Tehreek e Islami

Tehreek e Islami

Tehreek e Islami

Tehreek e Islami is a political and religious party based in Pakistan with its head office in Karachi, Sindh. Naeem Siddique, along with his fellows, founded this party in 1994 after quitting JI (Jamaat-e-Islami) in 1993 due to opinion differences with JI’s leadership on matters related to policies of the party that failed Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistani politics. The article contains all the information about the party, including Tehreek e Islami Introduction.

Party Name:Tehreek e Islami
In Urdu:تحریک اسلامی
Founder:Naeem Siddiqui
Leader:Naeem Siddiqui
Type:Religious and Political Party of Pakistan
Strongly Opposes:Secularism, Communism, Capitalism, Liberalism, Nationalism, and Fascism
Party Split into Two Groups:1996
One Group:Led by Naeem Siddiqui
Second Group:Hafeez ur Rehman Ahsan

Tehreek e Islami Introduction

The main goal of the party is to make Pakistan a completely Islamic state via a continuous process. It strictly opposes fascism, nationalism, liberalism, capitalism, communism, secularism, and illegal and immoral practices in economic, political, and social domains.

The party was split in 1996 into 2-groups, Naeem Siddique led the 1st group while Hafeez-ur-Rehman led the 2nd group. In 1998 due to meditation and endeavor of few Arab-based Pakistani companions, both groups got re-united. After this reunion, Naeem Siddique became its political and spiritual leader.

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