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Abdul Hakeem also famous as Abdul Hakim is a city in Kabirwala Tehsil, Khanewal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Nanga Parbat also called Diamir,naked mountain and Killer Mountain one of the world’s tallest mountains, whose length is 26,660 feet (8,126 metres) high.Nanga

Khairpur is known for the dates grown in this region, the fort of Kot DG, archeological site of Kot DG which in itself is a chapter of the pre-history of Indian

Islamabad gets a lot of attention for its peace, quiet and serenity which is obviously because of the Margalla hills surrounding the city. Exploring these hills

Khanpur city is a center of sugarcane and cotton agriculture, located in Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the developed and largest Tehsils of the Rahim Yar Khan

South Waziristan is a mountainous area of North-Western part of Pakistan. It borders with Afghanistan and covers an area of approximately 6,620 square kilometer

North Waziristan is the second largest agency according to its territory. It is bordered in the north with Kurram Agency, in east with FR Bannu, in south with

Pakistan’s Faisalabad most famous cinema Taj Mahal Multiplex is a first digital 3D cinema with three screens Taj Mahal 1, Taj Mahal 2, Taj Mahal 3.

Larkana, the 17th largest city of Pakistan, is situated in the north-west of Sindh. Referred to as the Eden of Sindh, Larakana is the 4th largest city in the pr

Nasirabad is named after the great Baloch leader Nasir Khan Noori, the founder of the Baloch Confederation. He ruled the Kalat Khanate from 1747 to 1794.The dis