Hazar Khan Bijarani

Hazar Khan Bijarani

Hazar Khan Bijarani

Hazar Khan Bijarani was Pakistan-based politician and was elected as a Sindh Provincial Assemblymember for PS-16 Constituency in general election 2013 and was elected a Sindh’s Provincial Minister for Planning & Development since Aug 2016 until his demise in Feb 2018.

As PPP member, he served as Sindh Provincial Assembly’s member from 1974-1977 and a Sindh Provisional cabinet member in several positions. In 1988 he got elected to Pakistan National Assembly and remained there from 1990-1993 and was re-elected to National Assembly from 1997-2013.

From 1988-2013 he served in Federal-Cabinet in several posts. This article carries every detail about him, including Hazar Khan Bijarani Biography.

Name:Hazar Khan Bijarani
In Urdu:ہزار خان بجارانی
Famous As:Politician
Education:MA in Political science and LLB
Profession:MPA of PPP
Email:[email protected]
Permanent Address:12-B, 10th South St. Ext. D.H.A, Phase-II, KHI.
Date:10 July 1946
Spouse:Fariha Razzak Haroon
Children:5 Children
Parents:Sardar Noor Mohammad khan and Begum nawab khatoon Bijarani
Date:1st February 2018
Cause of Death:Murder
Rest Place:Kurrampur, Kashmore
Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)
Serve As:MPA
Member of the National Assembly
Assumed office:1997 – 2013

Hazar Khan Bijarani Biography

Hazar Khan Bijarani Biography

Hazar Khan was an experienced parliamentarian and veteran politician who had a rich political life and served as a provincial and federal minister, keeping different portfolios. He began his political career from the platform of PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) during his student life.

Bijarani had a political background as his father and grandfather were also politicians, and now his son is working as a politician in Pakistan. He was an influential and highly-qualified tribal chieftain of province Northern-Sindh. In 2007 he attracted media attention when he received severe criticism for presiding over the jirga that handed over 5-young girls as compensation.

After receiving criticism, he started avoiding his participation in jirgas. He also authored 2-books entitled ‘An Advocate of Democracy,’ and ‘Point of View.’

Bijarani Date of Birth

He opened his eyes on 10th July 1946 in Karampur, India.

Education of Bijarani

He secured B. A degree from Government National College and an M.A degree in political science. Professionally, he was a lawyer and earned a Law degree from Sindh Muslim-Law College.

Hazar Khan Bijarani Family

He is the son of Sardar Noor Mohammad Bijarani who was a member of Sindh Provincial Assembly. Hazar tied the knot for two times and was father to five children. His 2nd spouse Fareeha was a politician and served in Sindh Assembly as MPA on seats reserved for women.

In the past, she had worked as a journalist. His son Mir Shabeer Ali Bijarani is also a politician and is serving as Sindh’s Provincial Minister for Mines & Mineral Development since 19th Aug 2018. He is also serving as a member of Sindh Provincial Assembly since Aug 2018. Earlier he served as Pakistan National Assembly’s member from June 2013-May 2018. 

Hazar Khan Bijarani wife


Initial Career

He started his political activities during his college life as PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) supporter. After his father Sardar Noor Mohammad’s demise, Hazar got elected to Sindh Assembly as PPP candidate from PS-16 Constituency in the by-election of 1974.

He was twenty-eight at that time. During 1974 he served as Sindh’s provincial minister for sports. He wanted to join civil services but upon suggestions of Zulfiqar Bhutto decided to stay in politics.

General Elections 1977

He got re-elected to Sindh Provincial Assembly as PPP candidate from PS-16 Constituency in 1977 general elections and became Sindh’s Provincial Minister. He kept serving at Sindh Assembly until General Zia-ul-Haq announced Martial law in July 1977.

Hazar Khan Bijarani enthusiastically participated in MRD (Movement for Restoration of Democracy) and was imprisoned for many months. 

Appointment as PPP’s Acting President

Benazir Bhutto appointed him as an acting President of PPP in Sindh, and he served at that post from 1986-1988. In 1988 he parted his ways from PPP and was elected to Pakistan Senate in that same year. 

Appointment as Federal Minister

In 1988 he was designated Federal Minister for Special Education, Housing & Works, Health, Social Welfare, and served until Dec 1988. In Aug 1990 he was added into Federal caretaker-cabinet of caretaker PM Mustafa Jatoi and was given the Federal Ministry for Science & Technology. Furthermore, in Oct 1990 he held the additional ministry of Religious Affairs. He served at both posts until Nov 1990.

General Election 1990

In 1990 general election he got elected to Pakistan National Assembly as an independent contestant from NA-157 Constituency, securing eighty-one thousand six-hundred and ten votes and defeated Pakistan Democratic Alliance’s candidate.

He was added into PM Nawaz’s federal cabinet and was designated as Railway Minister in Nov 1990 where he worked until Sep 1991. He worked as Federal Minister for Defense Production from Sep 1991-April 1993.

Hazar Khan Bijarani politician

Failed to Win National Assembly Seat

He contested for National Assembly seat as an independent contestant from Constituency NA-157 in 1993 general election but got defeated by PPP candidate by securing only twenty-nine thousand six-hundred and eighty-four votes.

Elected to Pakistan National Assembly

In General election 1997, he got re-elected to Pakistan national Assembly as PPP (Bhutto Shaheed) candidate from Constituency NA-157. He defeated a PPP candidate by securing forty-one thousand three-hundred and twenty-five votes. He remained at post of Federal Ministry for Defense Production.

In 2001 he rejoined PPP and got re-elected to Pakistan National Assembly from Constituency NA-209 in the 2002 general election and secured fifty-two thousand six-hundred and thirteen votes defeated PML-Q (Pakistan Muslim League) candidate. 

Induction into PM Yousaf’s Cabinet

In General election 2008, he got re-elected to Pakistan National Assembly from NA-209 Constituency and received 111,578 votes. Moreover, in Nov 2008 he got inducted into PM Yousaf Raza Gillani’s federal cabinet and was given Federal Ministry for Education.

In Dec 2009 Bijarani’s ministry was switched to Industries & Production. In Feb 2011 in cabinet Re-shuffle, he held the ministry of Industries & Production and served there until May 2011.

He was given Federal Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination in Oct 2011. On 19th June 2012, after Pakistan Supreme Court ousted PM Yousaf Gillani from PM office, the federal cabinet was disbanded, and he stopped to be a cabinet member. 

Induction into PM Ashraf’s Cabinet

After Raja Parvaiz Ashraf’s appointment as next PM of Pakistan on 22nd June 2012, Khan was included into the federal cabinet and resumed his previous post of Federal Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination. He kept serving at this post until federal cabinet disbanded in March 2013 upon completing five years term of National Assembly.

Appointment as Provincial Minister

In general election 2013, he was again elected to Sindh Provincial Assembly as PPP candidate from Constituency PS-16 with twenty-five thousand, one-hundred and fifty votes. He was in a strong position of becoming CM Sindh, PPP, however, preferred Syed Qaim Ali Shah to be CM.

On 31st May 2013, he was added into Qaim Ali’s provincial cabinet of Sindh. He was given the provincial ministry for works & services. 

Resignation from Provincial Cabinet

In July 2015 in a cabinet reshuffle, his ministry was switched to Education, but he resigned from Provincial cabinet in Jan 2016. 

Induction into PM Murad’s Cabinet

On 30th July 2016, Syed Murad Ali succeeded Qaim Ali as the next CM of Sindh. In Aug 2016 Bijarani was again inducted into CM Murad’s provincial cabinet of Sindh and was given Sindh’ provincial ministry for Planning & Development.

As an Author

He authored 2-books entitled ‘An Advocate of the Democracy,’ and ‘point of view.’

Hazar Khan Bijarani Death

Hazar Khan Bijarani Death

On 1st Feb 2018, his dead body was found in Karachi’s house along with his 2nd wife, Fareeha Razzaq. His family and Pakistan People’s Party stated that gunshots attacked this couple. Police investigations found that Khan 1st killed Fareeha and then committed suicide. The servants revealed that the couple was having a clash over the past few days.