List of Faisalabad Cinema

List of Faisalabad Cinema

List of Faisalabad Cinema

Cinemas in Faisalabad have played an important role in the development of the Pakistan Film Industry. It was one of the bridges that connected people to the content of the movies. These cinemas have remained the backbone of the film industry. The breakthrough for these cinemas was the ban on Bollywood movie that was lifted in 2008.

It helped the already established cinemas to remain stable and paved the way for new cinemas to be made. This article has a list of the cinemas that are located in Faisalabad.

In Urdu:فیصل آباد سینماوں کی فہرست
Total Number of Cinemas:7

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Faisalabad Cinemas

  1. Taj Mahal Multiplex
  2. Minerva Cinema
  3. Naz Cinema
  4. Cineone 3D Cinema
  5. Nagina Cinema
  6. Cinepax Cinema
  7. Shabnam CInema

These cinemas have immensely contributed to the cultural value of  society. It has also given entertainment to the people. People in Faisalabad find so many options when it comes to visiting somewhere for entertainment or watching a movie.

The details about these cinemas are given below. It contains contact information, capacity, ticket prices, and location of these cinemas.

Cinepax Cinema Faisalabad

This cinema is located on Hakeem Sultan Ahmad road, Faisalabad. It has three decorated and wide halls. The capacity of the cinema is 270 people at a time. The cinema opens at 9:00 Am and closes at midnight. A single 2D ticket costs 650 rupees while a 3D ticket costs 750 rupees.

The Cinepax Cinema comprises a family-oriented environment and prepossessing Architecture.

  • Address:           Hakeem Ullah Sultan Road, Faisalabad
  • Contact:           +92 32166544050
  • Email:               [email protected]
  • 2D ticket:          450
  • 3D ticket           750

Cineone 3D Cinema Faisalabad

It is established on the Jaranwala bypass, the 1st floor, Kohinoor, Faisalabad. Among all cinemas, It is the latest one. Its seating capacity is 600 people at a time. The cinema opens at 11:00 Am and closes at midnight. The price of a 2D ticket is 480 rupees, and a 3D ticket is 750 rupees.

It is enriched with all the latest facilities and indeed the best source of entertainment for the people of Faisalabad.

  • Address:        Jaranwala bypass, Faisalabad.
  • Contact:        +92 418501904
  • Email:            [email protected]
  • 2D ticket:       480
  • 3D ticket:        750

Taj Mahal Multi Complex Faisalabad

This cinema is located in GTS square, Faisalabad. The cinema has three timings. The first show starts at 4:00-7:00 Pm, the second starts from 7:00- 10:00 pm and the third starts from 10:00 Pm to 1:00 Am. It has three large screens. The sitting capacity is 230 people.

One 2D ticket costs 450 rupees and a 3D ticket costs 650 rupees. Taj Mahal Cinema proved to be one of the exceptional places of Faisalabad to visit for recreation.

  • Address:          GTS square, Faisalabad
  • Contact:          +92 412634444
  • Website:
  • 2D ticket:        450
  • 3D ticket:        650

Nagina Cinema Faisalabad

It is located on MA Jinnah Road, Faisalabad. Comparing to other cinemas, this cinema is the latest and updated. It has one of the best sound systems and a 3D display where HD movies can be enjoyed. The cinema opens at noon and closes at midnight.

The total capacity of people at a time is 270. If you want to watch movies on weekends with your loved ones in High-quality display, then Nagina Cinema is worth visiting. It likewise provides Children’s ticket.

  • Address:            MA Jinnah road, Faisalabad
  • Contact:            +92412644466
  • Email:               [email protected]
  • Child’s ticket:    100 rupees
  • Website:            www,cinenagina,com

Naz Cinema Faisalabad

Naz Cinema is located at Tariq road, Abdullahpur, Faisalabad. It is now changed into a stage drama theatre. It is one of the oldest entertainment point for people of Faisalabad.

  • Address:            Tariq Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad.
  • Contact:            +92 3061022905
  • Status:              Stage drama theatre

Shabnam Cinema Faisalabad

It is located on Samandari road, Darul Ehsan Colony, Faisalabad. The cinema is updated with the best sound system and high definition screen that displays movies in high quality. It also has a lounge where people can wait while taking the tickets.

This cinema displays movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood. The cinema opens at 11:00 Am and closes at midnight. The sitting capacity of this cinema is 300 people at a time. Its ticket costs 650 rupees.

  • Address:           Samudari road, Faisalabad
  • Contact:           0418712307
  • Capacity:         300 people
  • Ticket price:      650
  • Timing:            11:00-Midnight

Minerva Cinema Faisalabad

This cinema is located on Minerva Road, Faisalabad. It is also considered as one of the most updated cinemas in Faisalabad. The cinema has great sound quality and high definition display. People of Faisalabad prefer to visit this cinema due to its premium service.

It plays movies of Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood on the same date of its release. It has a seating capacity of 250 people at a time. A single ticket costs 450 rupees. Tickets can also be reserved on the phone.

  • Address:          Minerva road, outside Jhang bazaar, Faisalabad
  • Contact:          0303 6270681
  • Ticket cost:     450
  • Capacity:        250
  • Email:             [email protected]