Abdul Hakeem

Abdul Hakeem

Abdul Hakeem

Abdul Hakeem is the city in Tehsil Kabirwala, District Khanewal, in Punjab, Pakistan. The city is famous for the shrine of the saint Abdul Hakeem and his Urs is observed annually in which his followers from all the corners of Pakistan come to offer prayers.

The city’s people are dependent on agriculture, and significant mills in the city are flour, rice, and cotton mills. This article has all the information about Abdul Hakeem, including Abdul Hakeem History.

Location:Punjab Pakistan
Tehsil:Kabirwala Tehsil
Province :Punjab
Country :Pakistan
Latest Development:Two Motorways by CPEC, M3 (Lahore) & M4 (Pindi Bhattian)
Power Plant:450 MW Rousch Thermal
Tomb :Saint Abdul Hakeem
Urs of the Saint Abdul Hakeem:21st to 23rd June
Situated From Tulamba:10 km
From the Ravi River:3 km
Nickname:Abdul Hakeem
Coordinates :30°33′0″N 72°7′58″E
Summer (DST) :PST (DST) (UTC+6)
Time zone :PST (UTC+5)
District :Khanewal District
Total Population:300,000 est
Postal code:58180
Dialing code:06524

Abdul Hakeem History

Abdul Hakeem History

It is a historical city, named after Silsila Qadria’s descent Sufi Saint Abdul Hakeem (R.A) who visited this place and then settled here. His shrine is located at the start of the city. This city is over three-hundred years old.


It is located ten kilometers from Punjab’s small-town Tulamba and three kilometers away from River Ravi, and twenty-eight kilometers away from Mian Channu. In the city’s center, nearby Multan road, there is the tomb of Saint ‘Abdul Hakeem.’

Most Celebrated Events

The most famous and actively celebrated event in this city is Saint Abdul’s Urs, held annually from 21st June to 23rd June. His followers exceed thousands in number and visit his tomb and Lucky Irani Circus, and Lok Mela held during Urs.

Schools & Colleges

The city has colleges and schools, including Allied School, Dar-e-Arqam School, and Army Public School. There are also high schools and Degree colleges for both boys and girls. A Vocational Training Institute is also there for girls and boys.

Medical Facilities

Punjab Government is running a rural health-center and some clinics with gynecology, operations, and dialysis facilities.

Notable Personality

Advocate Rana Asif who remained Punjab Bar Council member, belongs to Abdul Hakeem.


A Four-Hundred and fifty Mega Watt Rousch Thermal-Power Plant works at ‘Sidhnai Barrage’ in this city, and for irrigation purposes, Canal ‘Fazil Shah,’ a mini link canal, and an old head work on Ravi are used. There are flour, rice, cotton, and wheat mills in this city.


The newest development in Abdul Hakeem city is in the joint interchange of two-motorways by China-Pak Economic Corridor M-3 and M-4 that will link up 2-motorways and lead to ‘Shujaabad’ and join to M-5 that would further lead to M-6 Sukkur.

Abdul Hakeem Postal Code

58180 is the postal code of this city.

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