List Of Multan Cinemas

List Of Multan Cinemas

List Of Multan Cinemas

Cinema plays an important role in cultural transmission and strengthening the values of a society. The price of the cinema ticket depends on the quality of the film or the time when the film is displayed. Multan comprises of 11 Cinemas that are well developed and are entirely safe to visit with family. This article has all the information about Multan Cinema, incorporating a List of Multan Cinemas.

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List of Multan CinemasMultan Cinemas ListCine Star CinemaUniversal Cinema Multan

List of Multan Cinemas

In Pakistan, the standard of the cinema is passing through a phase of revival. It has experienced a few decades of complete decline due to its control in the hands of people who were unprofessional, not skilled, and ignorant of the changing trends of the time.

As the population of the country is 65% youth and educated, they are no more interested in Gujjars around whom the whole story revolved. These have been replaced by new actors, new stories and new technologies and ideas and new stories.

That is the reason for the young generation rushing towards cinemas. In Multan, there are many cinemas where people come to watch new movies. These cinemas include:

  1. Hashmat mahal Cinema
  2. Kiran Cinema
  3. Babar auditorium
  4. Naz cinema
  5. Khayam Cinema
  6. Crown Cinema
  7. Universal Cinema
  8. Rex Cinema
  9. Dreamland Cinema
  10. Taj Mahal Cinema
  11. Cine star

Multan Cinemas List

Khayam Cinema

It is located on Hamayon Road, Multan. It is considered as one of the old Cinemas in the city Khayam Cinema Multan is famous for its newly released Lollywood and Bollywood movies. Even people from remote areas come here to watch a movie and spend their time.

The price of the ticket depends on the time and quality of the movie. Many people have their memories attached to this Cinema. It is open throughout the week. The tickets can be reserved on +92 61 4518255.

Rex Cinema

It is located opposite to GPO Multan. It provides the latest facilities to the people and gives a touch of creativity and novelty. People can also book their tickets on the phone that makes it easy for them to come whenever they want. It is open from morning till night and has two halls with the capacity of more than 300 visitors at a time.

The ticket price varies from 250 to 750. It can be contacted through +92614582818.

Universal Cinema

It is situated in Grand Shopping Mall. Universal Cinema has two screens. It also gives the facility of booking the tickets on the phone. It is open from 11 AM to 12. The cinema has a capacity of 370 people at a time and has three halls. The price of the 2D ticket is 550 while 3D ticket costs 770. The tickets can be booked on +923166668888.

Naz Cinema

It is located in Walayatabad no 1. It is one of the famous cinema halls of the city. Mostly, movies that are expected to have a higher number of viewers are played. Due to this reason, it often remains busy. Its Contact Number is 061 4580034.

Babar Auditorium

Babar auditorium is located on katchehry Road, Multan. It provides the best possible facilities to its customers. The tickets can be reserved on +92 333 6809475.

Cinestar Cinema

It is located on Abdali Road, Multan. It is decorated with the latest light designs and has a capacity of 450 people at a time. It opens at 10 Am and closes at 11 Pm. The capacity of the people at a time is 270. The price of the 2D ticket is 500 while 3D ticket costs 700 rupees.

Its contact number is 061 4577043. Further information can be taken from its official website.

Crown Cinema

It is located in Hussain agahi, Multan. This cinema, like Naz cinema only plays the famous movies that will attract the people. It is one of the most loved places in Multan.  Mostly, due to its selection of movies, it is fully packed.

Kiran Cinema

It is located in Haram Gate, Multan. The content shown in this cinema is quality and people love to visit it. The price of the tickets varies on different occasions. Tickets of this cinema can be reserved on +92 333 6809475.

Hashmat Mahal Cinema

It is located on N-70 Road, Multan.  It is a 3D cinema and has two screens. The cinema has the capacity of two hundred people at a time. Hashmat Mahal Cinema offers 2D and 3D tickets. 2d ticket costs 300 rupees while 3D ticket costs 600 rupees.  The tickets can also be booked on a mobile phone. The contact number is 0333 6809475. This cinema shows movies of Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood. It is open from 11 Am till 10 Pm.

Dreamland Cinema

It is located on Shaheen Younus road Multan. It displays 2D and 3D movies. The cinema has two screens. It has a capacity of two hundred people at a time. The price of a 2D ticket is 400 and the 3D ticket is 550. The tickets can be reserved on 0308 7648398 Its email address is [email protected]

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