Sindh High Court
Sindh High Court

The High Court of Sindh is the highest (law-related) institution of the area of control/area of land of  Sindh   Pakistan. It was established in 1906.It is located at (related to a local area) capital Karachi Pakistan. Apart from being the highest Court of Appeal for Sindh in civil and criminal matters, the Court was the District Court and the Court of Session in Karachi.

Basic Information
Court Name:Sindh High Court
In Urdu:سندھ عدالت عالیہ
Country :Pakistan
Location:Principal Seat: Karachi, Sindh Circuit Benches: Hyderabad, Sukkur & Larkana
Composition Method:Presidential with confirmation of Chief Justice of Pakistan and Governor of Sindh.
Authorized By:Constitution of Pakistan
Decisions are Appealed to:Supreme Court of Pakistan
Judge Term Length:Till 62 years of age
Number of Positions:40
Current Executive:Justice Ahmed Ali M. Sheikh
Since:14 Dec 2015

BuildingChief Justice Ahmed Ali M. SheikhConferenceReception of Sara Flounders and Cynthia Mckinney at Sindh High Court Bar KarachiReception of Sara Flounders and Cynthia Mckinney at Sindh High Court Bar Karach on Monday 3rd December 2012


A Sadar Court for the Province of Sindh was established by Bombay Act XII of 1866. This Sadar Court was the Highest Court of appeal for Sindh in Civil and Criminal matters and was presided over by a Judge called the “Judicial Commissioner of Sindh”. In 1906 the Bombay Act XII of 1866 was amended by the Sindh Courts Amending Act (Bom. I of 1906) and the Sadar Court was converted into the Court of the Judicial Commissioner of Sindh consisting of three or more Judges. Apart from being the highest Court of Appeal for Sindh in civil and criminal matters, the Court was the District Court and the Court of Session in Karachi. On 21st August, 1926 the Sindh Courts Act (Bom. VII of 1926) was passed into law-making provision for the establishment of a Chief Court for the Province of Sindh.

Government of India Act 1935

On the coming into operation of Part III of the Government of India Act, 1935, on 1st April, 1937, Sindh became a separate Province and the Judges of the Court of Judicial Commissioner of Sindh were appointed by Royal Warrant by the British Government.

Sindh Courts Act

As the Sindh Courts Act, 1926 followed closely the lines of the Letters Patent of the Bombay High Court, it was felt that the immediate need of the Province could be satisfied by bringing that Act into operation thereby raising the status of the Court to that of the Chief Court of Sindh. Ultimately the Government of India Act, 1935, was suitably amended by Parliament and on 15th April, 1940 the Sindh Courts Act, 1926, was brought into operation and the Court of the Judicial Commissioner of Sindh became on that day the Chief Court of Sindh.

Judicial Commissioner

In 1907, the Court consisted of a Judicial Commissioner, and three Additional Judicial Commissioners. However, in 1935, the number of Additional Judicial Commissioners was increased from 3 to 4, and in that year the following were the Judges.Judicial Commissioners of Sindh V.M. Forrers, Esq., I.C.S. (Retired, May 1935). Godfrey Davis, Esq., I.C.S. (From June, 1935) Additional Judicial Commissioners of Sindh Rupchand Bilaram, Esq., B. A., LL. B. Dadiva C. Metha, Esq., M.A., LL. B. M.A. Havelivala, Esq. Bar-at-Law. Charles M. Lobo, Esq., B. A., LL.B. (Officiating).In 1937 the Judicial Commissioners, by the Order in Council were designated as the Judges. Significantly for the first time that in 1938 a Muslim namely, Mr. Hatim B. Tyabji, Bar-at-Law was appointed as the Acting Judge of the Court.

Chief Judge

In 1947 Mr. Hatim B. Tyabji became the Chief Judge of Sindh Chief Court and the Court consisted of the following Judges. The Hon’ble Mr. Dennis Nail O’Sullivan, Bar at Law. The Hon’ble Mr. T. V. Thadani, Bar-at-Law. The Hon’ble Mr. George Baxandell Constantine,B.A.(Oxen), I.C.S., Bar-at-Law. The Hon’ble Mr. Hassanali G. Agha, B.A. LL.B. The Mr. Maneksha Rustomji Mehar, I.C.S. (Offg.)”At the time of establishment of the High Court of West Pakistan the number of the Judges of the Karachi Bench was almost the same but subsequently it was increased to 15 and on separation of Sindh & Balochistan High Courts 12 Judges were allocated to the Sindh High Court and 3 Judges to Baluchistan High Court. The present approved strength of Judges is 40.


The construction of existing main building was commenced in 1923, at an estimated cost of Rs. 39,75,248 but it was completed on 22-11-1929, at actual cost of Rs. 30,35,000. This building which was meant for 5 Judges with some provision for expansion in 1929 is now accommodating Benches, Court Rooms and 18 Judges in Chambers. Some Judges have to hold Courts in Chambers. Besides, it also provides accommodation for the offices of the Attorney-General, Deputy Attorney-General,Federal Shariat Court Registry, Advocate-General, Sindh, Additional Advocate General, Sindh, Assistant Advocate General, Sindh and High Court Bar Library. Before shifting Supreme Court Registry from High Court premises two Court rooms and three Chambers were used by the Supreme Court Judges. When the Supreme Court comes to Karachi in bigger strength some more chambers are provided to the Judges of the Supreme Court.

An Annexe Building

In 1974, An Annexe Building on the North-East side of the compound of the High Court was constructed at a cost of Rs. 4.4 Millions but it did not ease the situation much, for it is accommodating the offices of this Court and also provides office accommodation for the Secretary, Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Standing Counsel, Official Assignee, Special Banking Court, Registry of the Federal Shariat Court and Sindh Bar Council. Thus, it will be seen that there is acute shortage of accommodation.

Provincial Government

The provincial Government has allocated a token amount of Rs. One Lac few years back for construction of Annexe Building of South-East of the present building in order to make the scheme as ongoing scheme. The building was estimated in 1984 to cost a sum of Rs. 13.35 millions. The cost now may go up slightly because of inflation. Unless the Federal Government provides funds or the Provincial Government give preference to the construction of this building and provide necessary funds, the building is not going to be completed within a year or two.

Constitution of Pakistan 1973

After the 18th amendment to the constitution of Pakistan 1973, a Judge of High Court is appointed according to the Article 175(A). According to the Article 175(A), a Judicial Commission, chaired by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan recommends the names of eligible persons to be appointed as Judge of High Court. The nominations are forwarded to the parliamentary committee.

Parliamentary Committee

The Parliamentary Committee confirms the nominee by majority within fourteen (14) days otherwise the nominees shall be deemed to have been confirmed. The confirmed names are forwarded to the Prime Minister who forwards the same to the President of Pakistan for appointment.No person is appointed as a Judge of the High Court unless he is a citizen of Pakistan having forty years and has been an advocate of the High Court or has held a judicial office for ten years and has for a period of not less than three years served as or exercised the functions of a District Judge in Pakistan. A Judge of a High Court holds office until he attains the age of sixty-two years, unless he sooner resigns or is removed from office in accordance with the Constitution. Note: -The details of Article 175(A) Appointment of Judge may be seen at the website of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Principal Seat

The principal seat of the High Court of Sindh is at Karachi with a Bench at Sukkur and Circuit Court at Hyderabad and Larkana. The High Court may have more Benches at other places as the Governor on the advice of the Cabinet and in consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court may determine Jurisdiction.[1] History

Chief Justice

Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M. Shaikh was elevated as an Additional Judge, High Court of Sindh on 25th September, 2009 and taken oath as a confirmed Judge on 19th September, 2011. From 16th December, 2015 till 14th March, 2017 he remained as senior Puisne Judge. He also acted as Chief Justice, High Court of Sindh, from 03.03.2016 to 12.03.2016 and 04.08.2016 to 10.08.2016. Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M. Shaikh took oath as the Chief Justice of High Court of Sindh on 15th March, 2017.[2]  Chief Justice 

Honourable Justice

  1. Enrolled as an Advocate of the Lower Court on September 10, 1989.
  2. Enrolled as an Advocate of the Hon’ble High Court on October 27, 1991.
  3. Enrolled as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on October 06, 2008.[3] Judge

List of Honble Chief Justices

S.NoName of Hon’ble JudgesDuration
1Mr. Justice Abdul Kadir Shaikhfrom 01-12-1976 to 30-06-1979
2Mr. Justice Ahga Ali Hyder[4]  List of Hon’ble Chief Justices from 01-07-1979 to 24-03-1981
3Mr. Justice Abdul Hayee Qureshifrom 25-03-1981 to 19-01-1986
4Mr. Justice Naimuddin Ahmedfrom 21-01-1986 to 03-09-1988
5Mr. Justice Ajmal Mianfrom 04-09-1988 to 12-12-1989
6Mr. Justice Sajjad Ali shahfrom 13-12-1989 to 04-11-1990
7Mr. Justice Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiquifrom 05-11-1990 to 21-05-1992
8Mr. Justice Nasir Aslam Zahidfrom 23-05-1992 to 15-04-1994
9Mr. Justice Abdul Hafeez Memon
(Acting Chief Justice)
from 16-04-1994 to 14-04-1996
10Mr. Justice Mamoon Kazifrom 15-04-1996 to 04-11-1997
11Mr. Justice Wajihuddin Ahmedfrom 05-11-1997 to 04-05-1998
12Mr. Justice Kamal Mansur Alamfrom 05-05-1998 to 21-04-1999
13Mr. Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiquifrom 22-04-1999 to 03-02-2000
14Mr. Justice Syed Deedar Hussain Shahfrom 04-02-2000 to 27-04-2000
15Mr. Justice Saiyed Saeed Ashhadfrom 28-04-2000 to 04-04-2005
16Mr. Justice Sabihuddin Ahmedfrom 05-04-2005 to 03-11-2007
17Mr. Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamalifrom 28-08-2008 to 02-08-2009
18Mr. Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmanyfrom 03-08-2009 to 13-02-2011
19Mr. Justice Mushir Alamfrom 14-02-2011 to 19-09-2013
20Mr. Justice Maqbool Baqarfrom 20-09-2013 to 16-02-2015
21Mr. Justice Faisal Arabfrom 17-02-2015 to 13-12-2015
22Mr. Justice Sajjad Ali Shahfrom 14-12-2015 to 14-03-2017
23Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali M. Shaikhfrom 15-03-2017 to date

Former Judges

List of Hon’ble Former Judges of Sindh High Court.

S. NoNames of JudgesRetired/ Elevated/ResignedAppointment DateRetirement / Elevated / Resignation Date
1Mr. Justice (Retd) Durab F. Patel[5] Former Judges Elevated04-09-196707-01-1976
2Mr. Justice Muhammad HaleemElevated25-03-196907-01-1977
3Mr. Justice (Retd)Z.A. ChannaRetired02-10-197219-05-1979
4Mr. Justice Abdul Qadir ShaikhElevated01-02-197601-07-1979
5Mr. Justice (Retd) Dr. I. MehmoodRetired07-08-197211-08-1979
6Mr. Justice (Retd) Mushtaq Ali KaziRetired18-09-197320-12-1979
7Mr. Justice Fakhruddin G. IbrahimEleveted07-08-197217-06-1980
8Mr. Justice Abdul Hafeez MemonRetired12-09-197325-03-1981
9Mr. Justice (Retd)G.M ShahRetired26-02-197725-03-1981
10Mr. Justice (Retd) Agha Ali HaiderRetired05-04-197114-07-1981
11Mr. Justice Zaffar Hussain MirzaElevated01-10-197504-08-1981
12Mr. Justice (Retd) S.A NusratElevated25-02-197704-08-1981
13Mr. Justice (Retd) Ghulam Muhammad KourejoRetired17-05-198031-07-1982
14Mr. Justice (Retd) Ghous Ali ShahRetired18-07-197905-04-1985
15Mr. Justice (Retd) Abdul Hayee QureshiRetired09-02-197219-01-1986
16Mr. Justice (Retd) Munawar Ali KhanRetired26-11-198119-06-1986
17Mr. Justice (Retd) k.A GhaniRetired19-10-198006-12-1986
18Mr. Justice (Retd) Ibadat Yar KhanRetired16-07-198302-07-1987
19Mr. Justice (Retd) Ali Madad ShahRetired16-06-198326-08-1987
20Mr. Justice (Retd) Muhammad Zahoor-ul-HaqRetired10-08-197811-11-1987
21Mr. Justice Naimuddin AhmedElevated01-10-197504-09-1988
22Mr. Justice (Retd) Ahmed Ali U. QureshiRetired29-07-198525-10-1988
23Mr. Justice (Retd) Abdul Razzaq A. ThaimRetired16-07-198317-10-1989
24Mr. Justice Ajmal MianElevated20-03-197813-12-1989
25Mr. Justice (Retd) Dr. Tanzil-ur-RehmanRetired05-03-198016-06-1990
26Mr. Justice (Retd) Muhammad Mazhar AliRetired05-02-198720-09-1990
27Mr. Justice Sajjad Ali ShahElevated10-08-197805-11-1990
28Mr. Justice Saleem AkhtarElevated19-10-198025-03-1991
29Mr. Justice Abdul Rasool AghaRetired05-02-198728-09-1991
30Mr. Justice Saeed-uz-Zaman SiddiquiElevated05-03-198022-05-1992
31Mr. Justice (Retd) Syed Abdur RahmanRetired29-07-198527-01-1993
32Mr. Justice Qaisar Ahmed HamidiDeceased10-09-198806-10-1993
33Mr. Justice (Retd) Haziqul KhaidriRetired10-09-198805-11-1993
34Mr. Justice (Retd) Syed Haider Ali PirzadaRetired16-07-198331-12-1993
35Mr. Justice Nasir Aslam ZahidElevated17-05-198016-04-1994
36Mr. Justice (Retd) Imam Ali G. KaziRetired10-09-198806-05-1994
37Mr. Justice (Retd) Muhammad Aslam ArainRetired11-11-199011-05-1995
38Mr. Justice (Retd) Salahuddin MirzaRetired10-09-198809-22-1995
39Mr. Justice (Retd) Abdul Rahim KaziRetired10-09-198803-10-1995
40Mr. Justice (Retd) G. H. MalikRetired11-11-199010-11-1995
41Mr. Justice Mukhtar Ahmed JunejoElevated10-09-198831-03-1996
42Mr. Justice Agha Saifuddin KhanRetired10-04-199523-06-1996
43Mr. Justice Mamoon KaziElevated29-07-198505-11-1997
44Mr. Justice Wajihuddin AhmedElevated10-09-198805-05-1998
45Mr. Justice (Retd) Majida RazviRetired06-06-199418-01-1999
46Mr. Justice Kamal Mansur AlamElevated11-11-199022-04-1999
47Mr. Justice (Retd) Ali Muhammad BalochRetired06-06-199431-08-1999
48Mr. Justice (Retd) Dr. Ghous MuhammadRetired10-04-199526-01-2000
49Mr. Justice (Retd) Rasheed A. RizviCease to hold office10-04-199529-01-2000
50Mr. Justice (Retd) Mushtaq A. MemonCease to hold office11-01-199729-01-2000
51Mr. Justice Nazim Hussain SiddiquiElevated24-03-199202-02-2000
52Mr. Justice Rana Bhagwan DasElevated06-06-199402-02-2000
53Mr. Justice (Retd) Amanullah AbbasiRetired10-04-199504-04-2000
54Mr. Justice Syed Deedar Hussain ShahElevated06-06-199428-04-2000
55Mr. Justice Hamid Ali MirzaElevated10-04-199528-04-2000
56Mr. Justice Abdul Hameed DogarElevated10-04-199528-04-2000
57Mr. Justice (Retd) Abdul Ghani ShaikhRetired28-10-199711-11-2000
58Mr. Justice (Retd) S. A. RabbaniRetired20-04-199905-06-2002
59Mr. Justice (Retd) Zahid Kurban AlaviRetired27-05-199820-08-2003
60Mr. Justice (Retd) Syed Ahmed SarwanaRetired28-10-199731-12-2003
61Mr. Justice (Retd) Muhammad Roshan EssaniRetired28-10-199731-12-2003
62Mr. Justice (Retd) Muhammad Ashraf LeghariRetired20-04-199931-12-2003
63Mr. Justice (Retd) Ghulam Nabi SoomroRetired27-05-199826-04-2004
64Justice (Retd.) Shabbir AhmedRetired27-05-199819-12-2004
65Justice (Retd.) Wahid Bux BrohiRetired20-04-199906-02-2005
66Mr. Justice Saiyed Saeed AshhadElevated11-01-199705-04-2005
67Justice (Retd.) Ata-ur-RehmanRetired27-05-199818-07-2005
68Justice (Retd.) Ali Aslam JafriRetired11-10-200012-10-2005
69Justice (Retd.) M. Sadiq LeghariRetired27-08-200230-06-2006
70Mr. Justice (Retd) Muhammad Mujeebullah SiddiquiRetired11-10-200031-12-2006
71Justice (Retd) Syed Zawwar Hussain JafferyRetired10-10-200023-04-2007
72Mr. Justice (Retd) Muhammad Moosa K. LeghariRetired11-10-200031-12-2007
73Mr. Justice Sabihuddin AhmedRetired11-01-199719-09-2008
74Justice (Retd) Azizullah M. MemonRetired27-08-200231-03-2009
75Mr. Justice Ghulam RabbaniRetired27-05-199814-04-2009
76Mr. Justice Anwar Zaheer JamaliElevated27-05-199801-08-2009
77Mr. Justice Khilji Arif HussainElevated27-08-200205-09-2009
78Mr. Justice Rahmat Hussain JafferiRetired27-08-200207-09-2009
79Justice Dr. Agha Rafiq Ahmed KhanRetired14-12-200709-10-2009
80Justice (Retd) Muhammad Afzal SoomroRetired10-10-199911-10-2009
81Justice (Retd) Mrs. Qaiser IqbalRetired25-10-200511-10-2009
82Justice (Retd) Nadeem Azhar SiddiqiRetired25-10-200511-10-2009
83Justice (Retd) Munib Ahmed KhanRetired25-10-200519-10-2009
84Mr. Justice (Retd) Ali Sain Dino MetloRetired25-10-200519-10-2009
85Justice (Retd) Zia PerwezRetired11-10-200002-11-2009
86Justice (Retd) Mrs. Yasmeen AbbaseyRetired25-10-200520-04-2010
87Mr. Justice Sarmad Jalal OsmanyElevated27-05-199814-02-2011
88Mr. Justice Amir Hani MuslimElevated27-08-200214-02-2011
89Justice (Retd) Muhammad Athar SaeedRetired25-10-200528-09-2011
90Mr. Justice Gulzar AhmedElevated27-08-200216-11-2011
91Justice (Retd) Shahid Anwar BajwaRetired25-09-200904-10-2012
92Mr. Justice Mushir AlamElevated20-04-199920-09-2013
93Justice (Retd.) Ghulam Sarwar KoraiRetired25-09-200904-04-2014
94Justice (Retd.) Nisar Muhammad ShaikhRetired18-02-201017-11-2014
95Mr. Justice Maqbool BaqarElevated27-08-200217-02-2015
96Justice Muhammad TasnimResigned18-02-201007-05-2015
97Mr. Justice Faisal ArabElevated25-10-200514-12-2015
98Justice (Retd.) Shahnawaz TariqRetired31-08-201301-02-2017
99Justice Sajjad Ali ShahElevated25-10-200514-03-2017
100Justice Syed Saeeduddin NasirDeceased30-05-201416-03-2017
101Justice (Retd.) Syed Muhammad Farooq ShahRetired27-06-201230-09-2017
102Justice (Retd.) Sadiq Hussain BhattiRetired01-06-201213-12-2017
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