Shazia Farooq
Shazia Farooq

Shazia Farooq is a Pakistani politician who previously functioned as a member of the provincial Assembly where she took charge of Lawmaker post. She once attempted to commit suicide, yet doctors managed to save her life. This article has all the information about her, including Shazia Farooq Biography.

Name:Shazia Farooq
In Urdu:شازیہ فاروق
Famous As:Politician
Attempts:Suicide (Monday Night 5 Mar 2018)
Reason for Committing Suciide:Selling her vote to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)
Political Party:Muttahida Qaumi Movement
Serve As:Member
Served As:MPA

Shazia Farooq Biography

Shazia Farooq Biography

Shazia is a Karachi-based Pakistani female politician who has been a part of the Provincial Assembly while being attached to  Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan. She has a functioned as a law-maker during her tenure. She was charged with allegations of voting for the candidate of PPP secretly along with a few other members.

Shazia Date of Birth

She was born in Karachi.

Suicide Case

In March 2018 she was shifted to Karachi hospital after consuming sleeping pills in excessive amount. The reason behind her suicide attempt was the criticism received by her party leaders after her confession about selling her voted to PPP. However, Doctors managed to save her life, and soon she got discharged.