Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley has situated almost two-hours away from the town of ‘Thal.’ A thousand tourists visit this Valley every summer from Pakistan’s different regions for its cold weather and greenery. Snow mountains and green pastures cover the Valley.

River ‘Panjkora,’ forests, and foggy mounds are the region’s attractions and habitats for several faunas and flora varieties. Another feature of this Valley is its heightened Deodar trees situated on the ground level near the Panjkora river. This article has all the information about the valley, including Kumrat Valley Hotels.

Local Language Name:Kumrat Valley
Province:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District:Upper Dir District
Covered with:Green Pastures, Snow ,Mountains, River and forests
Located in:Upper Dir Kohistan
The North:Chitral
The East:Kalam Swat Valley
The West:Ayun Valley Chitral
The South:Lower Dir
Trees:Deodar, Cheer, Kail, Fir Spruce, Chalghoza, Pines, Oak, and Alpine pastures
Most Common Species:Polygonum spp, Saxifrages spp, Potentilla spp etc

Kumrat Valley Weather

Depletion of Deodar Trees

Deodar trees are depleting rapidly in ‘Dir Kohistan Valley’ as the residents claim that it’s the only source of cooking and heating in the severe winter season. The locals of Valley demanded to Government that they wouldn’t cut trees if Government would provide the facility of natural gas. But the Government didn’t pay attention to their request.

Camping Sites

There are many camping locations in Valley, like ‘Serena’ and others. Unsurprisingly, bathroom facilities are terrible. Sadly, no attention is given to public toilets. Every camping site consists of only one or two washrooms with cold water, lacking hot water facilities.

Panjkora River

Fishing is possible in River Panjkora though low waves in winter and autumn allow only an expert fisher to catch fish in the water. Net-based fish catching is also popular. Residents charge about Rupees Fifteen-Hundred per kilogram for freshly caught ‘Trout.’

Wild Animals

Several wild animals such as monkeys, snow leopards, Markhor, Brown Bears, Monal, Musk, Jackals, Ibex, Deer, Chakores, and Pheasants are found here. KKP Government is making a plan to announce it as National Part officially.’

kumrat valley location

Main Attractions for Tourists

Most liked attraction for tourists in this Valley is ‘Katora Lake,’ and ‘Banda Lake.’ To reach these attractions, one needs a jeep ride through Thal town towards Valley’s other end. Jahaz Bnada is a giant meadow that presents a mesmerizing view of this Valley.

At the same time, Katora is a lake with a captivating view of mountains covered with snow. Weather is not predictable in these zones, so tourists should be physically and mentally prepared for eventualities.

Must-Visit Sites in Kumrat

  1. Waterfall in Jahaz Banda
  2. Panjkora River
  3. Thal in Upper Dir
  4. Bara Dand Lake
  5. Do Kala Chasma
  6. Kalkot
  7. Dojanga
  8. Katora Lake
  9. Badagoi Pass
  10. Jandrai Trek
  11. Trek to Katora Lake
  12. Chahrot Banda

Temperature in Valley

Summer season is better for the tour to this Valley; the average temperature during summer season ranges between 20°C-25°C. While in winter, temperature ranges between -4°C to -10°C.

Activities to be Enjoyed

  1. Wooden forests
  2. Trekking in woods.
  3. Bonfire Night
  4. Adventures
  5. Trout fishing
  6. Camping

Kumrat Valley Hotels

Kumrat Valley Hotels

  1. Hotel Green Hills Thal Kumrat
  2. Kumrat Continental Hotel
  3. Sky Hill’s Hotel and Restaurant
  4. Granite Hotel and Restaurant
  5. Waterfall Resort
  6. Panjkora Hotel and Resort Kumrat
  7. Friends Hotel and Restaurant
  8. Jungle hotel
  9. Forest rest house