Ophidia GG Belt Bag
  16. Ophidia Belt Bag
  17. Jackie Belt Bag
  18. Backpack with Interlocking G

Precious Handbags

  1. Sylvie Lizard Small Shoulder Bag
  2. Sylvie Python Small Shoulder Bag
  3. Jackie Small Python Bag
  4. Exclusive Jackie Bag
  5. Exclusive Jackie Python Bag
  6. Jackie Python Small Shoulder Bag
  7. Jackie Crocodile Small Shoulder Bag
  8. Dionysus Python Mini Bag
  9. Gucci Diana Small Crocodile Tote Bag
  10. GG Marmont Small Python Shoulder Bag
  11. Gucci Diana Medium Python Tote Bag
  12. Dionysus Small Anaconda Shoulder Bag
  13. Jackie Lizard Mini Bag
  14. Jackie Medium Shoulder Bag

Gucci Crossbody Bags

  1. Bananya Print Mini Tote Bag
  2. Mini Tote Bag with Interlocking G Heart Print
  3. Padlock Mini Bag
  4. Dionysus Small GG Shoulder Bag
  5. Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag
  6. Gucci Horsebit Mini Bag
  7. Gucci Horsebit Small Shoulder Bag
  8. Ophidia GG Shoulder Bag
  9. Bamboo Mini Handbag
  10. Jumbo GG Mini Handbag
  11. Jumbo GG Mini Tote Bag
  12. Ophidia GG Mini Shoulder Bag

Mini Bags

  1. Gucci Bamboo Mini Top Handle Bag
  2. Gucci Horsebit Lizard Mini Bag
  3. Gucci Diana Mini Lizard Tote Bag
  4. Gucci Bamboo Crocodile Mini Bag
  5. Dionysus GG Mini Bag
  6. Gucci Horsebit Mini Bag
  7. GG Marmont Matelassé Leather Super Mini Bag
  8. Ophidia GG Mini Shoulder Bag
  9. GG Marmont Super Mini Bag
  10. GG Marmont Top Handle Mini Bag


  1. GG Clutch with Crystals
  2. Gucci Horsebit Small Python Bag
  3. Gucci Horsebit Small Bag
  4. Gucci Diana Python Clutch
  5. Gucci Blondie Shoulder Bag
  6. Beaded Clutch Bag

Gucci Shoulder Bags

  1. Jackie Small Shoulder Bag
  2. Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag
  3. Padlock Small GG Shoulder Bag
  4. Dionysus Metallic Lizard Small Shoulder Bag
  5. Sylvie Patent Leather Mini Top Handle Bag
  6. Sylvie Python Small Shoulder Bag
  7. Soho Small Leather Disco Bag
  8. Padlock GG Medium Shoulder Bag
  9. Padlock Mini Bag
  10. Jackie Mini GG Shoulder Bag
  11. Jackie Lizard Mini Bag
  12. Diana Lizard Mini Bag
  13. Horsebit Lizard Mini Bag
  14. Dionysus Mini Bag
  15. North America Exclusive Dionysus Ba

Tote Bags

  1. Medium Tote Bag with Interlocking G
  2. Gucci Diana Medium Top Handle Bag
  3. Gucci Diana Python Medium Tote Bag
  4. Gucci Horsebit Tote Bag
  5. Medium GG Star Tote Bag
  6. Jackie Medium Tote Bag
  7. Gucci Off the Grid Long Tote Bag
  8. Gucci Off the Grid Tote Bag
  9. Padlock Medium GG Shoulder Bag
  10. Padlock Small GG Shoulder Bag
  11. Medium Tote with Interlocking G

Material Used for Gucci Women Bags

These bags are manufactured using a variety of materials including suede, leather, GG canvass, denim, fabric, and precious.

Color Options for Bags

Gucci bags for women are available in different colors including yellow, white, silver, red, purple, pink, orange, neutral, grey, green, gold, brown, blue, black, and beige.

3- Gucci Bags Kids

  1. Star Belt Bag
  2. Tote Bag with Apple
  3. Cat Print Belt Bag
  4. Tote Bag Car Print
  5. Cat Print Backpack
  6. Strawberry Star Backpack
  7. Strawberry Star Belt Bag
  8. Strawberry Top Handle Bag
  9. Strawberry Fairy Print Messenger Bag
  10. GG Tote Bag
  11. Double G Backpack
  12. GG Plus Diaper Bag
  13. GG Supreme Diaper Bag

Materials used for Gucci Kids Bags

Fabric, rubber, fabric, and GG canvass are used for the manufacturing of kids’ bags.

Color Options for Bags

Gucci bags for girls and boys are available in many colors including blue, brown, white, red, pink, green, beige, and black.

Gucci Bags Price

The price of these bags is generally high and is not affordable for many people. But the material and quality are unmatched. So, the fashion lovers desire to wear and use Gucci. For such people used Gucci bags are an affordable and good option instead of buying new Gucci bags.

Gucci Bags Pakistan

There is no Gucci bags outlet in Pakistan, but users could buy them from online websites and large malls that sell imported products. Gucci bags sale is also offered on online websites to facilitate customers in buying these expensive bags. Gucci bags price in Pakistan varies according to the shipping charges, and the current rate of dollars.

Fake Gucci Bags Vs Original Gucci Bags

Genuine bags of this brand typically have stitching that is more even and tighter, and hardware that fits more evenly and tightly. The genuine article simply has a higher-quality appearance and feel. Many people believe that the simplest way to differentiate a real article from a fake is to look for the serial number tag.

Gucci’s serial number is usually found on a leather patch that is attached to the bag’s interior at the top; it is not stitched down completely. The tag should be a vertical rectangle or square-shaped. But some people knowingly buy copied versions of these bags in an attempt to have cheap Gucci bags. Gucci x Balenciaga bags are also available on many online websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Gucci bags cost?

Gucci raises its prices annually, like the majority of premium brands, adding to the exclusivity and uniqueness of the brand. The majority of Gucci bags 2021 cost between $900 and $3,000. Furthermore, the brand introduces seasonal prints which create value and rarity for the classic bags. Gucci bags on sale are offered on some online websites.

Where is Gucci bags made?

These bags are made in Italy.

What are Gucci bags made of?

Different materials like denim, fabric, rubber, leather, GG canvass, suede, and logo leather are used for the manufacturing of these bags.

How much are vintage Gucci bags worth?

The cost of these bags can vary significantly based on the bag’s style, condition, and material. However, the typical price range for a vintage Gucci bag is between $180 to $8,000.

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