List of Lahore Cinemas

List of Lahore Cinemas

List of Lahore Cinemas

Lahore has always remained the source of amusement for everyone as it is enriched with every relaxing and amusing item that one can demand for fun. As far as Lahore Cinemas are concerned, then it has indeed taken a turning point and started showing Quality pictures to its viewers.

This article has all information about the Cinemas incorporating a List of Lahore Cinemas. It accommodates with the location of the cinemas, contact information, capacity, ticket prices and the facility that these cinemas offer.

Full Name:List of Lahore Cinemas
In Urdu:لاہور کےسینیما

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List of Lahore Cinemas

After the revival of the Film Industry in Pakistan, people once again head over to these cinemas with the same fervour. Movies with good content, story, good actors and new technology compel the viewers to visit cinemas. Lahore has always been the center of a large number of cinemas where people wait in lines to get a ticket.

In Lahore, there are more than 20 Cinemas that are providing quality service to the people. These cinemas display 2D and 3D movies at a reasonable price. People have many options when they want to go outside for recreation or watching their favorite movie. A few of Lahore Cinemas incorporate:

  1. Cine Gold
  2. Universal Cinemas
  3. Super Cinema
  4. Cinestar Cinema
  5. DHA Cinema
  6. Shabistan Cinema
  7. Sozo Cinema
  8. Plaza Cinema
  9. Al-MUmtaz Cinema
  10. Bahria Cinema
  11. Cinepax
  12. Capri Cinema
  13. Taj Cinema
  14. Pakistan Talkies Cinema
  15. Cinepax Fortress
  16. PAF Cinema
  17. Anguri Cinema
  18. Plaza Cinema
  19. Imperial Cinema
  20. Cinestar Cinema

Let’s talk about a few of Lahore Cinemas in detail that are worth visiting, and if you haven’t ever got a chance to pay a visit there, then you might missing something big.

Lahore Cinemas

Cine Gold Cinema Lahore

Cine Gold Cinema is located in Bahria Town, Lahore. It provides the best quality service with a clear sound system and high definition display. The cinema offers tickets at a very reasonable price. It shows four shows daily. The cinema opens at 11:00 Am and closes at midnight.

It has a capacity of 220 people at a time. The ticket of a Red lounge costs 700 rupees, and the Gold lounge costs 1000 rupees. A family-oriented environment enhances the importance of this cinema.

 Item Description
 Address 50′ Rd, Takbeer Block Sector B Bahria Town, Lahore
 Contact +92 42 35340000

Cinestar Cinema Lahore

Cinestar Cinema is considered as one of the best 3D cinema in Pakistan. IT is located in Township, Lahore. In 2012 Cinestar agreed to join hands with IMAX Corporation that is a Canadian theatre company, to open IMMAX Theatres in Pakistan.

However, in 2016 it officially did the partnership with IMAX theatres along with Pepsi Company. The Cinestar opens at 11: am and closes at midnight. The cinema has a capacity of 320 people at a time. It offers 4 shows daily. The price of a 2D ticket is 500, while that of 3D is 650 that is quire reasonable.

 Item Description
 Address plot # 13, 2 Ali Rd, Civic Center Township Commercial Area Lahore
 Contact +92 42111246362
 Email [email protected]

Universal Cinema Lahore

The Universal Cinema is established on Abdul Haq Road, Lahore Pakistan. It is a huge cinema with 9 screens and a comfortable facility for 1500 seats. The size of each screen is 73 feet. It opens at 11:00 Am and closes at 11:45. The ticket can be reserved on +92 3166668888.

The price of a 2D ticket is 500 while the 3D ticket is 650. It ensures to provide you quality time with your loved ones and always comes with exciting shows.

 Item Description
 Address Abdul Haque Rd, adjacent to Lahore International Expo Centre, Phase 2 Johar Town
 Email [email protected]

Gulistan Cinema Lahore

Here comes another remarkable cinema in Lahore for your recreation and quality time. This cinema is situated on Abbottabad Road, Lahore. It has large rooms and a seating capacity of 220 people. The service provided is quality, and people love to visit this Cinema.

The show starts at 11:00 Am and continues until late at night. One 2D ticket costs 450, and 3D ticket costs 650 rupees.

 Item Description
 Address Abbott Rd, Qila Shah Faisal, Mayo Gardens, Lahore, Punjab
 Contact +92 3454545710
Capacity 220

Super Cinema Lahore

Lahore has introduced another cinema to grasp everyone’s attention. People are acknowledging it with time as they are organizing new facilities. This Cinema is situated on MM Alam road. It comprises three halls and a capacity of 120 seats.

The tickets are divided into Silver, Gold, and Platinum Categories. Silver ticket costs 400, Gold costs 470, and Platinum costs 700 rupees. Tickets can also be reserved on contact number +92 42 111 234567.

 Item Description
 Address 4th Floor Vogue Tower،, 15 MM Alam Rd, Block C 2 Gulberg III
 Contact +92 42 111 234567
 Email [email protected]

Cinepax Cinema Lahore

Apart from Lahore, Cinepax is established in various cities of Pakistani because of its quality pictures and family inclined environment. It provides the best possible facilities to the visitors. It is likewise enriched with a snooker lounge and a game lounge for the attraction of visitors.

It opens at 10:30 Am and closes at 11:00 Pm. Its tickets cost Silver 500, Gold 750, and platinum 1000 rupees. You can book your tickets online by heading over to their website.

 Item Description
 Contact 111 246372
 Email [email protected]

Metropole Cinema Lahore

With the revival of cinema, Metropole Cinema has also seen a massive rise in a crowd with time. At the start, it failed to grab the attention, but now it has somehow managed to be in the spotlight because of improved sound and picture quality. It is situated on 11 abbot road, near Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore.

It has 2D and 3D screens and a seating capacity of 430 people. Tickets can be reserved on +92 42 36364513. One 2D ticket costs 500 rupees, and 3D ticket costs 650. It offers 4 shows daily.

 Item Description
 Address 11 Abbot road, Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore.
 Email [email protected]

PAF Cinema Lahore

PAF cinema that is also named as PAF Auditorium is located on Sarfaraz road, Lahore. It has a capacity of 500 people at a time. The seats are separate, while for families, there is a different area. It does not provide an online ticket service. It is open from 9:00 Am to midnight.

A 2D ticket costs 650 rupees while a 3D ticket costs 780 per ticket. It is established in various cities of Pakistan.

 Item Description
 Address Sarfaraz Rafiqui Rd, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab
 Contact +92 4236688880
 Email [email protected]

Imperial Cinema Lahore

It is another remarkable cinema in Lahore that assures to have a comfortable environment so that people would spend quality time. It is located on Burki Road Lahore. It provides services at reasonable prices. Its seating capacity is 420 people. It opens at 10:45 and closes at late at night.

2D ticket costs 650, and 3D ticket costs 750 rupees. You may book your tickets online, too, according to your feasibility.

 Item Description
 Contact (042) 37184350
 Address Imperial Mall, Burki Road Lahore
 Email @impcinemas

Plaza Cinema Lahore

The Plaza Cinema has located on Queens Road, Lahore. The maximum seating capacity is 220 people. 2D ticket costs 499 rupees and 3D costs700. It is yet another finest cinemas of Lahore that is acknowledging with time and is all set to be the next big thing of Lahore in no time due to the facilities it offers to its viewers.

 Item Description
 Address 6 Queen’s Road, Mozang Chungi, Lahore
 Contact +92 3347207143
 Email [email protected]

Shabistan Cinema Lahore

Shabistan is another progressing cinema of Lahore that established on Abbot Road, Lahore. The shows that are displayed before 4 Pm costs 220 & 300 only. The cinema offers three shows daily. It has a capacity of 320 people at a time. One 2D ticket costs 400, and 3D costs 600 rupees.

It somehow succeeded in capturing everyone’s attention to a great extent.

 Item Description
 Address Abbott Road, Qila Gujjar Singh, Lahore
 Contact 3203244488040
 Email [email protected]

Angui Cinema Lahore

Anguri Cinema is located on Shalimar link road, Lahore. Its seating capacity is around two hundred. It features movies of Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood. The cinema opens at 10:45 Am and closes at 11:30 Pm.  A single ticket for this cinema costs 320 rupees.

The ticket can be reserved on mobile as well. Its contact number is 0315-8105666.

 Item Description
 Address Shalimar Link Road, Muslim Colony Lahore, Punjab 54000
 Contact 0315-8105666

Sozo Cinema Lahore

This cinema is situated in Fortress stadium Lahore. The cinema has separate sitting for male and female. Its total capacity is 500. It opens at 9:00Am and closes at midnight. The price of a 2D ticket is 500 rupees and 3D ticket is 650.

Tickets can be reserved on phone as well. Its contact number is 0321 3000633. Its email address is [email protected]

 Item Description
 Contact 0321 3000633
 Email [email protected]


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