Ahmad Faraz

Ahmad Faraz

Ahmad Faraz

Born as Syed Ahmed Shah and recognized most commonly by pen name Ahmad Faraz was a Pakistan-based Urdu poet, chairperson of PAL (Pakistan Academy of Letters), and scriptwriter. He used to write his poetry under Takhallus Faraz.

Ahmad began his professional career as a producer at Radio Pakistan and later started working as a lecturer at Peshawar’s Islamia College. He wrote poetry to criticize the military government and the military takeover in Pakistan. Military dictators displaced him. He passed away in Islamabad on 25th Aug 2008. This article has all the information about him, including Ahmad Faraz Biography.

Name:Ahmad Faraz
In Urdu:احمد فراز‎
Famous As:Poet
Genre:Urdu Ghazal
Ethnicity :Pashtun
Education:MA degrees in Urdu and Persian languages
Alma Mater:University of Peshawar, Edwardes College, Peshawar Model School
Literary movement :Progressive Writers Movement, Democratic Movement
Subject :Romance, political resistance
Profession:Urdu poet, Lecturer
Awards :Notable awards Hilal-e-Imtiaz Sitara-i-Imtiaz Nigar Awards
Career:Ahmad Faraz served as Chairman, National Book Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Date:12th January 1931
Place:Kohat Pakistan
Children:Saadi, Shibli Faraz and Sarmad Faraz
Siblings :Syed Masood Kausar
Date:25th August 2008
Rest Place:Islamabad

Ahmad Faraz Biography

Ahmad Faraz Biography

Ahmad was known as one of the modern poets of the Urdu language. He used to write under his Takhalus ‘Faraz.’  People compare his poetic work with great poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. His way of writing is simple, and a common man can easily understand his work.

He used his poetry to express his criticism on military rule in Pakistan, for which he was detained, and he had to impose an exile period on him. Despite all these hurdles, he didn’t stop expressing his thoughts and opinions via his poetry.

Though his health was deteriorating day by day, he still remained actively involved in the judicial crisis and joined lawyers in their protest against the Pakistani government and also urged his colleagues to join the protest. He is the recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Hilal-e-Pakistan, Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Nigar awards.

Ahmad Date of Birth

He opened his eyes on 12th January 1931 in Kohat, NWFP (now KPK), British India.

Education of Ahmad

He received education at Edwardes College in Peshawar and secured a Master’s degree in Persian and Urdu from the University of Peshawar. When he was a college student, renowned poets Ali Sardar and Faiz Ahmed Faiz influenced him.

Ahmad Faraz Family

He was of Hindi background; his brother Masood Kausar is a Pakistan-based politician who served as 28th Governor of KPK. Besides this, he served in several senior government posts, including Speaker Assembly, Minister for Communications, and Chairperson of Standing Committee.

He is among PPP’s founding members. Faraz’s son Shibli Faraz is a political figure who is working at MoIB (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting) since 28th April 2020. He is a leading member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Shibli’s mother is a retired 21-grade officer.

Ahmad Faraz son


He started his poetic career during his student life with his ghazal collection entitled ‘Tanha Tanha.’ His poetic work’s main themes were beauty and love. May renowned singers like Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jehan used his poems. Hassan sang ‘Ranjish He Sahe’ and Noor Jahan sang ‘Silisilay Tor Gaya.’

Liked by Indian and Pakistanis

Pakistani as well as Indian public widely liked his poetry; his poetry was greatly demanded at mushairas.

Political Activities

He was detained for authoring poems that criticized military rule in Pakistan during the government of General Zia-ul-Haq. After this arrest, he underwent a self-inflicted exile. He remained for six years in Europe, Canada, and Britain before his return to Pakistan.

Services as Chairperson

In Pakistan, he was designated as chairperson of PAL (Pakistan Academy of Letters) and later as chairperson of the National Book Foundation in Islamabad for many years.

Interview to BBC News

He appeared in an interview on BBC news and told a funny incident that once his father brought clothes for Eid and he did not like clothes brought for him and liked those that were for his brother. This disliking made him write his 1st couplet:

  • Sb Key Wastay Lae Hein Kapray Sale Sey
  • Laye Hein Meray Lye Qaidi Ka Kambal Jail Say

Ahmad Faraz shayri

Ahmad Faraz Death

In 2008 rumors were spread about his death while he was getting treatment in the Chicago sanatorium. But he returned to Pakistan and later passed away of kidney failure in Islamabad on 25th Aug 2008, and funeral prayers were held on 26th Aug among several government officers and admirers at H-8 cemetery, Islamabad.

Ahmad Faraz Ghazals

  1. Suna Hei Log Usay Bhar Kay Dekhtay Hein
  2. Ranjish He Sahe Dil Dukhanay Kay Lye Aa
  3. Ankh Se Door Na Ho Dil Say Utar Jae Ga
  4. Ab Kay Hm Bichday Tu Shayad Kbhi Khawabon Mein Milain
  5. Is Say Pehlay Ke Bewafa Ho jaein
  6. Abi Kuch Aur Karishmey Ghazal Ke Dekhte Hein
  7. Ashique Mein Mir Jesay Khawab Mat Dekha Kro
  8. Zindagi Se Yeh He Gila Hei Mjhe
  9. Silsilay Tor Gya Wo Sb He Jatay Jatay
  10. Qurbat Bh Nahein Dil Sey
  11. Dost Bn Kar Bh Nahein Sath Nibhanay Wala
  12. Ab Aur Kiya Kisi Say Marasam Barhaein Ham
  13. Ab Kay Tajdeed-e-Wafa Ka Nahein Imkaan Janam
  14. Samnay Uske Kabhi Uske Sataish Nahein Ke
  15. Aisa Hai Kay Sab Khawab Musalsal Nahein Hotay
  16. Tere Batain He Sunan Aye
  17. Awal Awal Ke Dost Hei Abhi
  18. Aisay Chup Hein Ki Yeh Manzil Bh Kadi Ho Jesay
  19. Phr Usi Rehguzar Par Shayad
  20. Jb Bh Dil Khol Kay Roye Hun Gay

Ahmad Faraz sher

Ahmad Faraz Poems

  1. Mujh Se Pehlay
  2. Bhali Si Aik Shakal Th
  3. Wapisi
  4. Muhasara
  5. Eid Card
  6. Mat Karo Qatal Awazon Ko
  7. Dosti Ka Hath
  8. Yeh Mere Ghazlain Yeh Mere Nazmain
  9. Agr Ye Sb Kuch Nahein
  10. Khawabon Kay Byopari
  11. Hamdard
  12. Aye Meray Saray Logon
  13. Intisab
  14. Kaneez
  15. Kali Deewar
  16. Pehle Awaaz
  17. Mein Aur Tu
  18. Ay Meray Wattan Kay Khush Nawao
  19. Hitch Hiker
  20. Sawal
  21. Tu Behtar Hei Yeh
  22. Ban-Bas
  23. Takhleeq
  24. Nama-e-Janan
  25. Tasalsul
  26. Mujasma
  27. Safaid Chadiyaan
  28. Tazmeen

Ahmad Faraz Books

  1. Nayafat
  2. Shab-e-Khoon
  3. Pas-e-Andaaz-e-Mosam
  4. Tanha Tanha
  5. Be Awaaz Gali Kuchoon Mein

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