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Mastung  the capital of Mastung District, is a town in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is located at 29 48’0N 66 50’60E and has an altitude of 1701 m

Nushki (Balochi: بلوچ ) is a town and district in Balochistan, Pakistan. It lies southwest of Quetta, and is situated in a plain at the base of the Quetta

Chaman (also spelt Chaman) (Pashto/Urdu:  چمن ) is the capital of Qilla Abdullah District, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is situated south of the Chaman bord

Loralai (Pashto: لورالائی‎) is the principal city of Loralai District in the northeast of Balochistan province in Pakistan. It was formerly known as

Sibi (Balochi: بلوچ ‎‎) (Urdu: سِبی‎) is a city of Balochistan province of Pakistan. The city is located at 29°33’0N 67°52’60E at an altitu

Turbat (Urdu: تُربت), is a city located in southern Balochistan, a province of Pakistan. The town is the administrative centre oif Kech District and Turb

Faisalabad (Lyallpur until 1979), is the third-most-populous city in Pakistan, and the second-largest in the eastern province of Punjab. Historically one of th

Islamabad (Urdu: اسلام آباد)Combining a rich history, the confluence of many a civilization and temperate climate, Islamabad – the capital city of Pak

When someone asks you about your culture majority of us defines it in Pakistan s term in my country we have diversified various cultures i.e. Punjabi

Hyderabad is second largest city of Sindh Province. It has over 6 Millions population. The city has one of the most interesting bazaar of the country