Gucci Shoes

Gucci Shoes

Gucci Shoes Overview

Gucci is a high-end, luxury fashion brand with its roots in Florence. It manufactures handbags, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, colognes, home décor, and ready-to-wear are among. The brand manufactures shoes for men, women, and kids. And the variety in designs, color range, and color combinations are unmatched.

The brand is enjoying global fame. Different materials like rubber, leather, velvet, fabric, canvass, and supreme fabric are used in manufacturing of shoes. Gucci shoe stores are located in Italy, Russia, USA, France, Japan, China, UK, and Spain.


Guccio Gucci established Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Tuscany. Under the leadership of Aldo Gucci (Guccio’s son), Gucci rose to become a global brand and a symbol of the Italian Dolce Vita. Family disagreements in the 1980s resulted in the Gucci family’s ultimate exclusion from the firm’s capital by 1993. Gucci was purchased in 1999 by the French firm Pinault Printemps Redoute, that later adopted the name Kering.

Gucci Shoes Women

Gucci shoes for women include a variety of the shoe styles like boots, ankle boots, sandals, thongs, sneakers, slides, pumps, mules, espadrilles, loafers, and moccasins. These shoes are available in captivating designs and eye-catching colors.

The Gucci shoes women sneakers are pretty good and easy to match your wardrobe. For an evening function, Gucci high-top sneakers are the ideal footwear option. But Gucci shoes heels are also not less in comfort due to their superior craftsmanship. Gucci bee shoes have Gucci’s historical emblem on them in embroidered form. Following list gives an overview of different designs available under different shoe categories:

  • Sandals and Thongs
  1. GG Sandal with Crystals
  2. Sandals with Spheres
  3. Lovelight Sandal with Flower
  4. Patent Leather Slingback
  5. Horsebit Strappy Sandal
  6. Heeled Slide Sandal
  7. Python Open Toe Pump
  8. Crocodile Print Pump
  9. Interlocking G Cut-Out Sandal
  10. Double G Slide Sandal
  11. GG Platform Sandal
  • Boots and Ankle Boots
    1. Blondie Ankle Boot
    2. Mid-Heel Ankle Boot with Horsebit
    3. GG Ankle Boot
    4. Chelsea Boot with Chain
    5. Python Print Boots
    6. Leather Boots
    7. Python Print Ankle Boot
    8. Interlocking G Horsebit Boot
    9. Ankle Boot with Double G
    10. Leather Ankle Booth with Sylvie Web
    11. GG Knee-High Boot
    12. Boot with Crystals
    13. Boot with Harness
    14. GG Ankle Boot with Buckles
    15. GG Canvas Ankle Boot
    16. Re-Edition Women Boot
  • Sneakers
  1. Run Sneaker
  2. Adidas Gazelle Sneaker
  3. Run Sneaker
  4. Lovelight Screener Sneaker with Glitter
  5. Lovelight Screener Sneaker
  6. Screener Leather Sneaker
  7. Screener Sneaker with Web
  8. GG Embossed Sneaker
  9. GG Sneaker
  10. Basket Sneaker
  11. Rhyton Heart Sneaker
  12. Exclusive GG Rhyton Sneaker
  13. Gucci Tennis Sneaker
  • Slides
  1. Double G Slide
  2. GG Matelasse Slide Sandal
  3. GG Rafia Effect Slide Sandal
  4. Double G Slide
  5. GG Platform Slide Sandal
  6. Platform Slide Sandal
  7. Jumbo GG Platform Slide
  8. GG Slide Sandal
  9. Padded Web Slide Sandal
  10. GG Platform Sandal
  11. Slide Sandal with Interlocking G
  12. Adidas x Gucci GG Platform Sandal
  13. Adidas x Gucci Satin GG Clog
  14. Interlocking G Cut-out Slide Sandal
  15. Adidas x Gucci GG Clog
  16. Crocodile Cut-out Slide Sandal
  • Ballet Flats
  1. Lovelight Crystal Ballet Flat with Horsebit
  2. Ballet Flat with Horsebit
  3. Leather Ballet Flat with Horsebit
  • Espadrilles
  1. Platform Espadrilles
  2. GG Matelassé Canvas Espadrilles Sandal
  3. Leather Platform Espadrilles
  4. Interlocking G Espadrille
  5. GG Espadrille
  • Jacquard Espadrille
  • Espadrille with Double G
  • Pumps
  1. Lovelight Midheel Slingback with Horsebit
  2. Midheel Slingback with Horsebit
  3. Crocodile Slingback
  4. Leather Midheel Pump
  5. Adidas*Gucci Trefoil Pump
  6. Adidas*Gucci GG Pump
  • Mules
  1. GG Clog
  2. Horsebit Clog
  3. Adidas*Gucci Horsebit Clog
  4. Adidas*Gucci Leather Clog
  5. Adidas*Gucci GG Platform Sandal
  6. GG Matelassé Princetown Slipper
  7. Platform Perforated G Sandal
  • Loafers and Moccasins
  1. Blondie Pump
  2. Leather Loafer
  3. Leather Horsebit Loafer
  4. Jordan GG Loafer
  5. Adidas*Gucci Loafer
  6. Loafer with Double G
  7. GG Jordan Loafer

Colors Available for Women Shoes

This brand’s shoes are available in a variety of colors including red, white, pink, beige, black, brown, blue, neutral, orange, gold, purple, yellow, silver. Red Gucci shoes, white Gucci shoes, and pink Gucci shoes are most-liked for formal purposes.

Materials Used for Women Shoes

Denim, fabric, GC Canvass, leather, rubber, velvet, suede materials are used in manufacturing of women shoes.

Gucci Shoes Men

The brand offers a wide range of men shoes both for formal and informal purposes. The men shoes range include Gucci dress shoes, moccasins, loafers, mules, boots and many more. Gucci tennis shoes, Gucci shoes trainers, Gucci gym shoes are preferred by men involved athletic activities, gym trainings, or sports. Gucci men shoes line is given below:

  • Sneakers
  1. Screener Sneaker with Tiger Print
  2. Ace GG Supreme Tigers Sneakers
  3. Screener Sneaker
  4. Rhyton Sneaker
  5. GG Rhyton Sneaker
  6. Exclusive Rhyton Sneaker
  7. Rhyton Star Print Sneaker
  8. Rhyton Leather Sneaker
  9. Run Floral Sneaker
  10. Run Sneaker
  • Moccasins and Loafers
  1. Loafer with Horsebit
  2. Loafer with Interlocking G
  3. Jordaan Loafer
  4. Crocodile Loafer
  5. Loafer with Tassel
  6. Loafer with Double G
  7. Adidas*Gucci Loafer
  8. Jordaan Crocodile Loafer
  • Boots
  1. Ankle Boots
  2. Ankle Boot with Buckle
  3. Knee-High Boot with Harness
  4. Buckle Ankle Boots
  • Driving Shoes
  1. Men’s Driver with Interlocking G
  2. Horsebit Driver
  3. Driver with Web
  4. Leather Driver with Web
  5. Signature Driver
  • Slides and Sandals
  1. Adidas x Gucci GG Platform Sandal
  2. Padded Web Slide Sandal
  3. Rubber Slide Sandal with Web
  4. Web Rubber Slide Sandal
  5. Interlocking G Slide Sandal
  6. Web Slide Sandal
  7. Maxi GG Canvas Slide Sandal
  8. GG Canvas Slide Sandal
  9. GG Rafia Effect Slide Sandal
  10. Interlocking G Slide Sandals
  11. Bee Print Slide Sandal
  12. Off the Grid Slide Sandal
  13. Matelasse Rubber Slide
  14. Rubber GG Slide Sandal
  • Lace up Shoes
  1. Lace up Shoes with Harness
  2. Shoe with Harness
  3. Lace up Shoe with Brogue Details
  4. GG Nylon Lace up Shoe
  • Espadrilles
  1. Star Espadrille
  2. GG Espadrille
  3. Espadrille Slide Sandal
  4. Espadrilles with Web
  • Mules
  1. Slip-On-Sandal
  2. GG Slip-On-Sandal
  3. Slipper with Web
  4. Slipper with Interlocking G
  5. Leather Horsebit Slipper

Colors Available for Men Shoes

The brand offers shoes in different colors or a blend of colors including yellow, white, red, bordeaux, blue, black, beige, green, grey, orange, neutral, brown,

Materials Used for Men Shoes

Different materials like GC Canvass, leather, suede velvet, denim, fabric, GC supreme fabric, rubber are used in manufacturing of Gucci shoes for men.

Gucci Shoes for Kids

The brand also manufactures Gucci shoes for kids in different designs and colors. Babies Gucci shoes line consists of screener sneaker, ballet flat with horsebit, double G moccasin, interlocking G slide sandal, slide sandal with straps, Ace original GG sneaker, cut-out GG sandal, glitter sandal with horsebit, clog with horsebit and tennis sneaker.

Colors Available for Kids Shoes

White, silver, red, pink, grey, green, gold, beige, blue, black, Bordeaux are the color options for kids shoes.

Materials Used for Kids Shoes

Different materials like GC Canvass, leather, suede velvet, denim, fabric, GC supreme fabric, rubber are used in manufacturing of kids shoes.

Gucci Shoes Price

This is an expensive brand due to its global fame, quality of the material used, comfort level, variety in designs, and demand. For some people the price of this brand’s shoe pair may be more than the rent of their apartments or their monthly pay. Users have find a solution to fulfil their desire of wearing Gucci shoes i.e., by purchasing pre-loved articles from resale market. Gucci shoes sale is not offered in stores but some online sites sell Gucci shoes on sale.

Payment Options

  • JCB
  • Master Card
  • Affirm
  • American Express
  • Amazon Pay
  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • Discover

Gucci Shoes Pakistan

Gucci shoes outlets are not present in Pakistan but users could buy their desired shoes by placing online orders on authentic websites and also some large malls are selling these shoes in Pakistan. Gucci shoes price in Pakistan depends on the shoe category, delivery charges, and dollar rate.


Where are Gucci shoes made?

These shoes are made in Italy.

How much are Gucci shoes?

These shoes have different prices and are very costly. But the comfort they provide and high quality material used in their manufacturing justify the price.

How to spot fake Gucci shoes?

The lining of genuine Gucci shoes is made of flexible, premium leather, and the heel should be marked with ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘Gucci’. Fake shoes’ linings will be of inferior quality. Make sure to look closely at the logo for sloppy print; it should have clear, sharp lines.

Where to buy Gucci shoes?

Customers could buy the shoes from Gucci shoes outlets or could also order online via Gucci’s website or other authentic websites.

Where can I sell my Gucci shoes?

Due to the high price of new Gucci shoes, people want to purchase pre-loved shoes or sell their used shoes to earn some cash. Such purchases and sales could be made in the resale market. So, the users could have access to cheap Gucci shoes.