List Of Abbottabad Cinemas

List Of Abbottabad Cinemas

List Of Abbottabad Cinemas

Pakistani cinema has reached the tipping point. With a record 11 local films (10 feature films and one animated film) in 2015, at least three of which were massive hits, the long sought after revival of local cinema has happened.

Gone are the days of the gujjars and gandaasas, seamlessly replaced by a mix of artsy biopics, big budget entertainers, kitschy coming of age numbers and rollicking, if raunchy, comedies. Decrepit and dingy cinema halls have been traded in for slick cineplexes equipped with plush seats, modern technology and the promise of a film ‘experience’.

Going to the cinema has become not only an acceptable but a desirable activity as well, and the choices, whether in terms of show times, cinema locations or the films themselves, are extensive. This article has all the information about List Of Abbottabad Cinemas.

In Urdu:ایبٹ آباد سینماوں کی فہرست
Names of other cinema houses:Two of them, Royal cinema and Umpire cinema
Owned by:Owned by the cantonment board and the municipal committee, respectively
Constructed before:They were constructed before partition
Two other cinema Centre:Two other cinema houses located in the cantonment area are FFR Centre and AMC Centre
Names of Cinemas:AMC Cinema Hall & Taj Mahal Cinema & 5D Wonder World Cinema
Name:Taj Mahal Cinema
Address:Taj Mahal Cinema in Hospital Rd, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Built in:Built in 1948
Built by:Mohammad Khan Hoti
Seats capacity:600 spectators
Sold it:In 1974
Administrative region:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Name:AMC Cinema Hall
Address:AMC Cinema Hall in Abbottabad North-West Frontier
ISIC Codes:5914
Administrative region:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Name:5D Wonder World Cinema
Address:Karakoram Hwy, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Phone :+92 305 5104246
Administrative region:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Other cinema houses:There were also four other cinema houses in Abbottabad city
Total Number of Cinemas:3

Abbottabad Cinema inside the Hall Abbottabad Cinema at Rush Abbottabad Cinema after The Show Abbottabad Cinema tipping point Abbottabad Cinema


Abbottabad Cinema record 11 local films

List Of Abbottabad Cinemas

Abbottabad Cinema list of Cinemas

  1. AMC Cinema Hall
  2. Taj Mahal Cinema
  3. 5D Wonder World Cinema

Taj Mahal Cinema

Abbottabad Cinema Taj Mahal Cinema
The historic Taj Mahal cinema of Abbottabad city, which was also the only remaining in Hazara division, is being dismantled after its owner sold the property.Mohammad Saeed Khan, who was running Taj Mahal cinema for the last about 40 years, said that the business was at full swing till 2010 and Abbottabad being a tourist city provided entertainment facilities to visitors, but later the business dwindled which forced the owner to sell the property. Built in 1948 by Mohammad Khan Hoti the cinema house once used to be full to its capacity of 600 spectators. He sold it in 1974.[1] once used to be full to its —   capacity of 600

In 1996

However, the Umpire cinema was demolished by the municipal committee in 1996 to construct a commercial building on the site. Similarly, the Royal cinema was also dismantled by the cantonment board for the construction of a commercial plaza.[2] In 1996

However, the two departments have not yet constructed plazas there and the land is being used for car parking and cabins constructed privately.

Saeed Khan said that the downfall of the cinema industry started with the downfall of Pakistan film industry which failed to produce quality


Abbottabad Cinema

  • Taj Mahal Cinema in Hospital Rd, Abbottabad, Pakistan
  • Seats capacity 600 spectators

5D Wonder World Cinema

Abbottabad Cinema 5D Wonder World Cinema
5D Wonder World Cinema is located in Abbottabad. 5D Wonder World Cinema is working in Movie theaters activities.



  • Address Karakoram Highway, Abbottabad, Pakistan
  • Phone +92 305 5104246

AMC Cinema Hall

Abbottabad Cinema AMC Cinema Hall
AMC Cinema Hall is categorized as Movie Theater in Abbottabad , Pakistan



  • AMC Cinema Hall in Abbottabad North-West Frontier