Ali Moeen Nawazish

Ali Moeen Nawazish

Ali Moeen Nawazish

Ali Moeen Nawazish is a Pakistani columnist, entrepreneur, educationist, and a top academic achiever. He is serving as a columnist and general manager for the famous newspaper named Daily Jang. He got international fame in 2009 after maintaining 22 A’s, 1 B, and 1 C in his A-levels which are considered to be the world record of the time in 2009.

Furthermore, he also graduated in the subjects of international relations and politics from the University of Cambridge. Ali mastered Journalism from the University of Graduate School Of Journalism, Columbia. Moeen is very active on social media where he often faces criticism because of his straightforwardness. This article comprises all the information about him, including Ali Moeen Nawazish Biography.

Name:Ali Moeen Nawazish
In Urdu:علی موین نوازش
Famous As:first in the world to do 23 A Level subjects
Education:St Mary’s Academy Lalazar, Rawalpindi Roots School System Trinity Hall, Cambridge Columbia Journalism School
Profession:Ambassador, Columnist
Awards :Pride of Performance, Agha Hassan Abedi Gold Medal, PMA Gold Medal, Nazriyati Pakistan Council Award
Designation: :Guinness Book of World Record Holder
Years active:2011
Date:21st February 1990
Place:Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Siblings :Hisha Mehwish

Ali Moeen Nawazish Biography

Ali Moeen Nawazish Biography

The early life of Ali started from spending his life’s first hours in his motherland Rawalpindi while studying at St. Mary’s Academy. His father and mother, both were doctors. He got the General Certificate of Education from Root School System and wished to elevate the name of his country with greatness.

He got nine “A’s” in his “O level” studies and got the award of being a topper, in Computer Studies. Moreover, he aimed and wished to graduate in many subjects in order to promote the name of his country Pakistan as well as to make a world record of achieving A-Levels in a maximum number of subjects.

Ali Date of Birth

He was born on 21st Feb 1990 in Rawalpindi. After completing his studies he went abroad and is currently living there. Currently, he lives in America.

Education of Ali

After completion of his early studies from Roots School system, he went for higher education and scored A-Levels in twenty-three subjects including biology, math, sociology, further mathematics, etc. He was awarded for achieving the highest marks in the field of Information Communication Technology.

Furthermore, some of the top institutions including Yale and Harvard accepted the admission of Moeen Nawazish after he secured the top scores in the test of United States Admissions. His achievement was a result of his efforts which include long hours of studies.

Ali Moeen Nawazish Ali Family

Moeen belongs to an ordinary family. He is married and is blessed with a daughter.

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Ali Moeen Nawazish World Record

He made a world record after maintaining 22 A’s, 1 B, and 1 C in 2009 in his A-levels. He also made a world record in achieving the highest marks of the country in the subject of Information Communication Technology. The subjects that he selected in A-levels include:

  1. Physics – A-Level
  2. Biology – A-Level
  3. Mathematics – A Level
  4. Marine Sciences – A-Level
  5. Computing – A-Level
  6. Applied ICT – A Level
  7. Urdu Literature – A Level
  8. Thinking Skills – A Level
  9. Geography – A Level
  10. Applied Geography – A Level
  11. Urdu Literature – A Level
  12. General Paper – A Level
  13. Pure Mathematics – A Level
  14. Human Biology – A Level
  15. Further Mathematics – A Level
  16. Sociology – A-Level
  17. Psychology – A-Level
  18. General Studies – A Level
  19. English Language – A Level
  20. Urdu Language – A Level
  21. Critical Thinking – A Level
  22. Travel and Tourism – A Level
  23. Business Studies – A Level
  24. Chemistry – B Level
  25. General Further Mathematics – C Level

Media Attention

After making a world record of maintaining A’s in twenty-two subjects Ali got the media’s attention and was invited by many television channels and other media programs for interviews, quizzes, and many other seminars. His name was quoted by many national and international newspapers and television channels including BBC, Al – Jazeera, Times Online, Daily Mail, CNN, The Independence, The Telegraph, and Khaleej Times.

Moreover, Nawazish was invited by many other Television channels as a guest to their shows. Furthermore, he kept the routine of his leisure hobbies. He uses to play cricket, guitar, and table tennis as well as editing the newspaper of his school. He also went to America on a trip for attending the course of Harvard Leadership.

Ali Moeen Nawazish education

Ali Moeen Nawazish Awards

He was awarded many times including the Pride of Performance by the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani for maintaining A’s in twenty-three subjects. The award “Pride of Performance” is the highest civil award of Pakistan. He was also invited as a guest by the Chief Minister of Punjab who congratulated him in honor of making an academic world record.

Furthermore, he was awarded a Gold Medal by many institutions including PMA and Agha Hassan Abedi. He was also honored with the award of Nazriyati Pakistan Council Award. His name has added to the Guinness Book of World Record Holders.


Ali Nawazish started his professional career as a columnist and Youth Ambassador in GEO Television Channel and Jang Group of Newspapers which is considered to be the biggest media group in Pakistan. His was aimed at highlighting the issues of young people who are often neglected in their professions and academic achievements.

He attended many shows on television and other media channels as a host, judge, and analyst. He served Jang Group of Newspapers as a general manager of innovation and strategy. Furthermore, he was the mastermind behind the project of “Jang Real App” which provides information of printed Jang newspapers in video and audio.

The app of Jang Group of newspapers is available on iOS and Android as well as everyone can use it on their Smartphone for accessing the printed media of Jang. He is often seen highlighting major issues of Pakistan on his social media accounts. Furthermore, he doesn’t hesitate to point out the weak points of the current government for which he is often criticized by the public that he hardly bothers.

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Social Media Handles

His social media account include