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Imran Riaz Khan He is a fierce and robust Pakistani journalist who started his career…

Marvi Sirmed is a famous and outspoken Pakistani Journalist and human right defender who often remained in the limelight due to different controversie

A 78 years old Veteran Journalist Hussain Naqi always spoke for the rights of all the communities for which he suffered a lot during his Journalist care

Majid Nizami was a veteran journalist and editor-in-chief of the Nawai Waqt Group.A newspaperman of the old school, Mr Nizami had an unflinching commitment to a

Sadia Afzal is a Journalist, host, and reporter of Pakistan and is in the industry since 2003. She has the privilege of covering the most sensitive op


Syed Khurram Zaki was a Former Head of current affairs for News One, a satellite news channel from Pakistan. He was shot dead on 7th May 2016 in Kar

Altaf Gauhar also known as Muhammad Altaf Gauhar was a first Pakistani civil servant, journalist, poet, and writer.

Mohmmad Izharul Haq is respected as a modern poet of substance who made fresh experiments at the level of language and technique.He has written four books of

Nadeem Farooq Paracha also other name Nadeem F. Paracha is a left-liberal Pakistani journalist, cultural critic, satirist and short story writer.He writes a col

Ata ul Haq Qasmi is a Pakistani Famous Urdu Language Columnist and Poet.He has been written many articles for the newspaper of Pakistan.The most distinguished